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Wednesday 1st April 2020 

Bonjour, Good Morning Goldfinch, 

Today is FUN DAY!               Our Vocab Ninja Word of the Day is... 


Answer to yesterday’s Riddle: How do you make the number one disappear?

(Add a g and then it’s gone)

This is your last day of Home Learning, then it is Easter Holidays🎈. You’ve all done amazingly over these past few weeks; you should be proud. We will be starting again and posting back on Monday 20th April. Please have a safe and fun half term. Keep up your reading and TT Rock Stars!

Don’t forget to keep posting on the blog! Stay Safe and have fun! 

Have a lovely, relaxing holiday with your families.

Mrs Voce and Miss Knox



Tuesday 31st March 2020 

 Maidin Mhaith, Good Morning Goldfinch, 

Today is: National Crayola Crayon Day               Word of the Day:


Answer to yesterday’s Riddle: What has 4 legs but cannot walk? (A Table) 

Today’s Riddle: How do you make the number one disappear 


Keep up the fantastic learning Goldfinch. Only one more day to go!

Mrs Voce


click on the document to see today's learning

Monday 30th March 2020 

Bore Da ‘Good Morning’ Year Three

I hope you've all had a lovely, relaxing weekend and have come back refreshed and ready for more exciting 'Home Learning'.

Remember to keep taking breaks and feel free to add photos of your work. Keep up the great work Goldfinch. Miss Knox and I are very proud of you.


Today is: Doctor's Day                         Word Of The Day


Answer to Friday's Riddle: Which month has 28 days? (All the months) 

And ….Why can’t you trust Elsa and Olaf with a balloon? (Because she will let it go)  

Today’s Riddle: What has 4 legs but cannot walk? 

Mrs Voce

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Fraction wall

Spelling practise sheet

Friday 27th March


Happy Friday Morning Goldfinch :) 

Firstly big, big, big congratulations to you and your adult helpers for learning at home all this week.  You are all doing great and should be very proud of yourselves ! Perhaps you could all  simultaneously clap and cheer !!  

Please click on the document below to see today's learning tasks.  The reading is a little bit different, and there are a couple of lovely extra tasks, just because it's Friday ( don't worry - they will take less than one minute !!) 

Please blog to let me know how you are doing, or if there are any problems with your learning, or if you can think of a sentence using today's Ninja vocab word.

Miss Knox

PS Good luck with the Science Quiz - let me know your score !!  


Friday 27th March

Thursday 26th March


Good Morning Goldfinch Team yes

Don't let your energy dwindle today - there are two more days before the weekend !

Keep up your fabulous home learning - please click on the document below for today's learning.There is also a live Children's Radio show starting at 9.30am this morning if you would like to listen - the link is on today's learning page below -  perfect for when you cool down after doing  PE with Joe at 9am wink !! 

I will be here for any questions via your blogs. Have a great day. 

Miss Knox

PS If you blog, could you add a sentence for me using today's Vocab Ninja word ?          Thanks yes 

Thursday 26th March

Wednesday 25th March 2020 

Good Morning Goldfinch Team, 

Today is National Manatee Appreciation Day


Our Vocab Ninja Word of the Week is penultimate. Definition: last but one, second from last.  

Answer to Tuesday’s Riddle: What is more useful when it’s broken? (An Egg)  

Wednesday’s Riddle: What has a face, two hands but no legs?


You're all doing a fantastic job with your Home Learning. Keep up the hard work yes

This is the moment in Beowulf, where he is going to Dragon Mountain to defeat the monster.

This is the moment in Beowulf, where he is going to Dragon Mountain to defeat the monster. 1

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Tuesday 24th March 2020 

Good Morning Goldfinch Team, 

Today is National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day

Our Vocab Ninja Word of the Week is penultimate. Definition: last but one, second from last.


Answer to Monday’s Riddle: Which letter has the most water. (the letter c)  

Tuesday’s Riddle: What is more useful when it’s broken?


Happy learning, and have fun in the sun! 

Click on the document to find your lerning for today.

Monday 23rd March 2020 

Good Morning Goldfinch Class, 

Today is National Puppy Day. 

Welcome to the first day of Home Learning. We hope you’re all ready for some fantastic learning at home. 

Something lovey: All around the country, children are creating rainbow pictures to put up on their windows as a sign of hope. If you would like to make one this week you can use colouring pencils, paints, crayons or even fabrics to make your rainbow. Maybe you will see your neighbour's rainbow up on their window by the end of the week.


Our Vocab Ninja Word of the Week is penultimate. Definition: last but one, second from last. 

Riddle of the Day: What letter of the alphabet has the most water?


Open the document to see your home learning activities for today.

Have fun ;-)

Friday 20th March      Good morning Goldfinch This is our last day at school so we are going to have a "test run" with our Home Learning tasks so you all are ready for Monday morning.  This is what it will look like .... 




  • Write a sentence in your book with direct speech. Remember your inverted commas  eg   Mum whispered "Can you please close the door quietly".  


  • Complete the sheet in your handwriting pack  - Tongue Twisters 1  (just the first line today please)

Spellings / Key Words:  

  • Continue to practice reading and spelling your Key Stage Two Word Walls.  

  • On Spelling shed, complete the 10 daily games. 

Wider Curriculum (Science and Ice Zone):  


Remember to take learning breaks and to stay safe.  

Best wishes,  

Mrs Voce, Miss Knox, Mr Thomas.  

Websites for learning:  







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17th March 2020

Our Science topic on Light and Shadows has been super interesting, Last week we dashed outside to try some shadow activities before the sun disappeared.  Have a look at this video about Shadows ... (you will need your Espresso log in )   https://central.espresso.co.uk/espresso/primary_uk/subject/module/video/item576165/grade2/module502908/index.html?source=search-all-KS2-all-all&source-keywords=year%203%20shadows%20and%20light

And this video explains opaque, translucent and transparent 



Welcome to the Goldfinch Class page.  March 2020 

This is the link to the video we have watched in school regarding the coronavirus.  It has excellent tips for keeping safe and well, and most of all, reminding us to talk to trusted adults about any concerns or questions we have.  https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/51896156 


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Welcome to Goldfinch Class

Mrs Voce teaches on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays, and Miss Knox teaches on Thursday and Fridays.  PE days will be posted on the class doors - we are currently having our PE lessons on Wednesdays, so remember to remove earrings on that day. 

On Fridays you need to bring your Reading Record in to school so we can count up your 5 Reads each week.  In Year 3 there is also maths and Spelling Shed homework to complete each week.

Goldfinch are preparing for their Fiver Challenge Plant Sale next week! We will have our plant sale at the School Fair on Friday 5th July. Please come along and support us. We have Bizzie Lizzie's, Sunflower seedlings, Basil seedlings and Cauliflower seedlings!


Please note: as it is now getting sunny outside, the children need to have their sun hat with them in school everyday. Thank you.
World Book Day 2019! Goldfinch enjoyed exploring the picture book 'Journey' by Aaron Becker today and undertaking art and English activities based on this beautiful book. Goldfinch also had the chance to read with Year 5 today which was really special. Happy World Book Day Goldfinch!
Year 3 had a brilliant day in London yesterday at The British Museum discovering the fascinating history of the Ancient Egyptians! Well done Year 3 for making yesterday such an excellent school trip!

February 2019 - 2

Well done Goldfinch for an terrific last week before half term!


On Thursday, we had NSPCC Number Day and PSHE day. The children did mathematical activities such as 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire Mathematician' and an activity where the children measured the lengths and widths of their hands and feet. Their challenge was to work out the lengths of their hands/feet and whether they doubled or halved in size.


For PSHE, the children looked at friendships and what it means to be a good friend. They had the opportunity to work with the Year 5s for this activity.


In English this week the children have been looking at writing a play script and a discussion text considering whether Beowulf should risk his life to defeat Grendel, the large and scary monster.


In Maths, the children have been learning about the distributive law and why this is a use technique for multiplication questions.


In Science, the children have finished drawing their bar graphs from last week's magnetic force experiment and have analysed and discussed their results.


Well done Goldfinch for another excellent week of learning - I hope you have a very happy half term!

February 2019 - 1

In English this week, the children have written a persuasive letter to Grendel, the monster who attacked Heorot in our book ‘Beowulf’. They were writing the letter as the King, persuading Grendel to never come back again. They have also done a character description of Beowulf. They have immersed themselves in the character of Beowulf, considering his thoughts and feelings on fighting Grendel.


In Maths, we have continued to look at multiplication and division. We have been looking at doubling and halving and finding different strategies to make it easier for ourselves when we double and halve bigger numbers. The children have also been looking at patterns and relationships between the 2x, 4x and 8x tables.


In Science, we have continued with our new topic, forces and magnets. We did an experiment using magnets and paperclips to investigate which magnet has the strongest force.They have started drawing their bar charts for their results which will be continued and analysed next week. They have also been learning about the North and South poles of magnets and understanding how this causes magnets to attract and repel.


On Thursday, Goldfinch had a visitor to teach them for the morning, an artist called Jack Cornell, who taught Goldfinch how to use the art computer programme Sketch Up. The children learned how to make 2D and 3D shapes on this software and use these skills to create an Egyptian city with pyramids. Goldfinch had an excellent morning and were fully immersed in their activity.


Well done Goldfinch for another excellent week of learning at school!

January 2019 - 2


In English, the children have continued to read ‘Beowulf’. We have reached chapter 2 where the horrible monster, Grendel has destroyed the great castle, Heorot. The children have been writing a diary entry, as a warrior, about their experiences of the attack. Chapter 3 is called ‘A Hero Comes’. They have created a story board, predicting what is going to happen when this hero arrives.


In Maths, we have continued to look at multiplication and division. We have been using our knowledge of doubling and halving to notice patterns and relationships between the 2, 4, and 8 times table. The children have tried to use a variety of mathematical vocabulary in their work and this has worked extremely well.

In Science, we have continued with our new topic, forces and magnets. We have been looking at push and pull forces and linked it to our ICE Zone topic, Ancient Egypt and how Egyptians used push and pull forces whilst building the pyramids.


In Science today we did a class experiment to see how different surfaces can affect friction and the stopping distance of a toy car. The children also learnt how gravity resulted in the car moving down the ramp. They have learnt how to write a hypothesis, undertake the investigation and write up their results and findings.


Well done Year 3 for a great week of learning at school!

January 2019 - 1

In year 3, we have started to read our new class book: Beowulf. The children have been writing a prediction on what they think the story will be about, a character description of Beowulf and a setting description.


In Maths, we have started to look at multiplication and division and the relationship between them.


In Science, we have started to learn about our new topic Forces and Magnets. So far we have had a class discussion about our new topic, what we know and what we would like to find out. We have also started to learn about what push and pull forces are.

I have been very impressed with all that Year 3 have been able to tell me about Ancient Egypt so far. Ancient Egypt is our new Ice Zone topic for this Spring term. We are looking forward to all the inspiring activities that Year 3/4 will be doing in the Ice Zone this term to help them discover and learn more about this fascinating topic.

November 2018 - 2


In Maths, year 3 have been continuing to look at addition and subtraction. We have been looking closely at reasoning and giving reasons why we put an answer, as well as showing our working out. We have linked numbers to real life and adding context to our number problems so children in year 3 have a sense of how numbers can be used.


In English, we have continued to read ‘The Pebble in my Pocket’. We have written a diary entry in the role of a rodent who has been hiding from some terrifying dinosaurs as well as writing a recount of a fish and its journey through the river.


In Science, we have continued to learn about rocks and fossils. We looked closely at the different types of rocks and we wrote a non – chronological report about these rocks. There have been some excellent bits of work that has been produced by the children.

November 2018 - 1


In Maths, we have been looking at comparing and ordering numbers up to 1000. We have looked closely at our reasoning and writing explanations for why we have chosen a particular answer. The children have responded really well to this and it has deepened their understanding.


In English, we have continued to read ‘The Pebble in my Pocket’. We have gone to write a variety of different text types such as a recount, a diary entry as well as looking at direct speech and how we write a conversation between two people.


In Science, we have started our new topic which is all about rocks and fossils. We looked at what we already knew about this topic, what we would like to find out and how we are going to find out our new information.

October 2018 -2


In Maths, year 3 have been looking at how 3 digit numbers can be represented using numbers, words and pictorial representation. We have also been looking we connect numbers to everyday life and putting it into context. Following this, we will be looking at addition and subtraction, using our place value knowledge to help us.


In English, we have introduced our new book, ‘The Pebble in my Pocket’. We looked closely at the front cover and have made a prediction about what the book will be about.  As well as this, we have been writing a set of instructions on how to make a clay Tudor house.


In Science, we have introduced our new topic, ‘Rocks and fossils.’ We asked the children what they already know about the topic and what they would like to find out.

October 2018 - 1


In English, the children have continued to read ‘Into the Forest’ by Anthony Browne. We are deep into the book now and have been able to produce diary entries and character descriptions of the characters we have met. Children have also been to write a set of instructions on how to walk through the deep, dark forest.


In our reading lessons, we have started to read ‘Krindlekrax’ and have been introduced to our first character. We have been making inferences about the character and using clues from the text to determine what kind of person he is.  


In Maths, we have used our place value knowledge to help us add and subtract numbers up to 3 – digits. Also, we have started to introduce rounding and estimating an answer. We have continued to use practical resources to ensure that we are secure in our knowledge of place value.


In Science, we have continued with our topic, animals and the human body. We have been looking at different types of skeleton and naming a human skeleton as understanding the functions of a skeleton.

September 2018


In English, the children have been introduced to their new book 'Into the Forest'. We have been making predictions and inferences about what may happen in the story. Using inspiration from the story they have made a story board, written a narrative and a persuasive letter so far.


In Maths, we have been learning about place value of numbers up to 3 digits, roman numerals, mental addition and columnar addition. We will be moving on to mental subtraction and columnar subtraction next week. We have been recapping our times tables from Year 2 and have started to introduce the 8 times table.


In Science, our topic is the human body. We have been looking at what makes a healthy balanced diet. The children have learnt the different food groups and nutrients. The children are now going to start learning about the human body and looking at the different types of skeletons.

Goldfinch enjoyed raising money for Children in Need 2018!

Goldfinch enjoyed raising money for Children in Need 2018! 1