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School Closure- Remote Learning Opportunities


Below are a range of different links to a range of different learning opportunities to use during the school closures. Explore and enjoy!


Live streams:

https://radioblogging.net/ - Pie Corbett delivers live English lessons from 9.30-10.30 each day.

https://learnliveuk.com/learn-live-read-channel/ - this page will feature one LIVE Read every weekday at 10:00am. You can use this chat facility to ask questions and make suggestions for other books you would like to see on the Learn LIVE Read Channel!

https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses/ - daily reading at 11.00 each day by David Walliams.

James Mayhew (links posted daily on his Twitter that link to Youtube) for a 3pm storytime every day.

https://www.oliverjeffers.com/abookaday/ - daily book reading.

https://www.youtube.com/theshowsmustgoon - full length West End shows available to stream for 48 hour windows.



English (general):

http://www.pobble365.com/ - a daily stimulus picture with questions, story starters and sentence challenges.

https://www.spag.com - Year 6 have personal logins for this site.

https://www.twinkl.co.uk/ - a range of resources for all subjects (presentations, worksheets, etc.)- they are offering free logins to parents.



https://plprimarystars.com/resources?filter%5Bsubject%5D%5B%5D=English&viewSample=SamplePack - resources linked to the Premier League.

https://app.senecalearning.com/courses?Price=Free&Subject=English&Subject=English+Language&Subject=English+Literature&Subject=English+Literature+-+Quotations&Age+Group=Primary - several 'courses' of lessons.

https://www.discoveryeducation.co.uk/ - children can use the school login for this to access a range of activities, videos, etc.

http://www.lexonik.co.uk/home-study/ - looking at word level work.



https://subscribe.firstnews.co.uk/free-downloadable-issue/ - free children's downloadable newspaper.




http://www.lexonik.co.uk/home-study/ - looking into 'chunks' of words to help with spelling and reading- this links to some of the small group work that we do in school.

https://www.spellingshed.com/ - children have their own individual logins for this.



https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/b01cz0p1/alphablocks - play along with the fun and friendly letters of the alphabet as they work together to make words and tell stories using phonics.


Phonics and Reading 



In school we teach phonics using the Letters and Sounds programme, supported by the use of Jolly Phonics kinaesthetic actions and stories.

As children move through the early stages of acquiring phonics, they practise by reading texts which are entirely  decodeable for them from Floppy Phonics, Rigby Star, PM benchmark and Songbirds.

Once children have a secure knowledge of letter/sound correspondences and can blend words confidently,  they access our Book Banded reading scheme which has books from various published schemes such as Oxford Reading Scheme/Storyworlds/Project X/Project  X Code/Fireflies/Phonics Bug and Rigby Star. These schemes are designed to give children experience of a variety of reading genres.  There are fiction and non-fiction books within each level. 

Once children can read fluently and with a good understanding,  they self- select books for independent reading from a selection of organised books.  The books they choose are banded under the Accelerated Reader Scheme which is  software we use to encourage, manage and monitor children’s reading practice. Teachers monitor children's reading each week and children are rewarded as a class for completing the expected reading at home. Once children have completed a book, they take a quiz on the book using Accelerated Reader.  Children's progress on these is monitored closely and they move reading bands accordingly, when needed.

Class teachers also promote a love of reading by sharing what they are currently reading for pleasure on their classroom doors.




100 Read Challenge at Round House

Alongside the reading scheme, all children from Year 1 to Year 6 are invited to take part in the '100 Read Challenge'.

This challenge consists of 3 lists : Year 1 and 2, Year 3 and 4, Year 5 and 6. Within these lists are book titles which support and extend reading taught in school and promote a love of reading through favourite and well known books for children.  The books were carefully chosen using resources and information from places like the CLPE (Centre for Literacy in Primary Education).

If a child manages to complete 100 titles from the list before they leave a key stage, they will receive a special award from the school, as well as having significantly improved their reading and overall academic performance.

There are regular opportunities for children to review the books and these are then displayed for people to read.  Each half term teacher's also read and review books from the 100 read selection.


We were able to purchase many books for this through our 'Fun and Fit' Read'a'thon and also through donations from local businesses.  

The book lists are attached below.

Reading at Round House