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Meet the Governors

Welcome to the The Round House Primary Academy  Local Governing Body.


The Board of Governors


The board of governors exists to:

  • Put in place the long term vision and strategic direction of the school
  • Monitor the educational performance of the school and its pupils
  • Oversee the financial performance of the school and ensure that money is well spent


Our role is to ensure that the Round House constantly and consistently delivers on its visions and values:  essentially, to ensure that every child achieves the highest possible standards through our relentless focus on high quality teaching and learning.  Further information about the school’s visions and values can be found on the  website.


The board of governors also oversees admission, staff employment and buildings management.


The current board of governors first met in December 2013 and comprises:

  • Tracy Bryden – Headteacher
  • Holly Bates – Staff Governor Deputy Headteacher
  • Stacey Roberts – Staff Governor
  • Helene Tame - Community Governor - Vice Chair
  • Dave Adams - Parent Governor - Chair
  • Jenny Lincoln - Community Governor
  • Lara Davenport-Ray - Community Governor
  • Annabel van Nieuwkerk - Parent Governor

Governor Profiles


Tracy Bryden

I became the Head Teacher of the Round House Primary Academy in September 2013, having previously worked within the Diamond Learning Partnership Trust as Deputy Head Teacher at Middlefield Primary Academy.


Prior to teaching, I worked as a food technologist with H.J. Heinz and within financial management as a branch manager, trainer and area manager, and later running my own company to provide consultancy services to large financial institutions.


My experience in education has involved working with all year groups and with the development of teachers and students, working with other schools and universities.


In addition to my position at The Round House, I am the Trust’s Deputy CEO, Chairperson for Cambridgeshire Primary Heads and Executive Head Teacher of other schools within the Trust including Wintringham, which opened within grounds of The Round House in September 2018.


I am immensely proud of The Round House, its pupils and teachers, and of the way in which the school has grown to become an inspiration to other schools in the Trust and beyond.

Stacey Roberts

I have been working at The Round House Primary Academy for almost 10 years but have worked in education for over 20 years. I joined the School governors four years ago and was previously a community governor at Winhills Primary Academy.


Prior to working in primary schools, I worked as a nanny to three children, a nursery nurse in a private day nursery and I have been the proprietor of my own Pre-School, Boxtree Under Fives in Middlesex, before relocating to St Neots.


I have varied experience in Early Years and Primary education, having been a nursery nurse, a class based 1:1 teaching assistant, a pastoral support teaching assistant and an outreach worker for families with children who have disabilities. I am currently the Inclusion Manager and Designated Person for Child Protection at The Round House. I have worked with children across all Key Stages and also work closely with teachers, teaching assistants, apprentices, students and a range of outside agencies.


I live on Loves Farm and have a vast knowledge of the local community and surrounding area.


I am really proud to be part of The Round House team, and feel very passionate about the journey that the staff and children have been on to make such an amazing success of our school, despite many changes and challenges.


Holly Bates

I have been teaching for 17 years and joined The Round House when it became an Academy in 2014. I joined the governing body in September 2018 when I became Deputy Head Teacher. As well as being Deputy I am also one of the English leads, helping to support the school in teaching and learning in this area.


It is my aim to work with the governing board to ensure that children at The Round House Primary Academy leave our school as successful and passionate life-long learners.


Along with the guidance and support of the school governors, the staff at The Round House work extremely hard to create a safe and inspiring environment and I am grateful for the opportunity to represent the views and ideas of the teaching team.


Dave Adams

I am a Police Officer in the Metropolitan Police and have been so for the past 29 yrs. A vast majority of my Police Service has been within the child protection arena, more specifically, for the past 5 years, investigating Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse. I will be retiring from the Police in the spring of 2022, but I intend to continue working within child safeguarding, in the community.


I have been a member of The Round House Governing Board since the end of 2019 and I’m delighted to have recently been appointed chair of the board. I have lived on Love’s Farm since 2010 and I currently have two children attending the school.


The continuing success of the RHPA is hugely important to me. I am proud to be associated with the school and everything it stands for. I feel privileged to be able to support the Head Teacher and Senior Leadership team, as they continue to provide an excellent standard of education, and a safe, enjoyable and fun environment for our children.


Helene Tame

I joined the governing body at the end of 2014 soon after moving to Love’s Farm to take up my role as community chaplain.


I’ve been involved with the school in a variety of ways: reading (I love phonics having taught my own children to read using Jolly Phonics during the years we lived in Romania!), leading assemblies, acting as an early intervention coach offering 1-1 mentoring to a small number of children who for a variety of reasons have been identified as needing a bit of extra support. My other main area of interest is around staff well-being. I love The Round House and am happy to be involved in whatever ways I can to contribute to its continued success.


Jenny Lincoln

I have previously been a primary school governor and am aware of the responsibilities of the role.

I have spent almost all of my working life in a number of education settings in a wide variety of roles, ranging from teaching assistant, residential social worker, more recently Principal Education Welfare Officer and lastly the Education Safeguarding Lead for Peterborough City Council.


After my retirement from full time work, I continued to provide safeguarding training and consultancy all over the country including a significant project in three hospitals, advising on safeguarding and safe recruitment on behalf of Bucks Safeguarding Children Board.


I have lived in Love's Farm for almost 4 years and have been an active member of Love's Farm Community Association  and am a trustee of Love's Farm House. I have two grandchildren who happily and successfully attend The Round



Lara Davenport-Ray

I was born in the United States, where I studied engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). I then moved to the UK and completed my further education with a Master’s degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Cambridge. Soon after that I became a UK citizen.


My work history has provided me with experience across a range of sectors. My previous employers include Deloitte, Aviva Insurance, The Royal Household and The National Trust. I currently work part-time for Love’s Farm Community Money Advice, providing free confidential advice to local families. Before the pandemic, The Round House School kindly allowed us to meet with clients on the school grounds. Many clients have been school families and school employees.

My son is part of the first Reception Class to attend the new Wintringham School. As he grows, I would like to become more involved in our local school system, particularly in St Neots’ eastern communities.


The population of our town will grow very quickly over the next two decades. I have begun working with County Councillors to address future-planning on the number of places available for our secondary school children. I hope that I can also use my skills and experience for the benefit of primary pupils with the Diamond Learning Partnership Trust.


Annabel van Nieuwkerk

I come to the role of parent governor at The Round House as a proud mum to three little boys, an Account Director in the field of Corporate Reporting and a TESOL certified teacher.

Additionally, I come to this role with personal and first-hand experience in supporting children with Special Educational Needs; I fully comprehend how complex, challenging and yet rewarding it can be for parents and carers who find themselves in this position. With growing knowledge and understanding in this area, I feel passionate about promoting the benefits of diversity and equality amongst all children and I am committed to celebrating the unique achievements of every single child, regardless of the path that brought them to our school.

We have been so fortunate with the high levels of teaching and care that our sons receive at The Round House, and I welcome the opportunity to give something back, by lending my personal and professional experiences to the Board and by working with its members as they uphold the school’s values and its dedication towards helping each child reach their full potential.