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Welcome to Reception - Wren Class


Our teacher in Wren class is Miss Cadman.

Miss Matthews, Miss Gibson and Mrs Legender also support the children with their learning.

All of the adults in Wren class are very friendly and helpful to make sure the children have the best start at the Round House Primary Academy.

At The Round House Primary School we have an ‘Open Door Policy’.  We welcome you into the classroom to discuss your child, their progress or any concern.  We might not be able to talk to you straight away but we will endeavour to speak to you as soon as possible. You can also leave a message with the school office or send an e-mail to the school office who will pass it onto to us at office@roundhouse.cambs.sch.uk


Home School Partnership


Our mums, dads, families and carers are all part of our learning journey.  The grown-ups at school would like it very much if you could note down any ‘Star Moments’ which make you think WOW! The adults at school have lots of forms in case you need them. 

Look on the classroom doors for the latest events and news. 




P.E kits should be bought into school every Monday and we will remind the children to bring them home every Friday. 


Treat Day


Every Friday we get a special treat as long as we have been behaved very well.  At the end of each term we get to take part in a whole day of treats ..... Reward Day. Last year, Mrs Bryden organised a magician to come and show us some amazing tricks. 

The Characteristics of Effective Learning

The characteristics of effective learning are important learning behaviours that we support the children to develop throughout the reception year. They are split into three categories:


Playing and Exploring - Engagement:

Can I do this?


Active Learning - Motivation:

Do I want to do this?




This is a useful website to explore the differences between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and to find out more information about how to help your child to try new things at home and to develop a growth mindset. 


Creating and Thinking Critically - Thinking:

How do I do this? 


We can help children to become effective learners by playing with them, listening and responding to them, acting as a sound board, supporting them to pursue their own interests, inspiring them, modelling discovery learning and both guiding and supporting them (without taking over). 

Promoting British Values in Reception



  • Speaking and listening activities promote discussions
  • Making decisions together
  • Listening to each other’s opinions
  • Turn taking, sharing and collaboration

Individual Liberty:

  • Freedom for all
  • Developing a positive sense of themselves
  • We listen to every child through pupil voice
  • Through our PSHE curriculum the children’s rights are promoted
  • The children are encouraged to make the right choices about how they learn and how they behave

Mutual Respect and Tolerance:

  • The classroom rules help children to understand how to share and look after each other
  • The children learn about different cultures, faiths and religions. They are encouraged to show respect and tolerance for different people, faiths, cultures and languages
  • The children study art and listen to music which reflects multicultural Britain
  • The children celebrate special days and festivals throughout the year

Rule of Law:

  • The children learn about their rights and responsibilities. They also learn about consequences of behavior and also learn to distinguish between right and wrong.
  • The children have agreed to abide by the rules and understand that these rules apply to everyone

2018 - 2019

W/C 10.09.18


It's been a fantastic start to the school year in Wren Class! The children have been settling in well and have been very cheerful and excited all week, which has been lovely. They are quickly getting used to the routines of school life and learning to access all of the various activities inside the classroom. The children have been busy playing in the home corner, using their imagination to bake cakes and cook dinner, as well as wash clothes and do some ironing! They have also been making patterns with wooden beads, practising writing their names, making self portraits and building train tracks and Duplo towers. It's been a really enjoyable week and I've loved getting to know all of the children.


Please note that, next week, the children will be starting school at 8.45am and finish at 1.30pm every day next week. A letter about the 'All About Me Boxes' will be coming home today to tell you the day your child needs to bring it to school for the following week, starting on the 24th.

W/C 17.09.18


It's been a brilliant week with Wren Class! The children have been making nature sticks and have selected lovely bits of grass, flowers, and leaves to decorate these with. They've been fantastic with lunchtimes, being very independent with carrying their trays and eating their food by themselves. In our Phonics sessions we have been doing same Phase 1 activities such as 'Silly Soup', 'I-Spy', and different games involving beats and rhythm. The children have also been writing fact files about themselves, showing me their lovely handwriting and drawings. In our going home time sing-songs, the banana song has definitely been the favourite!


Next week will be Wren Class' chance to bring in the 'All About Me' boxes so please bring those in on the allocated day. It will also be the individual picture day on Monday (24th). In addition, the children are bringing home their Cauliflower Cards Christmas Card design today - if you would like to purchase some cards, the order form needs to be returned by the 28th of September please.


One last thing - as it is getting colder, please could you send in coats for the children as they need them for their activities outside. Thank you!

W/C 24.09.18


This week in Wren Class has been very exciting and I hope the children have enjoyed it as much as I have! It's been wonderful having the chilren share their 'All About Me' boxes and having them tell the class about their families, favourite things and happy memories. In our choosng time, the children traced around their feet and used this to measure objects in the classroom and outside. They have also been showing off their maths knowledge with some counting, placing flashcards in order, and even some games of dominoes. In PE, they really impressed me with their ability to get changed by themselves and they had a go at moving around the hall in different ways, and also enjoyed some ring games. Lunch times have also been getting much better as the children have been settling into the routines and I have been impressed by their lovely manners in the hall (as well as in the classroom!).


Reading books and journals have been sent out this week - could Falcons (Blue) and Hawks (Green) bring their books and jounals back in on Mondays and Thursdays, and Owls (Yellow) and Eagles (Red) bring theirs back on Tuesdays and Fridays please. 


PE will be on Thursay mornings so please send PE kits back in next week for this.

W/C 1.10.18


This week has been another fun one for Wren Class! We started off the week by thinking about what we could see in the classroom and writing this down. The children then made yummy 'pizzas' on Wednesday and ate these as they enjoyed a lovely story from our first Mystery Reader (thank you to everyone that has signed up!). In Phonics we have been learning the phonemes 'i', 'n', and 'm' and I really must say how impressed I've been with the children's handwriting - the cursive font is tricky but they have persevered and they're doing a brilliant job. Today, the first group of children were able to experience Forest School with Miss Abbott- this is a fantastic opportunity and we’re very lucky to be sharing a Friday afternoon slot with the other Reception classes. Every third Friday, a different group of children from Wrens will go out for this so if they’re not already in school, could wellies be brought in please.


Next week, the children their flu vaccinations on Monday, the SEND Parents Evening is on Wednesday (from 3:30pm) and the Parents Phonics workshop is at 4:30pm. Please can PE kits be brought in by Thursday.

There were lots of letters sent home tonight – a leaflet about the upcoming Book Fair, a letter about height and weight checks, a ‘Parent Voice’ page for you to share your thoughts on, and an order form for the school photos. This will need to be returned by Friday the 12th of October.

W.C. 8.10.18


This week in Reception we have been looking at 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt' and have been learning and practising the actions to go with it. In Phonics, the children have looked at the 'g', 'd' and 'o' phonemes and have been segmenting and blending words, as well as writing them down. In Maths, the children wrote down the numbers for 0-10 and have been looking at weight and capacity, as well as using positional language to describe where the teddy bears were hiding around the room. During the continuous provision sessions, the children made story maps for the Bear Hunt, teddy bear faces on paper plates, and also ordered some bear pictures. They also had a chance to play some (noisy) beats on a selection of drums, make some paper glasses, paint an orange picture, and practised their letter formation in mud and shaving foam! It's been a busy but very fun week.

As we didn't get a chance to have a PE session this week because of the morning Phonics session, I haven't sent home their PE kits so don't worry about having to wash them this weekend. If you weren't able to attend the Phonics session, please don't worry - all of the handouts from this will be sent out next week. We will be making some binoculars for a bear hunt so if you have any kitchen roll tubes at home, please could they be brought in on Monday.

W.C. 15/10/18


This week in Wren Class, the children have been continuing on their learning of the 'Bear Hunt' story, but with a twist- it's now an elephant hunt! The children have been learning the different actions to the story, and have been thinking about what they may need to take with them in an explorer's backpack. In Maths, we have been practising counting to 20, and have been using little bears and ladders to work out numbers that are one more or one less. In our Phonics sessions, the children have looked at 'c', 'k', 'ck' and 'e' and have completed a Phonics assessment. In our 'choosing' sessions, the children have been able to do lots of writing - different animal descriptions and descriptions of textures, as well as plenty of creative activities, such as painting a 'Bear Hunt' picture and making binoculars for their adventure. This Friday, the children who hadn't been out to Forest School previously were able to experience this and had a lovely time doing a treasure hunt with Miss Abbott.

I have sent home all of the Phonics handouts from the workshop to those parents who couldn't attend, and there is a copy of the slideshow from this on the school website. I have also sent home a laminated card with your child's name on - this is to help them with their cursive handwriting.

After half term, could PE kits be sent in for Thursday please, and welly boots brought in as soon as possible.

I hope all the children (and families!) have a wonderful half term and a good rest - they have definitely earned it!

w.c. 29.10.18


It's been a lovely start to the half term in Wrens Class! This week, the children have been writing shopping lists of their favourite foods for our 'Food' theme, as well as doing some potato printing. Following on from this theme, today the children made fruit skewers, trying mango, pineapple, tangerines and banana. In our Investigation area, the children tested different materials to see which would make a good umbrella for a tiger and a lion. On our Maths table, the children rolled a dice and used tweezers to move the rolled number of Cheerios into cupcake cases. Our role play are has changed this half term to be a fruit and vegetable shop, and the children have enjoyed playing in here. Outside, the children have decorated pumpkins and have decorated masks of characters from 'Handa's Surpise'. In PE, the children have started learning about yoga - we all enjoyed 'corpse' pose!


This afternoon, the children were sent home with their roles and any lines they may have for our Reception Nativity play. There is also some information about what costumes they will need to bring in, and when to bring them in, on the slips in their book bags.


Could the Key Word books (the large red notebooks) be sent in every Friday to allow us to check the children's knowledge of these words - when the children can recognise all of the words on their word wall, they get an award certificate and a special badge.

w.c. 5.11.18


This week in Wren class, the children have been learning all about Bonfire Night and Diwali. To start off the week, the children designed a fireworks picture using an app on the class iPads and had a go at various fireworks related activities. On Wednesday, the children learned about Diwali during our group time and started making their Diva lamps from clay, which they then painted and decorated over the rest of the week. At the start of the week, we looked at the 'greater than' and 'less than' symbols during Maths, as well as estimating how many cubes would fill up a container. In their Phonics groups, the children have been practising tricky words and have learned the phonemes ‘h’, ‘b’, f, and l, as well as the ‘ff’ and ‘ll’ digraphs. We’ve only got one more digraph, ‘ss’, to learn before we move on to Phase 3. In PE, the children did some more yoga and really impressed myself and Mrs Stockley with their perseverance – some of the poses were quite tricky! This afternoon, our whole class was able to go to Forest School with Miss Abbott, following clues on a treasure hunt around the field before decorating some paper crowns with autumnal leaves.

w.c. 12.11.18


It's been a very busy and exciting week for Wren Class! At the start of the week, we did an experiment to find out which drinks are good for our teeth and which are definitely not. We put boiled eggs (to represent a nice, white tooth) into Coca Cola, coffee, milk and sugar free squash. The children predicted that the Coca Cola and the coffee would stain the eggs, and were correct, but noone could have predicted what happened with the squash - the shell started to disintegrate after just one day. This left us all (adults included!) thinking about how we can look after our teeth better. The children have been investigating where seeds come from, looking at papaya, pomegranate, butternut squash, passionfruit and more to see what their seeds look like and how they fit inside. We've also looked at what happens to food when left out of the fridge - the words 'gross' and 'yucky' were said a lot! The children have also been making pizzas using different collage materials, and have been weighing fruits and vegetables on the Maths table. As we are following a 'food' theme, we had to do a bit of baking and so made dairy free and gluten free flapjacks yesterday, which the children really enjoyed.

It's also been a fairly musical week, with the children practising our nativity and having the opportunity to do lots of singing. Today, our class was able to have an Indian Drumming lesson and it was wonderful to see such happy smiles and the concentration on their faces when singing and playing the instruments.

As a little side project, I've been teaching the children some Makaton sign language and it's been really lovely seeing them progress - they can say 'good morning' and 'good afternoon', and I've introduced 'yes', 'no', 'please' and 'thank you' too. We even had a little go at 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas'!

w.c. 19.11.18


In Wren Class, we have been learning about Space this week, doing lots of activities to do with the Moon, planets, and aliens! In Group Time, we have been reading the story 'Aliens Love Underpants' and the children came up with a list of facts and questions about space to start off the week. They have also looked at rhyming words from the story and have retold the story using puppets. In Numeracy, the children have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and have used Numicon to do some subitising. During Choosing Time, the children have had an array of space themed activities to choose from, such as painting a picture of a planet using a cotton bud for a marbled effect, writing about our special 'Party on the Moon' story box, and using flying saucer sweets to add and subtract. The children have also experienced BeeBots and have enjoyed entering simple algorithms for the robot to follow.

Our nativity rehearsals have been going well and the children are excited for their grown ups to come and watch. Please can costumes be brought in on Monday the 26th.

w.c. 26.11.18


It has been a really lovely week in Wren Class! We have been carrying on our theme of 'Space', with the children enjoying Jill Murphy's 'Whatever Next!' during Group Time. With this, we thought about sensible and silly things to take to space, making a Venn diagram to sort these objects. In this morning's group time, we acted out the story and gathered all of the items we'd need for the adventure. Once 'there', we had a picnic of apples, honey, chocolate biscuits and orange squash - the children loved having this as a special treat. In Maths, the children have looked at clocks and how to read 'o'clock' times, as well as doing some counting with aliens. In our Choosing Time, the children wrote some exciting verbs and adverbs about Baby Bear's journey to the moon, made some alien spaceships from cardboard boxes, and sequenced pictures from the story.

This afternoon has been very excitable, with the children having a fantastic time in Forest School with Miss Abbott. We made kites from plastic bags and string, did a scavenger hunt, searched for all sorts of minibeasts in the leaves, and did some bark and leaf rubbings.

Next week, our dress rehearsal for the nativity is on Thursday. Please bring in costumes as soon as possible if these are not already in.

w.c. 3.12.18


The children all attended the school's 'Wish the Lights On' assembly on Monday, and were very excited to see the lovely decorations around Reception and the school. This week, Wren Class has been learning all about Advent and Christingles to carry on our Christmas theme. They have been enjoying taking it in turns to open the doors of our calendars, especially the one for the rabbits! In Choosing 
time, the children have been writing Christmas postcards, have made Christmas tree decorations made from lollipop sticks, and have practised their letter formation and tricky words in glitter and shaving foam. They also had a go at a game on the Maths table which involved rolling a dice to build a snowman. In our Group time, we have been looking at pictures of various Christmas items and did some writing to describe these. The children have been doing really well with their reading, having practised some Christmas themed CVC words today and reading a book with me for their reading benchmark. I have updated their reading levels for their home reading journals accordingly. Our Focus activity this week has been to make a Christingle, and the children have learned about the different elements to this and what they symbolise. Our dress rehearsal for the nativity was yesterday and the children were brilliant - if a little quiet! I'm sure you'll all love the show next week.

The tickets for our nativity performances are going home tonight. Please check the children's book bags for these.

w.c. 10.12.18


It has been one of the loveliest weeks in Reception - very festive and exciting! The children were brilliant in their nativity play at the start of the week and I hope you all enjoyed it, I know you'll be feeling very proud of your little ones. The children have been busy making some special Christmas ornaments this week, using salt dough to make a footprint and then paint to turn that into a reindeer! They have also been doing some great writing about Christmas, writing a Christmas letter to Miss Wheeler and writing lots of different words about the holidays. We also made some special reindeer hats to wear for the Christmas lunch at school today, which the children loved. Today was also exciting because of the Indian Drumming session we had - the children loved the music and the little bit of dancing we did too. Next week, the children will have the Achievement Assembly to go to on Monday morning and their Christmas party in the afternoon. On Tuesday, it is their first Reward Day and we have lots of surprises planned!

Thank you to everyone that has signed up to bring in snacks for the party and could I please remind parents that everything will need to be nut free.

Have a lovely weekend!

w.c. 17.12.18


For the children's Christmas party yesterday, they were lucky to have so many yummy things to try - thank you for sending these in! For Reward Day today, the children were visited by a a fantastic magician who amazed us all with his tricks. After this, the children were able to try all sorts of different activities, such as nail painting, gingerbread men decorating, and bracelet making. They also had lots of Christmas themed colouring and writing to try. This afternoon, the children watched 'The Snowman' and enjoyed some cupcakes as an extra treat. Finally, they had a dance off on the carpet - dancing along to all sorts of songs before playing Musical Statues.

I have sent home a few bits with the children tonight - they have their salt dough reindeer ornaments which they made themselves. I'm sure you'll all agree these are adorable! I've also sent home their little gift from me and Miss Gibson - a bauble, a candy cane and a card. They also have some activity worksheets to do over the holidays. Finally, there is an invitation to a after school learning journal sharing time. There are about 6 children per day, starting from the 7th of January.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!

Wren Class have had a brilliant first week back at school. We have started a new topic of Traditional Tales and the children helped set up our role play area at the start of the week - the Three Bears' Cottage! In Group Time, we have been reading and retelling the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, using the story map that was sent home. In Maths, we have looked at capacity, doubling and halving, and number lines. In Choosing Time, the children could make a mask from the Goldilocks story from collage materials and could make a fact file about bears using non-fiction book. They could also match clothes to bears depending on the sizes and could sort objects depending on their texture, size, colour and more. This afternoon we had Forest School with Miss Abbott and Mrs Burley and the children were able to make bird feeders from pipe cleaners and Cheerios, as well as taking part in a scavenger hunt around the field. I have also started Show and Tell this week, which the children have really enjoyed.


Next week, we are learning about the Gingerbread Man and would like to make some model gingerbread men for this. If you have any kitchen roll tubes that are going spare at home, we'd really appreciate you sending these in.


One last note - we have had some cases of headlice in Wren Class so please check your children's hair and treat as needed.

W.C. 14.01.19

In Wren Class this week, we have been continuing with our Traditional Tales theme and have been doing lots of activities to do with the Gingerbread Man. In Group Time, the children have been using their story map to tell the story of the Gingerbread Man, and even made their own version! In it, a unicorn made the gingerbread men and the fox swam him safely across the river - a lovely alternate version! In Maths, the children had to hunt for the gingerbread men hidden around the classroom and describe their position using positional language. Our Focus Activity this week has been to write part or, or all of, the refrain - 'Run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!'. The children really impressed me with their ability to pick out the different phonemes in these words and their fantastic handwriting. I have sent home some laminated letter formation sheets in their book bags today - these are for you to keep and practise with at home. I have also sent home drawings that the children did of their families in our PSHE lesson, we had a really good discussion about how we are all unique.

Next week, we are starting our new topic of Transport. Congratulations to our Golden Pupils - I am very proud of you!

w.c. 21.01.19


We have moved on to our new topic of 'Transport' in Reception, looking at the the story of the 'Naughty Bus' to start off the week. In the story, the Naughty Bus goes on a journey, causing chaos as he goes, and ends up in a pond! Our Choosing Time activities have all been related to this theme, with the children making a story map of the Naughty Bus and making new shapes with road patterned shapes. The children have also really impressed me this week with their writing as they were able to make a passport for themselves using their knowledge of phonics independently. Our new role play area of a garage has been very popular, with the children enjoying fixing, painting and cleaning the bicycle. At the start of the week, the children could make a junk-modelling mode of transport and, for the past few days, have been using stamps of different types of transport with paint to make a picture. For our focus activity, the children talked about the different types of transport they could think of and their favourite type. They then made a picture of a car, a train or a boat using various 2D shapes.

In Maths this week, the children went outside to the staff car park to create a tally chart for the colours of cars they could see. They have also recapped on telling time, specifically looking at the 'o'clock' times, and have been thinking about weight and length.

Thank you to all of the parents that attended the Maths workshop yesterday. I have sent home copies of the worksheets given out if you were not able to attend.

w.c. 28.01.19


This week, we have continued with our 'Transport' topic and the children have done several new activities throughout the week for this. In Group time, the children have drawn pictures of their favourite types of transports and made these into a chart. They have also come up with a 'what happened next' for the story of the Naughty Bus. In this, the Naughty Bus became the 'Night Bus' and drove back to the pond when he heard a cow mooing. In Maths, we have introduced a 'number of the week' to the different groups and the children have done short tasks related to this, such as thinking of five different colours or practising writing the number 5. They have also looked at number bonds to 5 or 10, using different resources to show these bonds. Our Focus activity has been to write a postcard from a holiday destination and the children have really impressed me with their fantastic cursive and ability to listen to the sounds in the word they want to write, before using their knowledge of phonics to write it down. In our Choosing time, the children have made paintings of trains using sponges and bottle lids and have made tricky words using special phoneme stones. They have also explored how magnets work, using them to pull toy train carriages along the track. Finally, they have been playing a Maths game with dice, rolling a number and then drawing that number of people onto a bus.

Next week, we will have a week full of activities relating to Chinese New Year - I'm sure the children will love everything we have planned!

w.c. 08/02/19


This week in Reception, we have been learning all about Chinese New Year. We have learned about why and how it is celebrated, and have enjoyed lots of themed activities for this. In Maths, the children have played a special game ordering numbers to make a dragon's body, and have counted buttons to decorate the Jade Emperor's coat. In Group Time, we have listened to the story of Chinese New Year and how the Zodiac was made, and have had a go at retelling this story. The children have also learned that they are either Year of the Snake (2013) or Year of the Horse (2014). Our Focus Activity this week has been to design their own symbol, having looked at various Chinese characters for the animals of the Zodiac. My personal favourite symbols were the 'upside down stripy sock', the 'platypus' and the 'big human bunny'! The children are certainly creative and have excellent imaginations! We also looked at different objects and whether they floated or sank in a tub of water, making predictions before testing them. Our Choosing activities were linked to this week's topic, with the children being able to thread beads onto a dragon's 'tail', make a paper lantern, and practise writing some Chinese characters. This afternoon has been especially lovely as some children chose to practise their letter formation, before having a go at writing some tricky and common words out. I really am so proud of how brilliant their cursive handwriting is!

I have introduced a little incentive to drink more water this week, as I noticed that not everyone is drinking enough water. When the children (and teachers!) get five ticks on the water bottle chart, one tick for every water bottle drunk, they get to choose a special sticker from my collection. So far, this seems to be working!

Well done to Alana and Grace, our Golden Pupils for this week, and to Kamran and Henry H.,for reading 25 books. Lots of children are really close to achieving their First Word Wall award so please keep practising these at home!

w.c. 11.02.19


Another half term done! The children have been brilliant this week, completing some more Chinese New Year activities as well as some special activities for our NSPCC Number Day. In Group Time, we changed the story of Chinese New Year to have the dragon fly the ox to the finish line, and for all 13 animals to be given a year! We practised telling this story with actions, and then performed it to the other Reception classes. In Maths, the children have been ordering number cards to make a number line, and have used dominoes to practise subitising. Our Choosing activities have included making pigs and dragons from paper plates, cutting out shapes to make a dragon image, and writing sentences about animals from the story. For our NSPCC Number Day, we started the day by dancing along to a selection of songs all about numbers and shapes. After this, the children were able to play a game of bingo, finding numbers from the cards around the classrooms. They were also able to go on a scavenger hunt, answering maths questions as they went. Finally, they visited the Kindness Tree and Miss Edgington wrote their kind thoughts onto leaves to decorate the tree.


In the children's bookbags, I have sent home a 'Half Term Happenings' sheet and a Science Challenge sheet. If these could be brought back after half term, that would be great.


I hope you all have a wonderful half term and that my poorly little ones feel better soon!

w.c. 25.01.19


It has been a lovely first week back for Reception - I hope you all had exciting half terms! This week, we start our new topic of 'Princesses', looking at Rapunzel as our focus. In Group Time, we learned the traditional version of the story using the story map and actions. Hopefully the children have been retelling this story to you at home! Our Focus Activity has involved checking the levels at which the children are reading at and I have adjusted several home reading book levels as a result. In Maths, the children have been learning number bonds for various numbers and have had a go at estimating different amounts. We were very lucky this week to have a special Mystery Reader in the form of Ada's mummy - the children loved her story telling props! We were also very lucky to have our first dance lesson of the term with Miss Jones - my highlight of the week! It was wonderful watching the children giggle away as they were dancing and their energy was so infectious.


This afternoon, I have sent home this half term's homework sheet inside the red books, or in book bags for the children who didn't have their book today. As before, this isn't compulsory but the activities will help support your child's learning at home.


Could I please just remind parents that it helps us immensely if PE kits are brought in at the start of the week and taken home on Friday - although we do have some spares, we didn't have enough for all of the children in their dance lesson on Tuesday. Thank you!

w.c. 4.03.19


It has been such a brilliant week in Reception! We all had so much fun yesterday for World Book Day - the children's costumes were wonderful, I loved them all. We've been looking at the story of Rapunzel again this week and in Group Time, the children ordered pictures from the story in small groups and then retold it to the rest of the class. They also created their very own princess, one with the ability to control fire and ninja skills, before drawing her. In Maths, the children made tally charts about the favourite princesses of the class and looked at 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. During the week, the children were able to explore our new role play areas of the police station and hairdressers, create props for the Rapunzel story in the construction area, and make finger puppets at the creative table. They could also write a song that Rapunzel might sing whilst in the tower, and could investigate Shrove Tuesday was a definite success this week, with the children decorating and, of course, tasting pancakes! For World Book Day yesterday, our activities focused on 'Journey' by Aaron Becker, a wordless story about a girl's adventures with a magical crayon. The children wrote what they thought the girl may have been thinking at different stages in the story, and they wrote in the missing text to describe what was happening in the story. They were also able to do some painting with watercolours and to make a collage of the magic crayons. The children were also very lucky to have been read to by Miss O'Sullivan, Mr Smith, Mr Clipsham, Miss Knox, and even some year 6 children!

Well done to the children for doing lots of reading at home - it's lovely to be able to see the progress they are making with their reading and tricky words!


w.c. 11.03.19


In Wren Class this week, the children have been learning all about superheroes! We've been learning about the police in particular, and all the work police officers do to keep us safe. In Group Time, the children thought about what questions they would like to ask a real police officer. These included 'Why do you use dogs and horses?', 'Can you fly a helicopter?' and 'Why did you become a police officer?'! I was very impressed with their handwriting when it came to writing these questions onto paper, and with their handwriting in Phonics and Choosing Time, and I'm sure you're all very proud of their progress in writing too. In Maths, we have been learning the days of the week and their correct order, as well as the different coins in our currency. The Focus task this week was to write a police incident report - the children were brilliant at thinking up various robberies and describing the burglars! In our Choosing Time, the children have been able to make their own police car out of tissue paper and card. They have also had a go at writing 'secret' messages using white wax crayons, before revealing the message with watercolour paints. This would be a fun activity for you try at home with your children! Our Investigation Area activity this week was exploring different materials to see which would make the best road for a car to drive on. Today was very fun in Reception, with the children having a great PE lesson with Mr Franco this morning and a chance to use my laptop for some maths games!

Next week, we will have dance on Tuesday with Miss Jones again so could PE kits please be brought in for Tuesday morning. Have a lovely weekend!

w.c. 18.03.19


I think it's safe to say that we've had an eventful week! The children have really impressed me with their hard work all week and it's wonderful to see how their reading and handwriting continue to progress. We've carried on our theme of 'Superheroes', looking this week at the Fire Brigade. In Group Time, we though about the different superpowers that we'd like to have and the ones we already have. My favourite ones from the children were the ones that mentioned how they always help their mummies and daddies to tidy up at home! We've also looked at two Michael Rosen poems as a special activity for Miss Edgington's course, 'I am Angry' and 'I am Hungry'. The children thought about why these characters were feeling the way they were and how they could add to the poems. In Maths, the children really impressed me today as we looked at quite a tricky topic - symmetry! We looked at different pictures to do with fire fighters and used mirrors to see if they were symmetrical or not. Our Focus task this week has been to work out and write down the number bonds to 10 - again, quite a tricky task but the children had no problem completing it! Dance with Miss Jones on Tuesday was wonderful as always, with the children remembering parts of their dance from three weeks ago and learning a new one. I hope they enjoyed having my mummy in to read to them at the end of the day - she loved being a Mystery Reader! If you have a spare afternoon to come to read to the class, please let me know on Monday and I will gladly sign you up for a slot. On Thursday, the children were also able to experience Forest School again - this time, they were hiding Stickman on the field! I hope the children (and you) have a lovely, relaxing weekend - it's been a busy week so I'm sure they'll enjoy a few days off.

In Reception this week, we have been learning all about Easter!. In Group Time, we discussed what we might do to celebrate Easter (hint: it involved a lot of chocolate) and how others may celebrate this festival. The children have also learned about the Easter story and why it is an important celebration for some people. We also did a very fun experiment with eggs, looking at which materials would best protect an egg dropped from a height. We tested tissue paper, foam, felt, bubble wrap and cotton wool. The children made predictions about which material they thought would 'save' the egg, and also about what would happen to the egg without an extra protective layer. In Maths, the children some more work on symmetry, this time looking at Easter eggs and matching both sides of the egg to make it symmetrical. Our Focus activity was to make a special surprise for a certain parent whose day might be coming up this weekend... and I'm sure you will all be delighted with the results! The children worked so hard to make this surprise. Reception were very lucky to join Years 1, 2 and 3 for a Folk Music concert on Thursday, performed by a brilliant duo called 'Megson'. The children loved dancing and clapping along to some new songs and some they knew already! I've taken a picture of the flyer from the duo in case you are interested in learning more about their music and upcoming events. I have also attached some of the photos from last week's Forest School session. Have a lovely weekend!

w.c. 1.04.19


What a wonderful end to a brilliant term! I really can't believe how quickly this year is going - it just doesn't seem real! This week has been packed full of fun so I will be doing several posts to get all of the pictures in, so please bear with me. The children's week started off with an extra special visit from St Neots' fire brigade. The children were very excited to meet the fire fighters and to ask them lots of questions! They were shown the uniform that fire fighters have to wear for their job and were shown the fire engine as well. Everyone loved watching how high the hose could be fired! Despite it being the last week of term and energy levels quickly fading, the children did some fantastic learning. I've had so many excellent pieces of writing being given to me and the children have been trying so hard with their reading and Maths work too. The children have also enjoyed trying out the 'green screen' that I put up for an activity for next term, pulling silly faces and making a special card for today. The highlight of the week has obviously been Reward Day, with the children being treated to an Easter egg hunt and a Circus Skills afternoon! It was very exciting and very enjoyable for us all. We also had a chance to make some chocolate Easter nests, do plenty of colouring and dancing to music- the perfect way to end the term. In their book bags/backpacks/general luggage, the children should have some letters, their chocolate nest, their Easter egg from myself and Miss Gibson, and their 'green screen' picture - I hope you like it! To help the children with their learning, I've sent home a little slip about their Next Steps and the different activities you could with them over the holiday - although they definitely do deserve a break! I hope the children and their lovely families have a very happy Easter and a well earned rest. One more term to go!

It has certainly been a lovely first week of the summer term! The children have been settling back into their routine really well and have done some fantastic pieces of work already. Our new topic is 'Dinosaurs' and the children have loved exploring the activities for this. In Choosing Time, the children could count out some dinosaur 'eggs' and split them into equal groups. They also had a go at using some tools to dig for fossils and observed a dinosaur hatching from an egg! On the writing table, the children could write a version of 'We're going on a dinosaur hunt' - a very exciting alternate story. On the creative table, the children could use cotton buds to make a dinosaur skeleton. Our new role play area has been very popular too (and one that was very fun to set up!) - a vet's surgery! The children have been brilliant in this area all week, asking very sensible questions to their patients and solving every medical malady with an x-ray, an injection, and a thermometer. The children have also enjoyed seeing how our tadpoles are developing - they have started to grow legs! In our Maths lessons, we have been using dinosaur figures to practise estimation, positional language and subtraction. Our Focus task for the week has been to do some writing about dinosaurs, using the pictures taken in front of the green screen last term for some inspiration. This afternoon, myself and Miss Gibson updated the word wall homework and have stuck this term's activity sheet into their books.The letters for club sign up were also sent home today. Have a good weekend!
In Reception this week, we have carried on our theme of dinosaurs and have done lots of exciting learning. In our Group Time sessions, we retold 'We're Going on A Bear Hunt' to make it a dinosaur hunt, and then had a go at writing our own version! The children have such brilliant imaginations so our story is very funny and silly - have a look at the story map we made and hopefully they will be able to tell you our story. In Maths, the children have been measuring lengths and distances, practising some number bonds and looking at the features of 2D and 3D shapes. Our Focus activity this week was to make a salt dough fossil using various tools to leave impressions. These will be sent home when they've dried out a bit more! In Choosing Time, the children have been creating simple algorithms for the BeeBots to follow, on a map around a dinosaur land. They have also been able to weigh different dinosaurs and compare their weights. On the writing table, the children have designed their own dinosaur and have written some brilliant sentences to describe it. All three Reception classes had a brilliant time at the Rock Steady assembly on Thursday, listening to the different instruments they could learn to play and joining along with the singing. A couple lucky ones were picked to have a go on the instruments and we may have some budding musicians! The children have also enjoyed (I hope!) having a go at learning to say 'Good morning' and 'Good afternoon' for the register in some different languages, so hopefully they share these with you. Next week, we will be starting a new topic of 'Animals' which I'm sure the children will love. Please could I just remind parents to send in a sunhat and raincoat for the next few weeks, just because the weather is so indecisive at the moment!

w.c. 6.05.19


This week in Reception has been all about our new topic of 'Animals' and the children have been doing some wonderful learning. In Group Time, we've been thinking about how we can describe different animals without saying the name in a bit of a 'Who am I?' game. The children were then able to use these adjectives in the Focus activity, writing brilliant sentences independently! Our Choosing Time activities included some subtraction worksheets to complete, booklets to write descriptive sentences about animals in, and an activity involving sorting animals into their habitats. The children could also build their favourite animal out of Lego and have a go at making a paper lion. We were very lucky to have an artist, Jack Cornell, visit our class on Tuesday to help create some dinosaurs out of cardboard boxes! These are in the process of being painted so apologies for any green marks on uniform this week! It does wash out!

The children were very excited to have a Forest School session with Miss Abbott and Miss Burley today, and we were very lucky not to get too wet! The children went searching around the field for various special objects and paired up to do a guessing game, with blindfolds! In their pairs, they also led each other to different trees to feel, before they guessed which one they had been to. Finally, the children went searching for mini beasts - shaking the trees gently to release any on the leaves and catching them on white paper. The favourite find was definitely a little green caterpillar!

w.c. 20.05.19


This year is going far too quickly! This week, we have been finishing our theme of 'Animals' and have been learning all about different animals around the world, living in different habitats. The children also had a go at writing some adjectives to describe farmyard animals. In Maths, the children have practised their addition with the help of some spotty ladybirds and have been showing off how fab they are at this! During Choosing Time, the children helped to free some Arctic animals from the ice at the Investigation Table, and built homes for some animals at the Construction Table. They also had a go at turning their handprints into different jungle animals! At the Writing Table, the children really impressed me with their sentences and short stories about some poorly animals visiting the vets. After half term, could I please ask that labelled sunhats be sent in every day - we do have some spares but not enough for everyone! Also, please remember to put suncream on the children before school and if you are sending in a bottle for your child to apply to themselves, this needs to be labelled. I have had a chat with the class about not sharing suncream because of allergies but if you could also do this at home, that would be helpful. I hope you have a wonderful half term!

w.c. 3.06.19


It has been a very exciting week back after half term! I hope you all had a lovely rest and are looking forward to these last two months. It really doesn't seem real how quickly it's going! We have started a new topic of 'Minibeasts' and the children have been fantastic so far, learning all about the different minibeasts they might find in our garden and the microhabitats they live in. We've spoken about how important bumble bees are, and how worms keep soil healthy by making holes for water and air to get into. They've even learned a very special word for the transition a caterpillar makes to become a butterfly- metamorphosis! In Group Time, we also read a non-fiction book about minibeasts and used the information we found to write a poem about a snail. The children have really enjoyed the activities to choose from this week, which included a minibeast laboratory role play, a counting in 2s task, and a chance to write some descriptions of minibeasts. They were also able to use magnifying glasses to explore some natural objects, and to make a butterfly model from cardboard and tissue paper. Today has been extra special because of our time in Forest School, doing some more exploring of minibeasts. The children started off by hunting for different things for the Very Hungry Caterpillar to eat and used these objects to create a beautiful butterfly picture. They were then able to go hunting for minibeasts, finding lots of ladybird larvae, a few spiders and even a beetle. The children did so well to stay so cheerful and full of energy despite the rain!


We have also been very productive this week in terms of starting our 'Fiver Challenge' - Wrens have been experimenting with some watercolours and have made some beautiful bookmarks to sell! Look out for more information about this coming soon.

w.c. 10.06.19


In Reception this week, the children have been doing some wonderful learning all about minibeasts. Although the weather has been dreadful, the children were able to go out in small groups to go minibeast hunting, finding many worms, ants, and even some moths. In Group Time, we learned how some minibeasts live in the ocean - crustaceans such as crabs, lobsters and sand hoppers, and molluscs such as sea snails, squids and octopi! The children also played a game of 'Who Am I?', listening to clues about an unknown minibeast to work out who it was. In Choosing Time, the children have made a card for a certain celebration day that's happening this weekend, which I hope the receiver enjoys! The children wrote the messages themselves and myself and Miss Gibson are very proud of their beautiful handwriting. They were also able to do some sharing of leaves between minibeasts, some investigating of different minibeasts, and some writing about the life cycle of a butterfly. We've also been doing some more watercolour paintings for our bookmarks! I may be biased but I do think they've done a lovely job, it's impossible to pick just one to keep! During PE today, the children practised some of the activities they will do on Sports Day, which will be taking place on the 4th of July. Next week, we have our trip to Paxton Pits on Tuesday the 17th. Please remember to send the children in wearing trousers, and with a rain jacket, suncream and a sunhat in a backpack that they can carry. Unless the permission slip sent home indicated otherwise, please send your child in with a packed lunch. The 'Round House and Wintringhham Have Got Talent' auditions will be held on Wednesday the 26th of June - I know a few of the children are very excited about this and I can't wait to see their special talents!

w.c. 17.06.19


It has been a very exciting week in Reception! The children were full of excitement on Monday as we read a story about an otter and some special letters in preparation for our visit to Paxton Pits. On the day of the trip, we were very lucky to have avoided the rain that we had been fearing! The children behaved impeccably all day and their beautiful manners and behaviour was commented on several times by the staff at the centre. The class was split into two groups, Otters and Kingfishers, and we began the day with a quick introduction to Paxton Pits and the ladies who would be leading the activities, before a snack to give us the energy for the morning. In our groups, we did several activities before lunch, and then the groups swapped over to do the activities they hadn't visited yet. These activities included pond dipping, minibeast hunting, otter holt building, and bird watching. The children also had the chance to make their own ponds and to create a willow tree from fallen branches, sticks and twigs. It was such a fantastic day and the children gained so much from the visit. I hope they enjoyed it just as much as the grown ups did!  The children have done some lovely learning in the classroom as well this week, making some beautiful butterflies, doing some brilliant writing about minibeasts, and making their very own clock faces. They also had a chance to build a microhabitat for a minibeast to live in from Lego, a very popular activity! Next week, we are holding our auditions for the talent show on Wednesday afternoon so if your child would like to take part, please have their talent prepared for then. As well as this, a slip was sent home in the bookbags tonight inviting you to come to a 'photo loop' presentation on Tuesday after school, where we will be playing a slideshow of all of the photos from the trip on Tuesday.

This week in Wren class has been fun filled, with our talent show auditions and our trip to Auntie's Wood today! In Group Time, the children have been learning about the importance of bumble bees and how we can help bumble bees by planting more wildflowers and helping tired bees by giving them sugar and water on a spoon. We also had a chance to look through the photos from Paxton Pits and we spoke about our favourite activities from the day. This then tied into the focus activity of the week, which was to write a about the trip and the wonderful activities we did. On another day, we listened to the nursery rhyme of Little Miss Muffet and the children had a chance to write their own version of this! In Maths, we have been learning about symmetry and how butterfly wings are symmetrical, and have written number sentences to describe a spider's legs. In Forest School today, the children walked up to Auntie's Woods and found Twig, who had hidden his favourite story, called 'Stanley's Stick', and some ice lollies for the children to find! After enjoying this treat, the children looked for their own stick and we played several games with these, coming up with some exciting uses for our sticks and identifying them from a pile. The children also collected different feathers, leaves, and twigs to tie onto a string, to make a journey stick. We all had a lovely afternoon and are very grateful for Miss Abbott making our Forest School afternoons possible!

Next week, we will be selling our very special, handmade bookmarks on Tuesday the 2nd of July, after school on the playground. These will be 50p each and all of the profits raised will go towards whatever the children decide, whether this is new books, craft materials, or even to charity. I hope to see you all at the stall!

w.c. 1.07.19


This has been our final week learning about Minibeasts and the children have been enjoying the last few themed activities! In Group Time, we had a recap of our trip to Paxton Pits to help refresh the memories of the children who still needed to do their written recount. We also had a discussion about the 'move up' morning, about how the children were feeling, and what they were looking forward to and nervous about. The children had a look through the transition booklets for both classes to familiarise themselves with the teachers, classrooms and the cloakroom, as well as the ICE Zone. I have to admit I was a little emotional watching the children go up to Year One for the morning! On Wednesday, we looked at the story 'Yucky Worms', and thought about what the characters might be thinking and saying as they find a worm in the garden. In Numeracy, we had a go at an 'I See Maths' worksheet that looked at number partitioning, and the children were brilliant at completing this. They had to roll dice to pick a number between 1 and 6 and then coloured in this number of circles on their sheet. Their partner then coloured in the remaining circles with a different colour to show that the two numbers add to 6. During Choosing Time, the children have threaded colourful beads onto 'worms' to make a pattern or to answer addition and subtraction questions. They have also been investigating worms and writing fact files about their finding at the writing table. At the creative table, the children started the week by making pipe cleaner and bead worms, and moved onto minibeast collages, using PVA glue and tissue paper. Yesterday, the children had a fantastic time at Sports Day and were all cheering on their classmates and friends. Next week, we will be starting our final topic of Birthdays and Celebrations! It doesn't seem real that it is only two and bit weeks left of this year.


w.c. 8.07.19


This week in Reception, we have started our new topic of Parties and Celebrations! In Group Time, we talked about birthday parties and the things we love about these - the games, the activities, and the cake! We thought about what we'd need to include on a party invitation and had a go at writing one together. We also read the story 'Kipper's Birthday' and the children discussed different presents they had received and thought about how although Kipper's presents seemed a bit odd at first, they all linked together in the end! The children had a chance to learn about different summertime celebrations that happen all over the world, including Midsummer in Sweden, Picnic Day in Australia, and La Tomatina in Spain. In Maths, the children did some some very basic division, sharing gifts fairly between party bags. During Choosing Time, the children could make a party hat at the creative table, compare the weights of different party food at the maths table, and write shopping lists for a party at the writing table. At the exploration table, the children had a go at wrapping up presents and adding gift tags and ribbon. When the children realised that silly Miss Cadman had forgotten Walter Bear's birthday (which was last Friday), they decided to give him all of their beautifully wrapped presents, stickle brick cakes made at the construction table, and he was even given his own party hat to wear! On Tuesday, Reception visited the ICE Zone to see the kinds of activities they will get to experience next year and they all came back with big smiles on their faces, clearly having had a wonderful afternoon. On Wednesday, we all had a fabulous time at the Talent Show, and we are all so very proud of Sophie, Bethany and Tisha for performing in front of the whole school. This afternoon, the children will be going to watch the dress rehearsal of 'Mary Poppins' and are very excited about this!

w.c. 15.07.19


Last full week of the year done! It really does not seem real. The children have all been brilliant this week and despite obviously being very tired and very ready for the holidays, have kept smiling! In Reception, we have been finishing off our Parties and Celebrations topic with more themed activities for the children to choose from. They have made birthday cakes from Lego, decorated paper cupcakes, and placed pictures of balloons into size order. They even had a week long tea party for the class bears! On Tuesday, the children had a brilliant time visiting the ICE Zone again, getting to observe some more tadpoles and frogs outside before drawing a life cycle of a frog on the playground. Indoors, they were able to create a self portrait for their ICE Zone folder, ready for next year. The highlight of the week has to have been Reward Day and they have undoubtedly earned all of the treats they had today. This morning began with the leavers assembly and the children sang the school's leavers song beautifully. The activities on offer this morning were nail painting, various summery activity sheets, lots of dancing and playing with all the toys they could find! Although we were very wary of the rain all morning, and were disappointed to see how wet the bouncy castles were after lunch time, Miss Childs, Mrs Legender, Mrs Pritchard and Miss Matthews were the superstars of the afternoon and managed to dry them off! The children had the best time playing on these, as did some of the grown ups...! When we came back inside, the children enjoyed having some popcorn and a movie. Next week will be a fun filled few days as we have Arts Week and there will be a range of different themed activities, all based around a beautiful book called 'Lost Words', which I'm sure the children will enjoy. Have a lovely weekend!


w.c. 9.09.19


It has been such a lovely start of the year for our new Reception children! I have truly loved getting to know them this week and starting to see their little personalities shine through. This week, the children have been choosing from a range of activities in both classes - writing telephone messages and drawing different patterns, making patterns with beads and using 2D shapes to make pictures, and decorating cupcake pictures for the birthday wall. They've also been exploring the train set, the role play areas (which are currently both homes), and acting out stories in the puppet theatres. In the children's book bags today, they have their Christmas card designs, should you wish to order some, and a letter about their 'All About Me' boxes. There is also a leaflet about the Scholastic book club order. Next week, the children will be starting at 8:45am and their day will finish at 1:30pm. The Oliver Way gate will be opened for the children to be collected as it has this week. I hope you enjoy these photos - I'm sure we're all biased but they are an adorable class!

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