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Welcome to Reception - Wren Class

Dear Parents and Carers, 


To help your child continue in their learning over this next lockdown, we have come up with resources for you to use at home.  Below will be the suggested timetable of activities for each day, along with the resources you could use. If you do not have access to a printer at home, please do not worry about printing these resources off. They are only suggested resources and can be recreated from things you have at home. 


Thank you for your patience and support as we get through this lockdown period. 


Miss Cadman and Mrs Carroll

Home-learning tips and advice



When listening to your child read, encourage them to point to each word as they say them, to help them develop one to one correspondence. Encourage your child to use the pictures to help them if they are stuck on a word, and help them to sound the word out using the phonemes they have been learning in phonics. Remember to use 'pure' sounds for each phoneme, avoiding adding on 'uh' after each sound. 'S', for example, is pronounced 'ssss' rather than 'suh', 'm' is pronounced 'mmm' rather than 'muh', and so on. If your child takes a while to read a sentence, reread it back to them before moving on to the next page (pointing to each word) so that the meaning of what they have read is not lost or forgotten. After reading, ask your child to retell the events of the story and answer some comprehension questions. There is a pdf bookmark of questions to ask is available below.

If your child is not enjoying the reading or is struggling, leave the activity and come back to it later. We want to develop a love of reading in our children, not for it to become a forced practice. Encourage your child to spot words on signs, around your house, in magazines/recipe books/newspapers. When you are reading a bedtime story, have your child spot and count all of the tricky words they can find, or have them search for a particular word on the page. 



When your child is completing a written task (for example, 'write a sentence'), encourage them to first decide what they are going to write in full. Have them say this sentence out loud in their normal voice, a silly voice, a quiet voice etc. This repetition will help the order of the words stick in their mind when they come to writing it down. Remind your child that a sentence must begin with a capital letter and that they should use finger spaces, a full stop at the end of the sentence, and to try and keep their writing close to the lines of the whiteboard. Finally, after writing the sentence, have your child read the sentence back to themselves and to you, to check in makes sense. When your child is writing, allow them independence in sounding out words before writing them, and encourage them to use the phonemes and graphemes they have been learning in phonics. Even if their spelling of a word is not technically correct, if it is phonetically plausible, allow this. For example, 'yoonikorn' would be an excellent attempt at 'unicorn' and one that we would celebrate in Reception for the use of the phonemes. Finally, encourage your child to use the pre-cursive font (found on LetterJoin.co.uk) at all times but without joining the letters. Using this font will help your child in the long run as the foundations of the cursive font expected of them in later years will be in place already.



In Early Years Maths, the emphasis is on developing a solid understanding of number and pattern and less on writing down numerals and mathematical sentences. The principle of 'concrete, pictorial, abstract' representations of number is key to developing this understanding, with children first creating a concrete representation of a number through building a tower or model using the specific number of bricks/counters. Next, the children would then be encouraged to draw the number, creating a pictorial representation of four rabbits/four flowers/four cars etc. Finally, and only once the first two steps were completed, would the children be asked to write the abstract representation, in this case the numeral. 

Maths Mastery methods are an excellent way of helping your child to develop a strong understanding of number and pattern, focusing on talking about number and pattern and explaining how something is known, how the child came to the answer they did. In all maths based activities, ask your child 'how do you know?' after they tell you an answer. Posted below in the weekly updates are Maths Mastery activities for you to complete at home.

W.C. Monday 1st March 2021


Daily Phonics sessions:

Monday 1st March - 'ng': https://youtu.be/AgalPWyKoIU

Tuesday 2nd March- 'ee': https://youtu.be/_lk9zT1aiic

Wednesday 3rd March - 'igh': https://youtu.be/fCgadZalgZQ

Thursday 4th March- 'oa': https://youtu.be/JG56bXUovlo

Friday 5th March - 'oo': https://youtu.be/V_h5XzdAmMc


Below you can find PDF documents of resources, including Morning activities, Indoor and Outdoor activity grids, and Vocabulary Ninja. Additional phonics and maths activities have also been provided below. 



Monday - Introducing '9'

Tuesday -  Composition of '9'. You will need the part-part-whole worksheet (available as a pdf below but will also be brought to your house on Tuesday when the books are collected), 9 counters (if possible, groups of three in three different colours) and colouring pencils/crayons.

Wednesday - Identifying missing numbers. You will need an opaque container (could be a shoe box, a drawstring bag, or even a big sock!) and blocks/bricks that will join together to represent the Numberblocks. 

Thursday - World Book Day! We will be having a Maths lesson with a special twist... (pdfs now below)

Friday - Counting down from 10. You will need the Numberblocks number line (available as a pdf below) and an opaque container (could be a shoe box, a drawstring bag, or even a big sock!) and blocks/bricks that will join together to represent the Numberblocks. 



W.C. Monday 22nd February 2021


For your pre-recorded phonics sessions, you are going to be re-visiting both the digraphs and the trigraphs previously taught by Mrs Nice. It is really important that you are able to independently read and write these phonemes, before we move onto the next phase. I will add a worksheet each day for you to complete related to the phoneme that is being re-capped on that particular day.


Daily Phonics sessions:

Monday 22nd February - 'qu': https://youtu.be/zdsgP-2EwEM

Tuesday 23rd February - 'sh': https://youtu.be/qtpqFIjij0M

Wednesday 24th February - 'ch': https://youtu.be/QejyQtNfwmA

Thursday 25th February - 'ai': https://youtu.be/J1nWmjOPGrE

Friday 26th February - 'th': https://youtu.be/XkxMEKjluhQ


Below you can find PDF documents of resources, including Knowledge Organiser, Morning activities, Indoor and Outdoor activity grids, and Vocabulary Ninja. Additional phonics and maths activities have also been provided below. 



Monday - Recapping 6, 7 and 8 using coins to buy toys from a toy shop! 10 pennies or 10 counters will be needed.

Tuesday -  Recapping making pairs. 5-10 pairs of socks and at least one odd sock will be needed.

Wednesday - Recapping part-part-whole models. Something that can be cut into parts will be needed - this could be a carrot/banana/piece of playdough/piece of paper. 

Thursday - Recapping part-part-whole models. A printed off part-part-whole model or one drawn on a whiteboard and 10 counters will be needed.

Friday - Looking at building numbers/missing numbers using Cuisenaire rods. A paper version of these can be found below as a pdf and will also be sent home in reading packs this week.



Monday - if you have a potato you could look at during our group time session this afternoon that would be great, but if not, please look at the photo I have added below.


W.C. Monday 8th February 2021


Daily Phonics sessions:

Monday 8th February: https://youtu.be/_Yo3xKsuhgE

Tuesday 9th February: https://youtu.be/vNqpiYCAABY

Wednesday 10th February: https://youtu.be/gAj9lGeyDyQ

Thursday 11th February: https://youtu.be/p8wwEkUIWGU

Friday 12th February: https://youtu.be/hEL6o1rLUhg

If your child would like to make their own playdough at home, this is the recipe we recommend! - https://theimaginationtree.com/best-ever-no-cook-play-dough-recipe/

As part of our learning about Chinese New Year, we will be making the following playdough using the previously mentioned recipe as our 'favourite no cook playdough recipe' https://nurturestore.co.uk/chinese-new-year-sensory-play


To help support your child with their learning in Maths next week, the following resources will be helpful:



Whiteboard and pen

Optional - bread, jam, knife, plate


marbles/counters/bricks/dried pasta



5-10 pieces of string/wool of various lengths

Several toys of different heights


2 x marbles/dice


Below you can find PDF documents of resources for the Knowledge Organiser, Morning activities, Indoor and Outdoor activity grids, and Vocabulary Ninja. Additional Maths activities have also been provided below. 

W.C. 01.02.2021


Phonics lessons:

https://youtu.be/Nf19duqvjkE (Monday)

https://youtu.be/OTWssIbtOVE (Tuesday)

https://youtu.be/Lla_Qn10ntQ (Wednesday)

https://youtu.be/yEQShYFbSCk (Thursday)

https://youtu.be/vPNAwHNfI2s (Friday)


Reception will continue having Zoom lessons at 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock daily, as well the scheduled Circle Time and Feedback sessions. Although the older children in the school will be having 'Screen free' afternoons, this is taking into consideration the multiple hours they may be spending in Zoom lessons in the morning and afternoon, every day. As this is not the case in Reception (as is appropriate for their age), we will be keeping to our timetable of lessons for the foreseeable future. 


Miss Cadman and Mrs Carroll


Below you can find PDF documents of resources for the Morning activities, Indoor and Outdoor activity grids and Vocabulary Ninja.


To help support your child with their learning in Maths next week, the following resources could be downloaded and printed if possible, or recreated from materials/objects you have at home:



- Counters in big pile for the children to count 8 from (you could have 10)

- Octopus picture to cut out (pdf available to print or copy below)

- 8 strips of paper (could be coloured/newspaper/plain to colour in - whatever you have! ) (could even have 8 strips of ribbon or 8 pipecleaners/8 pieces of wool)

- Glue stick and scissors

- Part part whole model (pdf below or replicate on whiteboard/paper)

- Pen/pencil

- 8 counters/blocks/pieces of pasta

- Fish and fish pond picture (pdf below) OR blue fabric/paper to be the pond and 8 counters to be the fish

- Part-part whole model (pdf available below or replicate on whiteboard/paper)

- 8 counters/bricks/pieces of pasta

-- Paper Numicon (pdf below)

- Multilink/Lego/blocks (10 will be sufficient)

Some additional Maths activities related to the topics that will be covered next week can be found below in PDF form - please do have a look at these, especially the Maths Mastery ones!  

w.c. 25.01.21


Monday's Phonics: https://youtu.be/JG56bXUovlo

Tuesday's Phonics: https://youtu.be/V_h5XzdAmMc

Wednesday Phonics: https://youtu.be/jo9T6xIP5bA

Thursday's Phonics: https://youtu.be/WMihsuAyQKQ

Friday's Phonics: https://youtu.be/TKVYCuheTjk


Below you can find PDF documents of resources for the Morning activities, Indoor and Outdoor activity grids and Vocabulary Ninja.


To help support your child with their learning in Maths next week, the following resources could be downloaded and printed if possible, or recreated from materials/objects you have at home:



- Butterfly picture (pdf available below - please replicate if you haven't got access to a printer, a simple butterfly outline is perfect!)

- Pencil/pen to draw spots on the butterfly

- Playing dice (with spots on)

- 6 counters/bricks/pieces of pasta

Numberblocks picnic game (pdf available below)

- Objects to sort into groups for the Numberblocks 1-7  (1 item for 1, 2 for 2, 3 for 3 and so on) 

- Part-part whole model (pdf available below - if you haven't got access to a printer, please still look at this pdf and copy onto the whiteboard sent home)

- 7 counters/bricks/pieces of pasta

- 5 counters/bricks/pieces of pasta

Some additional Maths activities related to the topics that will be covered next week can be found below in PDF form. 

w.c. 18.01.21


Monday's Phonics lesson: https://youtu.be/XkxMEKjluhQ

Tuesday's Phonics lesson: https://youtu.be/AgalPWyKoIU

Wednesday's Phonics lesson: https://youtu.be/_lk9zT1aiic

Thursday's Phonics lesson: https://youtu.be/fCgadZalgZQ

Friday's Phonics lesson: https://youtu.be/twVrHAR7ZHs


Below you can find PDF documents of resources for the Morning activity and Vocabulary Ninja. There is also the Knowledge Organiser for this topic of 'Transport'.


To help support your child with their learning in Maths next week, the following resources could be downloaded and printed if possible, or recreated from materials/objects you have at home:



- Assorted objects to compare (eg tins of food, pasta, bottles, toys)

- 2 x plastic shopping bags

- Assorted objects to compare (eg tins of food, pasta, bottles, toys)

- 3 x containers of different capacities

- Large spoon

- Rice/pasta/sand to measure

- Jug of dyed water 

- Various containers of different capacities

- No resources needed but here's the link for the game we'll be playing if you'd like  sneak peak! https://pbskids.org/peg/games/happy-camel

Some additional Maths activities related to the topics that will be covered next week can be found below in PDF form. 


The activity grids mentioned in the timetable are also attached below. 

w.c. 11.01.21


Monday's Phonics lesson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdsgP-2EwEM

Tuesday's Phonics lesson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtpqFIjij0M

Wednesday's Phonics lesson: https://youtu.be/QejyQtNfwmA

Thursday's Phonics lesson: https://youtu.be/J1nWmjOPGrE

Friday's Phonics lesson: https://youtu.be/QXl_mkx-wxQ 


Below you can find PDF documents of resources for the Morning activity, Maths, Group Time (Gingerbread Man themed), and Vocabulary Ninja. There is also the Knowledge Organiser for this topic of 'Traditional Tales'.


To help support your child with their learning in Maths next week, the following resources could be downloaded and printed if possible, or recreated from materials/objects you have at home:


- Five frame (available in PDF form below)
- 5 small toys (bricks/figurines/balls)
- optional 'pond' made from blue shirt/blanket/piece of material

- 5 bricks that connect together 

- Paper Numicon (available in PDF form below)

- Five frame (available in PDF form below)
- 5 small toys (bricks/figurines/balls)

- Playing dice (only one needed)

Some additional Maths activities related to the topics that will be covered next week can be found below in PDF form. 


The activity grids mentioned in the timetable are also attached below. 

Wednesday 06.01.21


Maths -  ordering numbers 1-5 (build a tower of bricks for each number and put them in order. Watch NumberBlocks episodes for 1-5)

Writing - Letter Join – letters i, l, t

Reading - Child to read for 10 minutes twice  (discuss what has been read after reading, answer comprehension questions), practise Phase 2 and Phase 3 tricky words, practise key words in Key Word book

Comprehension –  'Kelly Likes to Paint' (Adult to read the paragraph and child to answer the questions)

Creative - Create a picture of one of the bears that Goldilocks meets using collage materials, colouring pencils or paints.

PSED - Things That Make Me Happy sheet

Choosing Time – choose an activity from the grid

Thursday 07.01.21


Maths -  talk about the 2D shapes (what they are, how many sides, how many corners, can you find one in the house? Can you make one from pencils/sticks/lollipop sticks? *Key point is that they are flat)

Writing - Letter Join – letters u, w, e

Reading - Child to read for 10 minutes twice (discuss what has been read after reading, answer comprehension questions), practise Phase 2 and Phase 3 tricky words, Key Word book

Comprehension - 'Robbie the Runner' (Adult to read the paragraph and child to answer the questions)

Creative - build the Three Little Pigs’ houses from materials you can find in your house/outside

PSED - feelings cards (talk about them, what makes us feel these emotions, what do we do when we’re feeling them)

Choosing Time – choose an activity from the grid

Friday 08.01.21


Maths - talk about time (Talk about stopwatches measuring time – how long it takes to do something. How many jumps can you do in 10 seconds? How many hops?)

Writing - Letter Join – letters c, o

Reading - Child to read for 10 minutes twice, practise Phase 2 and Phase 3 tricky words, Key Word book

Comprehension - 'Gary's Guitar' (Adult to read the paragraph and child to answer the questions)

Creative - make a beanstalk for Jack to climb up! (see photo included. Cotton wool is also included.)

PSED - All About Me sheet to complete

Choosing Time – choose an activity from the grid

Our teacher in Wren class is Miss Cadman.

Mrs Sayers,  Ms Rochford and Mrs Stockley also support the children with their learning.

All of the adults in Wren class are very friendly and helpful to make sure the children have the best start at the Round House Primary Academy.

At The Round House Primary School we have an ‘Open Door Policy’.  We welcome you into the classroom to discuss your child, their progress or any concern.  We might not be able to talk to you straight away but we will endeavour to speak to you as soon as possible. You can also leave a message with the school office or send an e-mail to the school office who will pass it onto to us at office@roundhouse.cambs.sch.uk


Home School Partnership


Our mums, dads, families and carers are all part of our learning journey.  The grown-ups at school would like it very much if you could note down any ‘Star Moments’ which make you think WOW! The adults at school have lots of forms in case you need them. 

Look on the classroom doors for the latest events and news. 




P.E kits should be bought into school every Monday and we will remind the children to bring them home every Friday. 


Treat Day


Every Friday we get a special treat as long as we have been behaved very well.  At the end of each term we get to take part in a whole day of treats ..... Reward Day. Last year, Mrs Bryden organised a magician to come and show us some amazing tricks. 

The Characteristics of Effective Learning

The characteristics of effective learning are important learning behaviours that we support the children to develop throughout the reception year. They are split into three categories:


Playing and Exploring - Engagement:

Can I do this?


Active Learning - Motivation:

Do I want to do this?




This is a useful website to explore the differences between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and to find out more information about how to help your child to try new things at home and to develop a growth mindset. 


Creating and Thinking Critically - Thinking:

How do I do this? 


We can help children to become effective learners by playing with them, listening and responding to them, acting as a sound board, supporting them to pursue their own interests, inspiring them, modelling discovery learning and both guiding and supporting them (without taking over). 

Promoting British Values in Reception



  • Speaking and listening activities promote discussions
  • Making decisions together
  • Listening to each other’s opinions
  • Turn taking, sharing and collaboration

Individual Liberty:

  • Freedom for all
  • Developing a positive sense of themselves
  • We listen to every child through pupil voice
  • Through our PSHE curriculum the children’s rights are promoted
  • The children are encouraged to make the right choices about how they learn and how they behave

Mutual Respect and Tolerance:

  • The classroom rules help children to understand how to share and look after each other
  • The children learn about different cultures, faiths and religions. They are encouraged to show respect and tolerance for different people, faiths, cultures and languages
  • The children study art and listen to music which reflects multicultural Britain
  • The children celebrate special days and festivals throughout the year

Rule of Law:

  • The children learn about their rights and responsibilities. They also learn about consequences of behavior and also learn to distinguish between right and wrong.
  • The children have agreed to abide by the rules and understand that these rules apply to everyone


w.c. 14.09.20


What a fantastic start to the term we have had! I am very proud of my new little Wrens for settling into the school routine so well and for showing me that they are absolutely ready to be here! It has been lovely getting to know them and seeing their interests and characteristics starting to emerge. Over the past two weeks, we have been introducing the children to the types of activities that they will experience in Reception, the behaviours we would like to see, and the rules that we follow in school. They have been absolutely brilliant in coming in for their sessions, quietly putting their things away before washing their hands and finding their carpet spots. We have started learning a little Makaton for the registers so maybe try asking your child if they can remember any? The children have been very independent in taking themselves to the toilet, drinking water and eating their snack during their choosing time. They have also been practising writing their name in cursive and have started looking at some key words to read. Next week the children will be all together - I hope they're excited! For lunch on Monday, they have a choice of cheese and tomato pizza, vegetable tagine or an egg roll. If you think your child may find it tricky to choose an option, have a chat with them over the weekend and let me know which they'd prefer on Monday morning. I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

w.c. 21.09.20


Well done to Wren class for completing their first week in Reception! It has been packed full of excitement, with lots of fun activities and the most challenging of tasks - lunch time! The Reception team have all been very impressed with how well the children have done with eating lunch in school, however, as they have been very independent and surprisingly fast! The children have definitely enjoyed their play times as well, a sure motivation to eat quickly. We started teaching phonics this week, starting with Phase 1. This involved listening for syllables in our names, recognising segmented sounds in words, and exploring how different instruments sound. Next week, we will move onto Phase 2 and will be covering the 's a t p' phonemes. There will be a teacher led presentation on phonics this half term, but if you are keen to start learning about how you can support your child in phonics, there is a copy of last year's presentation available on the Reception class pages on the school website. We have also sent home reading journals and reading books for the first time - please check the front cover of your child's reading journal to see which days the books will be swapped on. To make it easier for everyone, we do recommend that the books and reading journal stay in your child's bookbag throughout the week. The books include: one banded level book, which will be updated to the best suited level for your child throughout the year; one phonics book, which features the phonemes being taught; and one 'reading for pleasure' book, that you can read to your child to help them develop their love of reading! To help your child remember to hand in their books to be changed on the correct day, please help them learn their group colour - this is the colour in which their book bag label is written, and also the colour of their reading journal sticker.


On Wednesdays, starting from the 30th of September, please bring the children in wearing their PE kit and if any of the children have earrings, please ensure these are removed for the day. Please also remove any nail polish the children may be wearing for the entirety of the school week. As well as this, please ensure that your child comes in with their water bottle (with just water in), coat and book bag daily, as well as the appropriate uniform for the chilly weather we're bound to have! One final request is for children who may struggle with wiping themselves after using the toilet to be encouraged in their independence of this at home.


Thank you for your continued support in helping the children settle into school - I'm sure we can all agree on how proud we are of them. I look forward to seeing them grow over the coming months and to all of the progress they will make. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

w.c. 28.09.20


Another busy week of school complete! Well done to Reception for doing so well in their first week of full time school - they have once again impressed all of the adults with their independence and behaviour. This week, we introduced our morning 'group time' session, a session which is often literacy based but this week focused on 'Ourselves' and how we are all unique. The children have loved sharing their 'All About Me' boxes as part of this, and it has been so lovely having the children talk about their favourite toys, their families and their achievements. As part of our continuous provision, the children have been mark making in paint, creating autumnal paintings, and exploring our autumnal object collection - think lots of pine cones and conkers! On the maths table, the children were using bingo dabbers to put the correct amount of dots onto images of the NumberBlocks. NumberBlocks is a great resource for teaching early maths, especially maths mastery, and we will be using the characters in our maths lessons. For our focus task this week, the children drew around their foot to create a template they could measure objects in the classroom with. They were then asked to find objects indoors or outdoors that were the same size as their shoe, and then smaller or bigger than their shoe. It was great watching the children go off in search of these objects, often picking things up to compare before shaking their head and muttering, before looking round for something else. This sort of task is excellent for developing mathematical language, including positional language, and may be something you would like to replicate at home! Outdoors, the children have been helping the adults to start our 'revamping' of the provision, which involved lots of time in the rain and mud! Luckily, we were prepared with wellies and raincoats, as well as gardening gloves. The children used bricks and small planks to create a bridge as part of a log obstacle course - perfect for developing gross motor skills as well as communication and teamwork. In Phonics, we have been learning how to write the 's', 'a', 't', and 'p' graphemes in the pre-cursive font, as well as listening to these phonemes and words beginning with them. To end the week, we had our first 'treat time' to reward the children for their positive choices and excellent learning - Peter Rabbit and some Cosmic Yoga Disco proved to be a hit!


Next week, the children will be having their individual photos taken on Monday and their PE lesson will be on Wednesday as normal. Please could the children come into school wearing their PE kits, which they will wear all day. If they are not already, please send in wellies for the children to wear outside - it would take a lot of rain to stop us from going outside! Reading books for all groups were changed today - if your child's haven't, please check that you are writing a short comment in the reading journal after reading a book as we don't tend to change the books until they have been read. Key Word books have also been updated and sent home with words for the children to practise. If the children would also like to practise their letter formation, they can use the LetterJoin website on a tablet with the username 'Round House and the Swipe Code 'L'. Finally, any Cauliflower Cards (Christmas cards) order forms need to be in by next Friday please (the 9th of October). Have a lovely weekend!



w.c. 5.10.20


It's been another week of lots of learning and fun! We have been learning all about our senses this week, smelling lots of lovely (and some not-so lovely!) smells, playing games of I-Spy and Kim's Game, and listening to and making some music! The children also discussed their favourite foods and what flavours they like and dislike. In our PSHE session this week, the children had a go at some meditation - I was blown away by how calm and peaceful my class suddenly was! In fact, I have been really impressed all week with how well the children are listening and following instructions. In our choosing time, the children have been doing a survey of eye colours to find out what colours we have in our classroom, and they have been hunting for objects beginning with s, a, t, p, i, n and m - all the phonemes we have covered so far in Phonics. At the writing table, the children have experimented with magnetic letters to create different words and found the letters needed for their names. Outside, we have been working on our garden, doing lots of weed-pulling and tidying up of the planters, as well as starting to make our new small-world area! Rumour has it there are some fairies moving in next week...

As always, Blue and Green groups will have their books changed on Monday, and Red and Yellow on Tuesday - please make sure to leave a comment in the journals when you read so that we can mark it off and give your child a new one. Key word books (the orange ones) have also been updated today. It's been a really enjoyable week with the children and although I'm sure they're exhausted after all of the learning they've been doing, I hope they (and you!) have a lovely weekend!

w.c. 12.10.20


One week to go! It's amazing to think how far the children have come and the progress they have made in the short time they have been in school. Everyone in Wren class had their pegs moved up this week after all of the children said thank you to the ladies in the canteen for their lunches - I was very pleased as this is something we've been working on! This week we have started reading 'A Brave Bear' and have been discussing why the characters are feeling hot and bothered on a sunny day, and what we would do in the summer to cool down. The children also drew pictures of things a bear would have in their natural environment and were able to explain their choices. In Maths, the children have been comparing amounts using language such as 'more than', 'less than', 'most', and 'least', as well as looking at size and comparing objects in terms of size. Language and discussion are a huge part of our maths curriculum as we focus on maths mastery and the children regularly explain how they know the answer to a question, as well as why they think the way they do. In Phonics, we have been using phoneme frames to write CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words as well as learning the 'g', 'd' and 'o' graphemes and phonemes. LetterJoin is an ideal resource to help your children practise their letter formation so please visit the website when you have a chance! Although it has been another fun filled week, the ultimate highlight of this week has to be the children's first experience of forest school with Miss Abbott! They had the most wonderful time on the school field searching for all sorts of autumnal items and I'm sure they cannot wait for the next visit from Miss Abbott. One final bit of excitement for this week has been the arrival of our class ukulele! We have painted it white in preparation for the drawings the children will do on it, a few of which have been added already. The class as a whole seems to love music, to my great happiness, so we are encouraging this keenness a lot! Finally, the key word books have been updated today and sent home - if you feel that your child is struggling to remember their words, please do let me know and I will make some additional resources to support them. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

w.c. 19.10.10


Well done, Reception! What a fantastic first half term we have had. I am so proud of the children and all of the progress they have made since they started in September - how long ago that feels! We have been assessing the children's phonics knowledge this week and it's wonderful to see how well this is coming along. To help the children progress with their phonics, I have set a 'Next Step' observation on Tapestry for each child. To help you work on these targets at home, I have also sent home flash cards for you to use however you see best, as well as tricky words to practise. This week, we have been carrying on our reading of 'A Brave Bear', thinking about the bears' characteristics and features. When Baby Bear showed that he was brave by not giving up after falling over on the way to the river, we discussed situations in which we've had to be brave. In our PSHE session yesterday, the children were very helpful in showing me how to share properly and how to tidy up well (after seeing some brilliant acting from myself and Mrs Sayers!). In Maths, we have been learning about size, mass and capacity, and have been comparing these as well as investigating some objects that don't follow the typical rules! In our Choosing Time, the children have been loving the new toys and activities we've been lucky enough to get for the outdoor area, although we have had to have a few chats about respecting everything in our school and how we've got to look after the new toys. The transient art has been a huge favourite, as well as the rainbow stacking shapes. We also had a go at den making today! Indoors, the children have been making a bridge to help teddy bears cross a river, making shape patterns and pictures, and writing a list of things to take on an adventure. Towards the end of the week, we told the children that we would be having a birthday party during Treat Time on Friday, to celebrate the birthdays of the children who turned five this half term and may not have been able to have a party. Happy belated birthday to Alba-Mae, Ivy and Evie, and happy birthday for next week Max and Kleio! To prepare for the party, the children wrote invitations, wrote shopping lists for Mrs Carroll and myself, and made party hats. For the party itself, we had 'pin the tail on the donkey', musical statues, musical chairs, and pass the parcel. The children had a little bit of party food - some popcorn, grapes and a party ring biscuit. I hope they all had as much fun as we did!

The children have come home with their tick sheet report in their book bag, if you have any questions about this, please do let me know and I will answer these for you. I hope you all have a restful half term, I'm sure you're all as shattered as the children are! Thank you again for your constant support.

w.c. 2.11.20


What a busy first week back we've had! It's been lovely having the children back in school and hearing about all of the fun things they got up to over half term. They've settled back into our routines really well and have clearly been practising their writing and reading lots - I've been so impressed every day! This week, we have been learning about the history behind Bonfire Night and have been talking lots about fireworks - what we love about them and the things that aren't as good (the sound!). The children have been doing lots of different creative activities around fireworks, using chalk, paints, iPads and more to create their pictures. Outdoors, the children have been helping me to plant some bulbs and sweep up leaves, as well as using all of our fantastic outdoor learning resources. We've been extra lucky this week as we were able to go to Forest School with Miss Abbott with Robin class and the children did so many wonderful autumnal activities, such as making leaf rubbings, hunting for minibeasts and decorating hedgehogs with fallen leaves. They also made the beautiful crowns you would have seen yesterday! Next week, the children will be learning about the festival Diwali, as well as exploring our 'Food' topic. Have a lovely weekend.

w.c. 9.11.20


What a fantastic week we have had! It has been so lovely to have the children so engaged and so clearly enjoying all of the activities we have had this week, and very rewarding too. We have mainly been learning about Diwali this week as part of our 'Celebrations' topic, but also about 'Handa's Surprise' - a book that ties nicely into our 'Food' topic! We began the week by discussing what Diwali is and how it can be celebrated, and by making our diva lamps out of clay. Once dry, the children painted them in bright colours and decorated them with glitter. We moved onto reading 'Handa's Surprise' later in the week, thinking about the different animals and the foods they took from Handa's basket. The children were able to explore various fruits and vegetables using their noses, fingers and eyes (but definitely not mouths, and not ears as 'vegetables don't talk, Miss Cadman!), before then looking inside to see what the seeds of the fruits looked like. On Thursday, we tried many different fruits that featured in the story such as mango, pineapple and even passionfruit! The children made their own fruit kebabs from the wide variety and were very pleased with their choices! That is, apart from the children that chose the avocado without realising what it tasted like... In Maths this week, we have looked at '2' and '3' using NumberBlocks - building them, comparing them and doing lots of talking about them. The children also explored triangles, making them with straws and discussing their properties. In our PSHE session, we played 'Doggy, doggy, where's your bone?' and had a lovely discussion about respecting other people's property and not taking things that don't belong to us. It was great to hear the mature comments coming from the children and to see their understanding coming through. As part of our continuous provision this week, the children created patterns from vegetables dipped in paint, decorated hands with mehndi patterns and wrote about the meals they have in a day. Outside, the children loved the den making we were able to do with our new bamboo sticks! They also made firework designs in shaving foam, explored the transient art materials and adored Mrs Sayers' mud-kitchen/science experiment zone! Next week, we will be covering 'Food' a bit more before moving onto our next topic of 'Space'. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

w.c. 16.11.20


This week in Reception has been a mixture of two topics - Food and Space! As bizarre a combination as that is, it has actually been a very fun week. We started off this week's group time sessions by talking about where we keep food to keep it fresh (and yummy!) and what happens when food goes off. The children had a little look at the banana, hummus, milk and yoghurt we were going to experiment with, before making predictions about what would happen to the food over the week if it wasn't kept in the fridge. Today, we looked back at these bits of food to see if their predictions came true and it's safe to say the children were not very impressed with the sights or smells! We have also been talking this week about having a healthy diet and how there are some foods we should eat lots of and some that we should only really have a little of. In Maths, the children have been looking into the composition of 1, 2 and 3 - really exploring how these numbers are constructed and how to represent them. Today's Maths session was outside, making different 2D shapes from leaves, sticks and other natural resources! Our Choosing Time activities have been a mixture of space related and food related, from the children painting planets and making rockets from 2D shapes to writing about healthy foods and trying some food from an army ration pack! They have also been having an amazing time playing with our new puppet show and investigating our lovely new sensory toys. Outside, the children have been loving the guttering sets to run balls and water down, as well as having a wonderful time with Miss Abbott in Forest School! Today, the children have come home with their parts for the Nativity play as well as a copy of the script. If you would help your child practise their line over the coming weeks, we would be very grateful. Mrs Carroll has shared the Makaton videos for the songs we are learning if you would like to practise these as well. Finally, the children have also brought home their Cauliflower Cards today. I hope you have a lovely weekend!