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Welcome to Wonderful Wagtail Class

This class page will share the fantastic learning in Year Three, Wagtail Class.

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Pollination Animation

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Year 3 have been learning about the pollination process in Science. The children were tasked to create an animation explaining and showing the process of a plant seed being created. .

Victory for the Year 3 & 4 Dodgeball Team

Huge Congratulations to the Year 3 and 4 Dodgeball Team for winning the trust tournament today. Well Done to all players!

Platinum Jubilee Art Work

Year 3 have been working extremely hard creating picture collages of the Queen. They used cut outs of objects and things important to Britain and the Queen

Wagtail Ice Cream Party

Wagtail Class celebrated their home reading win with a scrumptious ice cream party.

National Outdoor Learning Day

Wagtail Class celebrated National Outdoor Learning Day by taking their Maths lesson outside. They learnt how to tell the time to 5 minutes, including quarter past and quarter to. 

Amazing Day at the Year 3 Commonwealth Games

Year 3 Goldfinch and Wagtail class had an amazing day at the Year 3 Commonwealth Sports Event. The pupils participated in rounders, athletics and netball. Well done to everyone for their hard work and team spirit. Well done to Wagtail Class who finished in 3rd place!. 

Year 3 WIN Bowling Event!

Congratulations to our Year 3 Bowling Team, who won the inter-sports competition today at Eat 'N' Bowl. Super teamwork and enthusiasm! Including the prize for the top individual score!

Wagtail WIN the Reading Challenge!!

Wagtail Class have won the spring term reading challenge. This was down to their hard working reading 5 reads a week and completing AR quizzes. Super work Wagtail Class!  

Year 3 & 4 Production

Wagtail Class have completed a brilliant performance this term. They have worked extremely learning all the songs and their dance. Super proud of you Wagtail!

Our Fishkeeper Fry Project: 

Goldfinch and Wagtail have been working hard this term being fish keepers. With special thanks to Maidenhead Aquatics, The Round House are now the owners of a beautiful aquarium which is home to many different types of fish. Year 3 followed an eight-week journey of fishkeeping learning about how to care for fish, how to clean the tank and what fish need to survive? Each week, a new variety of fish was added to the tank and the pupils learnt exciting facts about the fish. We are very happy to be keeping the tank in school and offering other year groups the chance to maintain the aquarium. 


29th March 


Year 3 and 4 had an amazing Minecraft session today from Highways England. The children were tasked in helping construct the new A428 road from the Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet in Minecraft. They learnt about how to safely build without disrupting local ecosystems and managing noise levels as well.

Well done Year 3 and 4.

Week Commencing: 3rd January 2022


Year 3 have had an amazing first week back after our Christmas holidays. In English, we have started our new book, Mr Penguin and the lost treasure' we have written and persuasive avert telling people to use Mr Penguin's investigative services. Also, we have written a setting description of the Mr Penguin's untidy office. Goldfinch and Wagtail have revisited their writing techniques such as subordinating conjunctions and expanded noun phrases in their writing. In Maths, we are starting to look at multiplication and division. We have used cubes and food items to understand multiplication is about equal groups, such as 5 groups with 6 eggs in each. We have also looked at how multiplication, is the same as repeated addition. In History, we have started our new topic on Anglo-Saxons and The Vikings. We have started our History lesson by learning about Who the Anglo-Saxons were and how they divided England into seven kingdoms. 


Well done Goldfinch and Wagtail. 

Week commencing 8th November. 


It has been another great week in Year 3. In English, we have been writing a non-chronological report about one of the three sea creatures Erin saw when she was in the water. The children wrote about jellyfish, koi carp and angler fish. In Maths, we have been continuing to develop our knowledge of addition and subtraction by adding and subtracting 3-digit numbers from 3-digit numbers. In Science, we have started our new topic Forces and Magnets. The children investigated this week the forces needed and acting upon a toy car travelling on different surfaces. 


In the Ice Zone this week, the children have been learning to annotate, and draw inference from different pictures of Art. The children wrote about their opinion and views on the art David Hockney: My Parents.


Well done Wagtails and Goldfinches! 

Week commencing 1st November. 


It has been lovely to welcome back Goldfinch and Wagtail class from their half term break. We started the week of by cooking our vegetable tarts. The children prepared and cooked their vegetable tart and enjoyed the most important bit of eating the vegetable tart. We learnt about what makes these foods healthy and the importance of kitchen safety and hygiene. 


We celebrated National Outdoor Learning Day by writing a poem about autumn, taking our maths outside and drawing place value grids on the playground, and in the afternoon we created nature faces and leaf rubbing pictures. 


Well done Wagtails and Goldfinches! 

Week Commencing - 11th October 


This week in Year 3, we have started our new English book, 'The Secret of Black Rock'. We have taken on the role of a fisherman or fisherwoman and we have described to Erin (the main character) our journey into the sea, and us seeing black rock. We have used descriptive language and expanded noun phrases to describe how horrible and gruesome black rock is and our journey through the rough waters. In Maths, we have continued to develop our knowledge of addition and subtraction. This week we have been looking at adding and subtracting ones and tens from a 3-digit number. We have looked at exchanging 10 ones for 1 ten and 10 tens for 1 hundred. 

In science we have started to prepare our experiment to test pulse rate. We have looked at the different variables when carrying out a fair test. In Design and Technology, we have finished, raced and evaluated our sling shot cars. 


Well done Goldfinch and Wagtail for another super week! 

Week Commencing - 4th October 


This week in Year 3, we have been learning about speech marks in English. Goldfinch and Wagtail took on the role of the author and have written two new sections of the book 'Into the Forest' by Anthony Browne. We pretended that the boy met the Big Bad Wolf and Sleeping Beauty. In Maths, we have started to develop our addition and subtraction knowledge from Year 2. We have been adding ones to 3-digit numbers and learning to exchange. In Design and Technology, we have continued to build our sling shot cars, ready for the testing of them next week. Year 3 have learnt how they can make their car more aerodynamic to make it go faster. 


Well done Goldfinch and Wagtail for an amazing week! 

Week Commencing - 4th October