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Welcome to Robin Class!


Our teacher is Mrs Carroll.

Miss Gibson, Mrs Mott, Mrs Sayers, Mrs Stockley and Mrs Rochford also support the children with their learning.

Dear Parents and Carers, 


To help your child continue in their learning over this next lockdown, we have come up with resources for you to use at home.  Below will be the suggested timetable of activities for each day, along with the resources you could use. If you do not have access to a printer at home, please do not worry about printing these resources off. They are only suggested resources and can be recreated from things you have at home. 


Thank you for your patience and support as we get through this lockdown period. 


Miss Cadman and Mrs Carroll

Suggested Daily Timetable for Remote Learning

w.c. 18.01.21


Monday's Phonics lesson: https://youtu.be/XkxMEKjluhQ

Tuesday's Phonics lesson: https://youtu.be/AgalPWyKoIU

Wednesday's Phonics lesson: https://youtu.be/_lk9zT1aiic

Thursday's Phonics lesson: https://youtu.be/fCgadZalgZQ

Friday's Phonics lesson: https://youtu.be/twVrHAR7ZHs


Below you can find PDF documents of resources for the Morning activity and Vocabulary Ninja. There is also the Knowledge Organiser for this topic of 'Transport'.


To help support your child with their learning in Maths next week, the following resources could be downloaded and printed if possible, or recreated from materials/objects you have at home:



- Assorted objects to compare (eg tins of food, pasta, bottles, toys)

- 2 x plastic shopping bags

- Assorted objects to compare (eg tins of food, pasta, bottles, toys)

- 3 x containers of different capacities

- Large spoon

- Rice/pasta/sand to measure

- Jug of dyed water 

- Various containers of different capacities

- No resources needed but here's the link for the game we'll be playing if you'd like  sneak peak! https://pbskids.org/peg/games/happy-camel

Some additional Maths activities related to the topics that will be covered next week can be found below in PDF form. 


The activity grids mentioned in the timetable are also attached below. 

w.c. 11.01.21


Monday's Phonics lesson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdsgP-2EwEM

Tuesday's Phonics lesson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtpqFIjij0M

Wednesday's Phonics lesson: https://youtu.be/QejyQtNfwmA

Thursday's Phonics lesson: https://youtu.be/J1nWmjOPGrE

Friday's Phonics lesson: https://youtu.be/QXl_mkx-wxQ 



Below you can find PDF documents of resources for the Morning activity, Maths, Group Time (Gingerbread Man themed), and Vocabulary Ninja. There is also the Knowledge Organiser for this topic of 'Traditional Tales'.


To help support your child with their learning in Maths next week, the following resources could be downloaded and printed if possible, or recreated from materials/objects you have at home:


- Five frame (available in PDF form below)
- 5 small toys (bricks/figurines/balls)
- optional 'pond' made from blue shirt/blanket/piece of material

- 5 bricks that connect together 

- Paper Numicon (available in PDF form below)

- Five frame (available in PDF form below)
- 5 small toys (bricks/figurines/balls)

- Playing dice (only one needed)

Some additional Maths activities related to the topics that will be covered next week can be found below in PDF form. 


The activity grids mentioned in the timetable are also attached below. 

Wednesday 06.01.21


Maths -  ordering numbers 1-5 (build a tower of bricks for each number and put them in order. Watch NumberBlocks episodes for 1-5)

Writing - Letter Join – letters i, l, t

Reading - Child to read for 10 minutes twice  (discuss what has been read after reading, answer comprehension questions), practise Phase 2 and Phase 3 tricky words, practise key words in Key Word book

Comprehension –  'Kelly Likes to Paint' (Adult to read the paragraph and child to answer the questions)

Creative - Create a picture of one of the bears that Goldilocks meets using collage materials, colouring pencils or paints.

PSED - Things That Make Me Happy sheet

Choosing Time – choose an activity from the grid

Thursday 07.01.21


Maths -  talk about the 2D shapes (what they are, how many sides, how many corners, can you find one in the house? Can you make one from pencils/sticks/lollipop sticks? *Key point is that they are flat)

Writing - Letter Join – letters u, w, e

Reading - Child to read for 10 minutes twice (discuss what has been read after reading, answer comprehension questions), practise Phase 2 and Phase 3 tricky words, Key Word book

Comprehension - 'Robbie the Runner' (Adult to read the paragraph and child to answer the questions)

Creative - build the Three Little Pigs’ houses from materials you can find in your house/outside

PSED - feelings cards (talk about them, what makes us feel these emotions, what do we do when we’re feeling them)

Choosing Time – choose an activity from the grid

Friday 08.01.21


Maths - talk about time (Talk about stopwatches measuring time – how long it takes to do something. How many jumps can you do in 10 seconds? How many hops?)

Writing - Letter Join – letters c, o

Reading - Child to read for 10 minutes twice, practise Phase 2 and Phase 3 tricky words, Key Word book

Comprehension - 'Gary's Guitar' (Adult to read the paragraph and child to answer the questions)

Creative - make a beanstalk for Jack to climb up! (see photo included. Cotton wool is also included.)

PSED - All About Me sheet to complete

Choosing Time – choose an activity from the grid

W.C. 14th December 2020


The children (and adults!) have really enjoyed the festivities this week, which have included watching a virtual pantomime, making (eco-friendly) reindeer food, being paid a visit by the big man himself this morning (please see the video below), and then enjoying some party games and food together this afternoon. I hope you enjoy the photos from this week.


Well done to my little Robins - you have completed your first term in Reception! I am so incredibly proud of each and everyone of you. The progress you have made since joining Robin class in September has been amazing, and an absolute pleasure to witness. Thank you so very much for the lovely cards and presents - I feel very spoiled! It has been a privilege to teach your wonderful children this term, and I can't wait for more learning adventures in 2021.


All that remains for me to say is I hope you all have a peaceful and restorative break - you certainly deserve it! Merry Christmas everyone.

W.C. Monday 7th December 2020


Wow, we have had a busy (and festive) week in Robin class! We have now completed filming for our Reception Nativity, and the children have been amazing! I am so proud of each and every one of them for all their hard work in learning their lines and the Makaton actions for our songs - they are absolute superstars! We are very excited to share the finished Nativity with you all next week!


In our maths sessions this week, we have been exploring early addition and subtraction (one more and one less). I was very impressed when I overheard the children talking about googolplex, and they were very excited when I showed them this number written out in full. They then had a go at writing it themselves! In phonics, we have been recapping the GPCs g, o, c and k, and some children have also been learning the phase 3 GPCs ch, sh, th and ng. In group time, we have been learning about the Christmas story, and making Christingles.


During outdoor learning, the children really enjoyed making Christmas Pomanders from oranges and cloves. We also made some edible treats for the birds which the children hung up - hopefully these may attract some robins and wrens to our Reception garden!


Next week, we have lots of fun activities planned for the children, including Christmas Lunch on Wednesday, Reward Day on Thursday, and our Christmas party on Friday - thank you so much for your generous donations for this.  I hope you all have a peaceful and recharging weekend - only one more week to go now!

W.C. Monday 16th November 2020


What a lovely week we've had in Robin class! On Monday we investigated various food items (milk, yoghurt, hummus, and a banana) discussing their appearance, texture and smell. The children predicted how they might change over the week when left out in the classroom rather than the fridge. Then this morning we explored whether our predictions were correct! The children were all keen to smell the milk (the grown ups less so!).


In maths we have been comparing the numbers 1, 2 and 3, as well as discussing the characteristics of 2d shapes. In our outdoor maths lesson this morning, the children worked in teams, foraging for natural materials to make various shapes with. They demonstrated some amazing teamwork! In phonics, we learnt the grapheme-phoneme correspondences l and ss, as well as practising our tricky (non-decodable) words.


In PSHE, we talked about things we can do to make sure that everyone in the class is safe, happy and able to learn. This included lots of discussion around appropriate behaviour for learning and why this is so important. For example, we discussed how when we call out, we make it harder for ourselves and others to learn. The children also worked in groups of 3 to create a planet for our solar system display. This is now almost complete and looks amazing!


We have also been learning the songs "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "We Wish you a Merry Christmas" in Makaton in preparation for our Christmas performance. If your child would like to practice these at home, here are the links to the YouTube videos:


https://youtu.be/wah6__bc9bk - Twinkle Twinkle

https://youtu.be/a-PBixyD_GU - We wish you a Merry Christmas


Well done Robins for another fabulous week, you are all doing really well and I am super proud of you all! Have a lovely restful weekend everyone.

W.C. Monday 9th November 2020


What a lovely week we have had in Robin class! We started off the week learning about the festival of Diwali, and making our own Diwali cards and Diya lamps (the children have brought these home today).

In maths we have been learning about the different ways of representing the numbers 1, 2 and 3. The children also enjoyed an outdoor positional language lesson this morning.


In phonics we have learned the grapheme-phoneme correspondences r, b, h, and f. The children have done really well with this - please keep practising at home with them, as this really helps to consolidate their classroom-based learning.


We have been reading the book 'Handa's Surprise' and sampling the fruits found in the story: bananas, oranges, mangos, pineapples, avocados and passion-fruits. The children also enjoyed tasting pomegranates!


In PSHE we talked about how important it is to be kind to others, and to look after our classroom and resources. Today we read the book 'Have you filled a bucket today?' and the children discussed ways in which they could fill or empty their own and others 'happiness buckets' through their words and actions. I was impressed with all the children's thoughtful ideas about how they could spread happiness through their acts of kindness.


Thank you for your comments on Tapestry - it is really lovely to hear from you about what the children have been up to.  Have a fantastic restful weekend everyone, I look forward to more learning adventures next week!


W.C. Tuesday 3rd November 2020


Wow, this week has passed by in a flash! It's been so lovely to see the children again, and I have really enjoyed hearing all about their half term adventures.  This week, we have been learning about the history of Bonfire night, and what fireworks are made of! We have also been creating our own firework displays using chalk, paint, shaving foam and food colouring, and the iPads. In PSHE, we discussed the importance of having 'kind hands,' and what we can say and do if someone is making us cross or upset at school. In maths, we have been practising our positional language, learning about circles, and discussing the number 1. In phonics, we have learnt the grapheme-phoneme correspondences 'u' and 'r,' as well as practising tricky words (words that we cannot read using our phonics, e.g. 'the'). The children also really enjoyed forest school with Miss Abbott. Next week we will be learning all about Diwali, and making our own diva lamps. 


I would hugely appreciate it if you could spend some time going through the children's key word books with them if you haven't already, as this will really help with their reading progression. Also, please do keep your Tapestry observations coming in, it is so helpful to see what the children are able to do at home, as well as at school, as this gives me a much fuller picture of their learning.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact the office, who can forward these on to me. I will always get back to you as soon as I can.  Well done Robins for all your hard work this week, I hope you all have a lovely, restful weekend! 🙂

W.C. Monday 19th October 2020


Phew! We made it to half term! I am extremely proud of all of my Robins for how amazingly they have settled in to school life. I have been particularly impressed this week by how polite the children have been, remembering to say their pleases and thank yous throughout the day, and particularly at lunchtime.


This week we have been writing party invitations, and it has been wonderful to see how far the children have progressed with their writing. We have also been conducting phonics assessments, which has been really useful in identifying next steps for the children in their early reading and writing journeys. Please see Tapestry for further details.


I have today sent home a number of phonics resources, including Phase 2 phonics flashcard sheets, tricky words, and a letter formation mat showing the correct pre-cursive formation of the Phase 2 graphemes. If you are able to, it would be hugely beneficial for the children's learning to go through these together when you have a spare moment. Any questions please do contact me via Facebook messenger.


It occurred to us that, due to the current strange times we are living through, the children may not get an opportunity to hold a party with all their friends outside of school. Therefore we celebrated this afternoon with a party for those children with recent or upcoming birthdays (Kleio and Samuel in Robin class, and Max, Alba-Mae, Ivy and Evie in Wren class). This included musical statues, pass the parcel, musical chairs, and of course no party would be complete without a game of pin the tail on the donkey! We all had a fantastic time, and it was great for the children to have an opportunity to let off some steam after all their hard work over the past 7 weeks.


The children's half-termly reports are in their book bags. Please do bear in mind that these are based on the initial on entry assessments conducted at the beginning of term, and the children have all come a long way since then. Any questions please contact me for a chat after half term.


All that remains for me to say is that I hope you all have a lovely, restful and well-earned week off, and I look forward to seeing you all again on the 3rd November! 🙂

W.C. Monday 12th October 2020


Wow - what a fantastic week we've had! The children have all been working so hard and I have seen some brilliant progress in their learning. In literacy, we have been discussing our new book "A Brave Bear," and the children have been getting into role as one of the two main characters (Daddy bear and Baby Bear) and acting out scenes from the book, with a particular focus on what the characters might be thinking and saying. The children really rose to this challenge, and were able to confidently present their role plays to the rest of the class.


In maths, we have been comparing and discussing amounts, using 'more' and 'fewer' to describe what we can see. We also set up a teddy bear's picnic, and the children were able to work together to share the food out fairly between the teddies. Today we have been exploring size and capacity through finding objects to fit in a variety of different sized containers.


The children have particularly enjoyed going on a bear hunt in our reception outdoor area, and I was impressed with how many of them were able to recite all the words from the story! We will continue with our bear-themed learning next week. As a reward for all the children's hard work, we enjoyed a disco before home time today (complete with disco lights and musical statues!). I loved seeing all the children's fantastic dance moves!


I have today sent home a pre-cursive letter formation sheet, and a guide to establishing the correct pencil grip. Please do let me know if your child completes the formation sheets and would like additional copies to practise on.

Well done to all my superstar Robins - only one more week to go before your well-earned break! Have a lovely, restful weekend everybody 🙂


W.C. Monday 5th October 2020


What an amazing week in Robin class! The children are making fantastic progress with their phonics – this week we have learned the phonemes ‘i,’ ‘n’ and ‘m,’ and their corresponding graphemes, meaning that the children have now learned the s, a, t, p, i, n, m GPCs (grapheme-phoneme correspondences). Please encourage your children to look out for these at home or out and about, this will really help to consolidate their learning. Additionally, you can log onto Letterjoin (your child’s log in details are on the bookmark sent home previously) where they can practice their precursive letter formation – this would be hugely helpful. On a similar note, it was lovely to see how many of the children have been using their Numbots account – keep it up!


We have also been learning about the 5 senses this week, and the children particularly enjoyed smelling a variety of scents (including garlic, curry powder and perfume) and discussing what they thought they might be, and whether they liked the smells or not! They were also fantastic in this morning’s lesson in which we experimented with playing the instruments softly (and very loudly!).


In maths we have been exploring the concept of ‘matching,’ making repeating patterns, and using positional language to locate bears hidden around the classroom. The children have impressed me with their deductive reasoning and problem-solving skills!


In PE we practised ball skills in pairs, which the children enjoyed, and were very adept at! In PSHE we practised our mindfulness skills, and discussed how we are all unique and special. The children also enjoyed Forest school, in which they went on a scavenger hunt for natural objects and creatures.


We were also very excited yesterday when some eagle-eyed Robins alerted us to the re-appearance of ‘Ribbity’ the frog in the outdoor area – he is becoming something of a class mascot! I was so impressed by the children’s strong sense of caring and responsibility for other living things – they were keen to discuss things we could do to keep Ribbity safe and well.


Some of the children have brought in their star moments which we share and celebrate with the class – thank you for sending these in. They are a great way to recognise the children’s achievements at home as well as in school, so please keep them coming.


Just a reminder that Blue and Green groups will have their books changed on Monday, and Red and Yellow on Tuesday - please make sure to leave a comment in the journals when you read so that we can mark it off and give your child a new one. Key word books (the orange ones) have also been updated today.


Finally, a plea to name your children’s uniform. Lots of children have been mislaying cardigans and jumpers, and

it really helps us to reunite these with their rightful owners if they are named – thank you so much for your support with this.


Once again, well done to all the Robins for your hard work this week – you should all be extremely proud of yourselves! Have a lovely, restful weekend. 

Tuesday, 29th September 2020

We have sent your child home with a bookmark detailing their login details for www.letterjoin.co.uk.  Please support them to log in and practise their letter formation of the sounds learned this week (s, a, t and p), as this will be extremely useful in supporting their literacy development. Thank you 🙂

W.C. Monday 21st September 2020

The children have had another fantastic week in Robin Class! They have had lots of fun accessing the learning activities, which have included making yarn doodles, counting out the correct number of spikes to add to hedgehogs, exploring autumn themed natural resources, and creating an 'all about me' fact file. The children also started their phase 1 phonics lessons, which involved counting the syllables in their names, starting to identify the individual sounds (phonemes) in words, and using the instruments to explore rhythm and beat. Next week, we will be beginning to teach phase 2 phonics, starting with the phonemes s, a, t and p.


We have also sent home reading journals and reading books. Please check the front cover of your child's reading journal to see which days the books will be swapped on. To make it easier for everyone, we do recommend that the books and reading journal stay in your child's bookbag throughout the week. The books include: one banded level book, which will be updated to the best suited level for your child throughout the year; one phonics book, which features the phonemes being taught; and one 'reading for pleasure' book, that you can read to/with your child to support and develop a love of reading. To help your child remember to hand in their books to be changed on the correct day, please help them learn their group colour - this is the colour in which their book bag label is written, and also the colour of their reading journal sticker.


Next week (on Tuesday) the children will be starting their PE lessons. Please could the children come in wearing their outdoor PE kits (joggers, jumpers/tracksuit top and trainers). If your child has pierced ears, please remove their earrings for PE lessons - this is for safety reasons.


Please also remove any nail polish the children may be wearing for the entirety of the school week. As well as this, please ensure that your child comes in with their water bottle (with just water in), coat and book bag daily, as well as the appropriate uniform for the chilly weather we're bound to have! One final request is for children who may struggle with wiping themselves after using the toilet to be encouraged in their independence of this at home. Thank you for your support with this. I look forward to working in partnership with you all over the coming year to support the children's progress and development.


Well done my little Robins for all your hard work this week, you have been brilliant. I hope you all have a fabulous, restful weekend.

W.C. Monday 14th September 2020

What a brilliant first full week! I am so proud of all my Robins for how fantastically well they have settled into their classroom! They have learned to come in and put their belongings away, wash their hands, and find their spots on the carpet independently. The children have done so well practising writing their names, and developing their counting skills in the maths area. They have also had lots of fun playing in the home corner (they have made me lots of delicious cake and cups of tea and coffee!), discovering the lovely books in the book corner, and creating self-portraits for our "Welcome to Reception" display. Well done Robin class - you are total superstars, and I can't wait for more learning adventures with you next week!


For lunch on Monday, the children have a choice of cheese and tomato pizza, vegetable tagine or an egg roll. If you think your child might struggle to choose independently on Monday, please could you have a chat with them over the weekend about what they would like.


Have a fabulous weekend - you all deserve it! 😀

W.C. Monday 7th September 2020

Welcome to Robin Class! We  are so excited to meet you all!  Here is a quick reminder of the session timings this week (you will have received information already as to which days your child is due to attend):


Morning sessions are 9.30 am to 11.30 am.

Afternoon sessions are 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm.


Please remember to wear your uniform and bring your book bags along with you.


See you soon! smiley

Mrs Carroll