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Welcome to Robin Class!


Our teacher is Mrs Carroll.

Miss Gibson, Mrs Rochford, Mrs Legender and Mrs Dutton also support the children with their learning.



All of the adults in Reception are very friendly and helpful in order to make sure that the children have the best start at The Round House Primary Academy. 


At The Round House Primary Academy, we have an 'open door policy'. We welcome you to discuss your child, their progress or any concerns you may have. We might not be able to talk to you straight away but we will endeavour to speak to you as soon as possible. You can also leave a message with the school office or send an e-mail to the school office who will pass it onto us - office@roundhouse.cambs.sch.uk


Our parents, carers and families are all part of the learning journey. The adults at school would like it very much if you could note down any moments which make you think WOW, either on a star moments observational star or by uploading an observation onto Tapestry. It is wonderful to find out what the children have been up to with you at home. Additional stars are available; just ask a member of the Reception team if you need any more copies of these. Please also look on the classroom door for the latest events and news. 


The children need to bring their PE kits to school every Monday, starting on Monday 27th September and these will be returned home on a Friday.


Every Friday the children will get a special treat, for example a disco or another fun activity, as long as they have made the right choices throughout the week. At the end of each term the children will also get to take part in a whole day of treats called Reward Day!

Reception Curriculum Overviews:

Promoting British Values in Reception:


Speaking and listening activities promote discussions.

Making decisions together.

Listening to each other’s opinions.

Turn taking, sharing and collaboration.


Individual Liberty:

Freedom for all.

Developing a positive sense of themselves.

We listen to every child through pupil voice.

Through our PSHE curriculum the children’s rights are promoted.

The children are encouraged to make the right choices about how they learn and how they behave.


Mutual Respect and Tolerance:

The classroom rules help children to understand how to share and look after each other.

The children learn about different cultures, faiths and religions. They are encouraged to show respect and tolerance for different people, faiths, cultures and languages.

The children study art and listen to music which reflects multicultural Britain.

The children celebrate special days and festivals throughout the year.


Rule of Law:

The children learn about their rights and responsibilities. They also learn about consequences of behavior and also learn to distinguish between right and wrong.

The children agree to abide by the rules and understand that these rules apply to everyone.


The Characteristics of Effective Learning:

The characteristics of effective learning are important learning behaviours that we support the children to develop throughout the reception year. They are split into three categories:


Playing and Exploring - Engagement:

Can I do this?


Active Learning - Motivation:

Do I want to do this?




This is a useful website to explore the differences between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, to find out more information about how to help your child to try new things at home and to develop a growth mindset. 


Creating and Thinking Critically - Thinking:

How do I do this? 


We can help children to become effective learners by playing with them, listening and responding to them, acting as a sound board, supporting them to pursue their own interests, inspiring them, modelling discovery learning and both guiding and supporting them (without taking over). 


Home Learning Tips and Advice:


When listening to your child read, encourage them to point to each word as they say them, to help them develop one to one correspondence. Encourage your child to use the pictures to help them if they are stuck on a word and help them to sound the word out using the phonemes they have been learning in phonics. Remember to use 'pure' sounds for each phoneme, avoiding adding on 'uh' after each sound. For example, 's' is pronounced 'ssss' rather than 'suh' and 'm' is pronounced 'mmm' rather than 'muh'. If your child takes a while to read a sentence, reread it back to them before moving on to the next page (whilst pointing to each word), so that the meaning of what they have read is not lost or forgotten. After reading, ask your child to retell the events of the story and answer some comprehension questions. If your child is not enjoying the book or is struggling, leave the activity and come back to it later. We want to develop a love of reading in our children, not for it to become a forced practice. Encourage your child to spot words on signs, around your house and in magazines, recipe books and newspapers. When you are reading a bedtime story, have your child spot and count all of the tricky words they can find, or have them search for a particular word on a page. 



When your child is completing a written task, e.g. writing a sentence, encourage them to first decide what they are going to write in full. Have them say this sentence out loud in their normal voice, a silly voice, a quiet voice and a loud voice. This repetition will help the order of the words stick in their mind when they come to writing it down. Remind your child that a sentence must begin with a capital letter and that they should use finger spaces, a full stop at the end of the sentence and to try and keep their writing as close to the line as possible. Finally, after writing the sentence, have your child read the sentence back to themselves, and to you, to check it makes sense. When your child is writing, allow them independence in sounding out words before writing them, and encourage them to use the phonemes and graphemes they have been learning in phonics. Even if their spelling of a word is not technically correct, if it is phonetically plausible, allow this. For example, 'yoonikorn' would be an excellent attempt at 'unicorn' and one that we would celebrate in Reception for the use of the phonemes. Finally, encourage your child to use the pre-cursive font (found on Letter Join) at all times, but without joining the letters. Using this font will help your child in the long run as the foundations of the cursive font expected of them in later years will be in place already.



In maths, the emphasis is on developing a solid understanding of number and pattern and less on writing down numerals and number sentences. The principle of 'concrete, pictorial, abstract' representations of number is key to developing this understanding, with children first creating a concrete representation of a number through building a tower or model using the specific number of bricks/counters. Next, the children would then be encouraged to draw the number, creating a pictorial representation of four rabbits/four flowers/four cars etc. Finally, and only once the first two steps were completed, would the children be asked to write the abstract representation, in this case the numeral. Maths Mastery methods are an excellent way of helping your child to develop a strong understanding of number and pattern, focusing on talking about number and pattern, explaining how something is known and how the child came to the answer they did. In all maths based activities, ask your child 'how do you know?' after they tell you an answer.


Weeks commencing 3rd and 10th January 2022 

Happy New Year! We have had such a great start to the Spring term in Robin class. We have been exploring the topic of Traditional Tales, focusing particularly on Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and The Gingerbread Man. The children have really enjoyed a variety of activities associated with this theme, including working collaboratively to create some amazing puppet shows; writing about key moments from the stories; creating repeating patterns; producing some lovely craft pieces, and conducting a science experiment using gummy bears placed in plain, sugary, and salty water! The children were excited to discover that the gummy bears in the plain and the sugary water grew bigger and heavier, whereas the gummy bear that had been in the salty water had shrunk in size and weight! During our literacy sessions, the children were challenged to create an alternative happy ending to the Gingerbread Man story, in which the sneaky fox is replaced by a more kind and helpful character! I loved hearing all of the children's original ideas!


I have been so impressed by the progress the children are making in their reading and writing - thank you for all of your support at home with this. It makes such a huge difference so please keep up with reading at least 5 times a week, and remember to record this in your child's reading diary. For every 5 reads at home, the children earn one entry into our weekly class raffle, as well as earning points to add to our reading board in the hall (the winning class will earn a cupcake party!). Just a reminder that Miss Knox is holding a reading zoom meeting on Wednesday 19th January at 9.30am and 5.00pm. Please come along to one of these sessions, as they will be detailing some useful tips on how best to support your child's reading at home. I hope you all have a fantastic, restful weekend, and I look forward to seeing you all next week for more learning adventures!

Week commencing 15th November 2021

What a lovely week we've had in Robin class! On Monday we investigated various food items (milk, yoghurt, bread, hummus, and a banana) discussing their appearance, texture and smell. The children predicted how they might change over the week when left out in the classroom rather than the fridge. Then at the end of the week we investigated whether our predictions were correct! The children were all keen to smell the milk (the grown ups less so!).


In maths, we have been exploring positional language, as well as discussing the characteristics of triangles and circles. In phonics, we recapped the grapheme-phoneme correspondences g, o, c and k. The children have also been doing some fantastic writing during these sessions.  In PSHE, we read 'The Great Big Book of Families' by Mary Hoffman, and talked about how families can come in all different shapes and sizes - which is something to be celebrated.


On Friday we enjoyed some special activities to raise money for Children in Need, including taking part in a Joe Wicks workout - lots of fun was had by all!


We have also been learning the songs "Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star" and "We Wish you a Merry Christmas" in Makaton in preparation for our Christmas performance. If your child would like to practice these at home, here are the links to the YouTube videos:


https://youtu.be/wah6__bc9bk - Twinkle Twinkle

https://youtu.be/a-PBixyD_GU - We wish you a Merry Christmas


Well done Robins for another fabulous week, you are all doing really well and I am super proud of you all! 

Week commencing 8th November 2021

What a great week we have all had in Robin Class! We have been reading the book 'Handa's Surprise' by Eileen Browne, and sampling some of the fruits found in the story, including bananas, oranges and pineapples. The children also had a go at some observational drawing of a variety of exotic fruits, some of which they had not encountered before - coconuts, avocados and pomegranates amongst several others. The children also made fruit baskets and African necklaces at the creative table. In Maths, we have been exploring 5 and 10, and making the link between these numbers and the number of fingers on our hands. In phonics, we have learnt the phase 3 phonemes y, z, zz and qu, and practised forming these in precursive. Please do continue to support your children at home with practising their precursive letter formation - it will make such a positive difference to their early writing progression. In our outdoor learning, we have been foraging for natural materials, and using these to mark make with paint. We have also been exploring the versatility of the humble stick - including making our own stick men (and dogs), making sticky sculptures, and forming shapes and letters from sticks!


Finally, two pleas: Firstly, please could you check that your child hasn't accidentally brought home another child's cardigan/jumper - lots of these have gone missing and we are keen to reunite them with their rightful owners! Secondly, I would be very grateful if you could ensure that your child arrives at school for 8.45 each morning. I need to register the children and record their meal choices, before starting our phonics session promptly at 9.00, so ensuring your child arrives on time would really help with this process. Thank you so much in advance for your support with this.


Have a fantastic, restful weekend everyone, I look forward to more learning adventures with your amazing children next week!

Week commencing 18th October 2021

Phew! We made it to half term! I am extremely proud of all of my Robins for how amazingly they have settled in to school life. I have been particularly impressed this week by how polite the children have been, remembering to say their pleases and thank yous throughout the day, and particularly at lunchtime. This week we have finished our work on the book 'A Brave Bear,' and the children have really impressed me during our group time with their insightful comments about how brave Baby Bear was, as well as reflecting on times when they themselves have shown bravery in the face of a challenge. We have also been conducting phonics assessments, which has been really useful in identifying next steps for the children in their early reading and writing journeys. Please see Tapestry for further details. In maths, we have been continuing to practise our subitising skills (recognition of small quantities without counting), as well as exploring the composition of the numbers 2, 3 and 4, with some help from our friends the Numberblocks!


During their indoor self-selected learning time, the children have been making their own subitising cards, building bridges for the compare bears, creating junk modelling bears, and practising their pattern and letter formation. Outdoors, we have been investigating signs of Autumn, making our own Autumn leaves from clay, building bear caves from the large-scale construction materials, and going on lots of bear hunts! In PSHE, the children have been thinking about why it it important to keep our classroom and wider environment tidy, and to look after our learning resources properly. The children concluded that when we all tidy away after ourselves, it fills everyone's buckets!


The Robins have also particularly enjoyed learning the song 'Yellow Bird' this week, along with the accompanying Makaton signs. I have been so impressed with how well they have done! If the children would like to practise this at home, here is a link to the video we have been watching in class:



All that remains for me to say is that I hope you have all had a lovely, restful and well-earned week off, and I look forward to seeing you all again on Tuesday the 2nd of November!


We have now collected in all of the children's phonics and levelled books as we are changing the type of books that the children will be taking home. New phonics books will be sent out in the first week back after half-term and the children will still be changing and bringing home their reading for pleasure books next week. In the meantime, we recommend that the children access the phonics e-books available on the Oxford Owl website. The site is easy to navigate and you will be able to select from a wide range of titles for your child to read.



Week commencing 11th October 2021

What a lovely week in Robin Class! The children have enjoyed exploring our class book 'A Brave Bear,' and really rose to the challenge of taking on the role of either Daddy or Baby Bear and acting out scenes from the book in front of the rest of the class - well done my brave Robins! In phonics we have learnt the phonemes 'e', 'u' and 'r', and the digraph 'ck.' Today we also learnt the 'tricky' (currently non-phonetically decodable) words 'the,' 'I' and 'go.' In maths, we have been exploring the composition of the numbers 2, 3, and 4, as well as continuing to develop our subitising skills. In PSHE, we continued our discussions around the importance of kindness in the classroom, and why it is important to work together to keep our classroom tidy. The children also practised some mindful meditation. As it turns colder, please could I ask that the children bring in a coat with them every day, as we use our outdoor area in all weathers. Well done my Robins for all your continued hard work - I can't quite believe we are approaching the end of your first half term in Reception! Have a lovely, restful weekend everybody.