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Kingfisher's Class Teacher is Miss O'Sullivan


Class Information
Welcome to Kingfisher's class page! Kingfisher's will have PE on a Monday this term. Please make sure you have the correct named PE kit and that earrings are removed.


We love reading in Kingfisher's! Within our weekly reading challenge, the Kingfisher's will have to escape the giant and climb down the beanstalk display. In order to do this, the children will need to read five times a week. The amount they have read will be counted once a week. Get reading Kingfisher's!



WC 4.2.19

In English, the children have been planning their own ending to our story ‘Traction Man’ using a story map. The children included interesting sentence openers, powerful verbs and expanded noun phrases that they would like to use. From this, the children then used their story maps to write their ending of the story. 

In maths, the children have started to learn about fractions. They have looked at how to write a fraction, that the bottom number is called a denominator which shows how many equal parts there are of the whole and the top number is the numerator which shows how many parts are being considered. They have then carried out different activities that involve finding a half of shapes, liquids and money.


WC 28.1.19

In English this week, the children have taken on the role of a character from our book 'Traction Man'. They have written statements, questions, exclamations or commands onto speech bubbles of something one of the characters may say. Kingfishers then used this to write a dialogue between two characters using speech marks. The children had to try and use different words instead of 'said'.


In maths, the children made links between multiplication and division. They used arrays to create fact families which included two multiplication number sentences and two division number sentences.


WC 21.1.19


In English this week, the children have written a setting description of a scene from our book 'Traction Man'. The scene was of a kitchen which appeared in our classroom! The children used this to help them create expanded noun phrases to describe what they could see, smell and hear. This lead the children to write a detailed setting description with exciting vocabulary.

In maths, the children continued to learn about division. They first started to share amounts into different groups making sure that they had an equal amount in each group. Kingfishers then progressed onto solving word problems using grouping.


WC 14.1.19

In English this week, the children were introduced to their new text for this half term 'Traction Man'. Kingfisher thought of exciting adjectives to describe Traction Man's personality and appearance. They then used this to help them write a character description. The children all wrote fantastic pieces of writing that included expanded noun phrases.

In maths, the children used their reasoning skills to help them think about what the answer should be based on their knowledge of multiples of 2, 5 and 10. Kingfishers then moved onto division. The children carried out an investigation to see how many ways 12, 16 or 20 cookies could be shared out equally.


Could you please make sure that your child has their PE kit in on Monday.


Thank you! Have a lovely weekend!





Due to a slight change in Kingfishers timetable, Kingfisher Class will be doing PE on a Monday. Please can you make sure that your child has jogging bottoms, a white PE top, a jumper and trainers in their PE kit please. 

Thank you!


WC 7.1.19


Kingfishers Class have had a fantastic first week back to school! They are all very excited about their new topic 'Back to the Future'. The children have been on a trail around the school to find letters from significant people from 1940 and had to put these in order. Since reading the letter from the mouse, the children have written a reply and explained what they do when they leave school each day. As well as this, the children have designed a future communication device and wrote a description about it. 
It has been so lovely to see all the children excited to tell the Class all about the older person they had asked questions to over the Holidays. Thank you to all that let us know a little bit about their childhood! This has inspired a lot of excitement!


WC 7.1.19


What a lovely first day back to the term! We are all very excited about our new topic 'Back to the Future'! The children have had a visitor from a mouse that has been living in the school and wants to know what they do when they are not in school. The children have written down some ideas ready to write a reply back to the mouse. This has lead to the children thinking about what their parents used to do when they went home after school and even what their Grandparents used to do. 

It would be fantastic if we could have the children's sheet in, that was sent home before Christmas, which gave the children the opportunity to ask the oldest person they knew questions about their childhood. 


WC 17.12.18


What a busy couple of weeks Kingfisher Class have had! In maths, the children have been learning about multiplication and have created arrays to help them work out their answers. They investigated swapping around the numbers in a multiplication sentence and understood that they will always get the same answer. In English, the children have retold part of our story 'The Princess and the White Bear King'. Kingfishers ensured that they used interesting sentence openers, expanded noun phrases and subordinate conjunctions. 

Kingfishers have had a fantastic term and they have all worked very hard. I would like to thank everyone for all my lovely cards and gifts that I have received! I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year! I hope all of Kingfishers have a well earned rest and I will see them all in 2019!


WC 10.12.18

In English, the children have edited and finished off their story. The children asked to think about the adjectives they have used to see if there are any that they could change for a more exciting one. Kingfishers were very excited to read out their stories to the rest of the class!

In maths, the children have continued their learning with multiplication and have drawn arrays to match a multiplication sentence.


WC 3.12.18

In English, the children first retold the story ‘The Princess and the White Bear King’ as a whole class and used pictures from the book to help us do this. From this, the children were given either the beginning, middle or end of the story to re-tell and thought of interesting sentence openers and adjectives to use in their writing. From this, the children began to re-tell their own version of the story. It has been so lovely to see some fantastic language that the children have learnt to use throughout this half term!

In maths, the children carried on with their learning of multiplication. They carried out an investigation where the children had to see if they would get the same answer if they used the same numbers in a multiplication sentence but just swapped them around. The children created an array city where they picked a multiplication sentence and drew arrays to match.


WC 19.11.18

In English, the children took on the role of the Princess. They wrote a diary entry of how the Princess climbed a glass mountain. The children used expanded noun phrases to help create a detailed picture in the readers head. Kingfishers also tried to add a subordinate conjunction at the beginning of a sentence.

In maths, the children have progressed their learning onto multiplication. The children have learnt that when we multiply we are essentially using repeated addition. For example, 5x3 means we are adding 5 three times. The children moved onto multiplication word problems.


WC 12.11.18

In English, the children wrote a character description of the Princess from out story. They wrote exciting adjectives to describe her appearance and personality as well as using different sentence starters in their writing.  After this, Kingfishers were transported to the Bear’s castle by jumping through a picture! Whilst we were there, we shared our ideas about all the things that we could see, hear, smell and touch. We used this to help us write a setting description of the castle.

In maths, the children added two 2-digit numbers together. They used dienes to help them as well using number bonds to 10 facts to help them reason if the answer was correct or not. The children then progressed onto doubling.


WC 5.11.18

In English, the children wrote descriptions for the crown that they had designed for the Princess in the story ‘The Princess and the White Bear King’. Kingfishers had to make sure that they were using interesting adjectives as well as using subordinate conjunctions to add extra detail into their writing. The children then progressed onto asking the Princess questions sing question marks and interesting questions starters.

In maths, Kingfishers were using their number bond facts and applied them to bigger numbers. For example, if I know that 3+5=8, 13+5=18, 23+5=28. The children have also added and subtracted tens from any given number and they had noticed that the ones stays the same but the tens change each time.


WC 29.10.18


In maths this week, Kingfisher's have been learning to add and subtract 1- digit numbers to 2-digit numbers. The children have used dienes to help them do this as well as referring to their knowledge of number facts. For example, if I know that 5+3=8, then I know that 25+3=28. The children then progressed onto adding and subtracting multiples of 10 to 2-digit numbers. Kingfisher's became maths detectives and observed that when we add or subtract multiples of 10, the tens digit changes but the ones digit will always stay the same. 

In English, the children were introduced to their book for this half term 'The Princess and the White Bear King'. The children had to become craftsmen and design a crown that the Princess in our story had dreamt of. They then had to write expanded noun phrases to describe this. We had some fantastic language such as "the unique, smooth pearls" as well as "the beautiful, shiny emeralds".

For the children that have lines in our Christmas Play, please can you make sure your child is practising these as much a possible! Thank you!


WC 15.10.18

It is a very exciting time in KS1! The lines, as well as costume requests, for the KS1 Christmas Play have gone home with your child this afternoon. 

All children will be doing a dance. In Year 1, your child will either be in the Angel Dance, Star Dance or in the Hand Jive Dance.
In Year 2, your child will either be in the Nazareth Line Dance, Camel Funk Dance, Shepherds Dance (including some sheep - these children know who they are!) or the Innkeepers Dance. If your child hasn't come home with any lines, then they will just be in their dance and will need one costume for this (details are on the slip given to your child). If your child has a speaking part within these dances, then they will have been given the lines for this to practise. 

If your child is a Host/Narrator they will need two costumes - one for their Host role and one for their chosen dance. Your child will have their Host lines given to them to practise. 

Please could we start practising lines over the half term!


WC 8.10.18

In maths this week, Year 2 have been ordering numbers on a numbers line and really focusing on what multiples of 10 would be either side of a number. For example 28 is between 20 and 30. The children were then asked which of these multiples of 10 is it closest to and why. This helped to further develop the children's understanding. The children then moved onto comparing number sentences using greater than, less than and equals to symbols. Year 2 were encouraged to identify what was the same and what was different to help them highlight certain number patterns.


In English, the children have been looking at the Wolf as he has appeared in our story 'The Jolly Postman'. We looked at the difference between appearance and personality and came up with different adjectives to describe him. Year 2 discovered that the wolf character is in many different stories and his character/personality is different in them. For example In Little Red Riding Hood he is mean, but in Mr Wolf's Pancakes he is very friendly. The children then wrote about this using their inference skills.


WC 1.10.18


In maths this week, the children have used whole part models to help create fact family sentences. The children then moved onto looking at subtraction number sentences. We discussed how we must always take the smaller number away from the bigger number. Later on in the week, we started to look at ordering numbers between 0-100. The children went outside and had an empty chalk number line. We started off by using multiples of 10 as these are a good starting point. From this, the children were given 2-digit numbers to place onto the number line. For example 35, the children then discussed what two multiples of 10 are either side of this number.


In English, we read up to the next part in our book 'The Jolly Postman'. The Jolly Postman delivered an envelope to a witch. After some detective work, we came to realise that it was the witch from the fairytale 'Hansel and Gretel'. In the letter was a brochure exclusively for witches. Kingfishers were very good a picking out all the adjectives that would have attracted the witch to all the different products. The children were then given either a hat, broomstick or magic wand. They had to write a description about their objects, using adjectives to help persuade the witch to buy it.  


WC 24.9.18

In maths this week, the children have continued their learning with the place value of a 2-digit number. The children have looked at partitioning a 2-digit numbers in different ways (e.g. 28=20+8, 28=10+18). Kingfishers used whole part models and used dienes to transfer a ten over to a different part. They wrote number sentences to match. 


In English, Kingfishers came across the character 'Goldilocks' in our story 'The Jolly Postman'. The children had to write in the role of 'Baby Bear' to let her know if he would forgive her or not for coming into his house, eating his porridge, breaking his chair and sleeping in his bed. The children used subordinate conjunctions (if, when, because) to help explain their reasons why. The children then progressed onto describing Goldilocks' appearance and personality. We discussed the difference between the two and the children then came up with different adjectives to describe each of these. 


WC 17.9.18

In maths this week, the children were looking at the place value of 2-digit numbers. They started off by grouping amounts into groups of ten and then adding on the ones left over. From this, the children wrote number sentences to match these. 

In English the children were introduced to the book 'The Jolly Postman' which will be the main focus of the children's learning this half term. Kingfisher's have been identifying question and statements and understanding the correct punctuation to use with these types of sentences. The children then progressed onto asking the Jolly Postman questions and then wrote statements to answer these.


WC 10.9.18

The children had a fantastic time for our ‘History off the Page’ day all about our topic ‘Castles’. They carried out many different activities which included pie making, weaving, ink making, perfume bag making and making a thumb protector for a bow and arrow. The children then had a banquet in the afternoon and each child played very important roles ranging from servers, dancers, singers, jesters and knights. It was a lovely day! The children also had ‘Maths Day’ which involved a carousel of mathematical activities throughout the morning. Later, Kingfisher Class carried out investigations involving Lego as well as a maths trail outside on the field. 

Just a reminder, our PE day this half term is a Tuesday.


WC 3.9.18

Kingfishers have had a fantastic start to the week! Our Castle topic kickstarted off with a Castle trail out on the school field. Items from a Castle had mysteriously been scattered everywhere and it was up to Kingfisher Class to identify what they were and what they would have been used for in a Castle. The children have also learnt about the three different types of castles and put these in order of when they were built. To finish off a very short but busy week, the children made butter! We put double cream into a jar and had to shake the jar really fast! The children were pretending to be a cook from a Castle that had to make butter for the King's breakfast. Of course we had to make sure it tasted just right for the King! 
Just a few reminders - It's our History off the Page day on Monday! Please can you make sure that your child has something to wear for this day. All named PE kits and wellies need to be brought in as well.
One final thing! For our class reading corner display, please could you take a picture of your child reading at home and send it in. 


Miss O'Sullivan



WB 25.6.18


In maths, the children continued their learning of statistics and were introduced to Carroll diagrams. Kingfishers went outside and drew their own Carroll diagram onto the playground with chalk. They chose 4 different groups to organise their group into. For example boys, not boys, like pizza, do not like pizza. They were then able to discuss their findings. They then progressed onto looking at block graphs and drawing their own one based on class data of favourite sandwich fillings. 


In English, the children focused on the snail's emotions throughout the book. The children used this to help them write a diary entry from the snail's perspective. Kingfishers made sure that they included interesting sentence openers, subordinate conjunctions and exciting adjectives. 


WB 18.6.18


In maths, the children learnt about statistics. They were introduced to tally charts and why we use tallies. From this, the children produced their own tally chart. The children the analysed their findings by calculating the difference between the largest and the smallest. 


In English, the children enjoyed some role play which helped them to take on the role of a character. The children imagined they were the snail from our book 'The Snail and the Whale' to emphasis the different emotions that they snail experienced. The children then had to make a very important decision, in their role as the snail, to stay put or go travelling around the world with the whale. They wrote their responses to the whale in speech bubbles, using speech marks. 


WB 11.6.18


In maths this week, the children have have been looking at word problems. The children have been closing their eyes to help really picture what the question has been asking them to do. The children looked at problems that involved place value and money. From this, the children were given pictures and were then asked to create their own word problems. 


In English, the children were being rhyme detectives and picked out the rhyming patterns that they could find in 'The Snail and the Whale'. The children then picked a favourite adjective and explain why they liked that specific word, concentrating on what emotions were created. Kingfishers then moved onto writing different adjectives, verbs and adverbs and put into phrases in preparation for writing an acrostic poem about the whale. 


WB 4.6.18


It has been a lovely start back after half term! In English, the children were introduced to their new text 'The Snail and the Whale'. They started the week off by asking questions and about the book and then writing statements to answer these questions after they had read the book. The children then moved onto writing a setting description from one of the different settings in the book. Kingfisher's included expanded noun phrases and subordinate conjunctions to help create a detailed picture in the reader's mind. 


In maths, the children were making number links  using their prior knowledge "If I know that 6+6=12, then I know that 6+7=13...). The children were encouraged to explain how they knew it was that particular number. Kingfishers also looked at segmenting 2-digit numbers in different ways and writing number sentences to match. 


WB 21.5.18

Kingfisher's worked really hard this week! In science, the children over the past half term were growing beans in bags, using just water and sunlight. The children then had a chance to write up all of their observations, starting from when they put the beans into the bags up to this week. Some of the bean plants were even starting to pop out of the top of the bag! The children learnt that these plants are grown in a hydroponic way which means with just water and sunlight. 



WB 14.5.18


It's been a lovely week in Kingfisher Class this week. The children have been finishing their non-fiction texts about whales with a labelled diagram of a whale. The children then ended a hardworking week with a cake and dancing out on the field with the whole of the school in celebration of the Royal Wedding.


WB 7.5.18


In English this week, Kingfishers have continued to write their non-fiction text about whales. The children made sure they were including subtitles for each of their paragraphs and using interesting vocabulary. 


In maths, the children were looking at fractions of an amount. Kingfishers were using mathematical vocabulary to ensure that they were looking at how many 'equal' pieces there was of the whole. The children were looking at the links between halving and doubling to help them reason with their answers.  Kingfishers knew that in order to quarter an amount, they would need to half it and then half it again. 


WB 30.4.18

In maths, the children used an effective strategy in multiplication and division. The children were using vocabulary such as 'groups of' to help them understand what is being asked of them. The children used their reasoning skills to discuss what the answer is likely to be using what they know about multiples of 2, 5 and 10. 


In English, Kingfishers started off the week with planning a non-fiction text about Whales. They created subtitles and wrote notes under each one using textbooks to help them research. The children then started to write their introductions and first paragraph of their non-fiction text. 


WB 23.4.18

In maths this week, the children were looking at subtraction. The children practised drawing dienes to help them have an effective strategy. The children then moved onto crossing 10 and we discussed and observed what this means. From this, the children were given subtraction number sentences with numbers that are close together. We talked about using the inverse to do this as counting on would be a better strategy and less time consuming!


In English, the children started to look at the features of a non-fiction text and were able to observe and detect pictures, captions, lables, subtitles, contents page, index page and glossary. From this, the children wrote definitions for some of these. The children progressed to looking specifically at Wales and created their own glossary by matching names to their definitions.  


WB 16.4.18

It has been a lovely first week back after the Easter Holidays. Kingfisher Class were introduced to their new topic of 'Seaside'. The children started of the week by exploring their senses through investigating things that would see, hear, feel and touch at the beach. The children wrote down different adjectives to describe each of these. 
In English this week, Kingfishers created their own seaside water, sand, shells and seaweed. From this, they wrote a description about their seaside. They looked fantastic!
In maths, the children were looking at partitioning number in different ways. They used dienes to help them do this as well as writing on the tables in whiteboard pens!

Please can I remind parents that all children need to bring in a hat and a named water bottle. Thank you!


WB 26.3.18


In maths this week, Kingfishers have looked at rotation and making full, half, a quarter and three-quarter to turns either Clockwise or Anti-clockwise. The children then went outside and had to guide each other around certain places using this mathematical vocabulary. During our other maths lesson, the children looked at repeated patterns using 2D shapes and investigated what the 9th, 10th etc shape would be. 


In English, the children wrote their own rhyming poems. They thought of different rhyming words  to help them create different phrases and then created their own version of 'One, two buckle my shoe'. 


Well done Kingfishers for all your fabulous hard work this term. I hope you all have a lovely Easter break! I will see you in the Summer Term. 




Miss O'Sullivan


WB 19.3.18

In maths, the children looked at measuring height, length and width of objects. We did an investigation that involved thinking about if you have the biggest feet then you are the tallest. The children used rulers and metre sticks to help them do this. 


In English, Kingfishers looked at the character of 'the wolf'. They looked at him in different stories and we discussed that the wolf can be mean and in other stories he can be very kind and caring. From this, we created expanded noun phrases to help is write a report about the wolf. 


WB 12.3.18

Over the past couple of weeks, the children have been exploring capacity. The children started by estimating and then measuring the volume of water in different sized containers. The children also progressed onto writing the volume of liquid in a container when some of the numbers of the scales are missing. The children had to be maths detectives and look at what the scales were going up in -1's, 2's, 5's or 10's.


In English, the children created an advert to persuade the witches in our story 'The Jolly Postman' to buy an object the children had designed for them (broomstick, wand or a witch's hat). The children had to write a description about the object to help persuade the witches to buy it. Kingfishers had to use interesting adjectives to help them do this. 


WB 26.2.18

In maths this week, the children learnt about telling the time, including o'clock, quarter to/ quarter past, half past and to the nearest 5 minutes. Each child had a clock to practise with and they were then able to draw the time onto clocks. 

In English, the children had a class debate about whether Baby Bear should forgive Goldilocks for eating his porridge, breaking his chair and sleeping in his bed. Kingfishers had to use subordinate conjunctions to help explain why. From this, the children then wrote letters to Goldilocks accepting her apology. 



WB 19.2.18

It is been a lovely week back after half term. In maths, the children continued their learning with fractions. They looked at fraction walls and compared fractions to create factual statements of what was greater than, less than or equal to each other. The children then progressed onto finding fractions of an amount. 

In English, the children were introduced to their new book 'The Jolly Postman'. They had a box delivered by the Jolly Postman himself which gave them clues as to what characters we may see in the book. From this, the children created questions and statements using the correct punctuation. 

Today has been an exciting day! We walked to St.Mary's Church. We were given a talk by Father Paul who provided us with a lot of interesting information about the church. We then got the chance to have a look around. This provided us a lot of things to write about in our exciting writing.



WB 5.2.18

In maths this week, the children were exploring fractions. We discussed that fractions are looking at pieces that are part of a whole. The children then had a carousel of activities which helped them to explore fractions of shape, amount and capacity. From this, the children then started to write fractions down that they saw. 


In English, the children wrote their own version of the story 'The Princess and the White Bear King'. Kingfishers were using exciting sentence openers, subordinate conjunctions and expanded noun phrases. 


I hope all of Kingfisher Class have a lovely half-term and a well earned break!


Miss O'Sullivan


WB 29.1.18


In English this week, Kingfishers have created their own pictures of a setting based on the description from the book 'The Princess and the White Bear King'. They used pastels to do this. From this, they then created expanded noun phrases and similes to add their own description to their picture. The children also created a story map to help them with writing their own version of the story next week.

In maths, the children were finding the correct change and understood that we use subtraction when doing this. Kingfishers also moved onto looking at word problems involving money.


WB 22.1.18

In maths this week, Kingfishers continued to learn about money. They were adding amounts together and putting the correct £ or p sign. The children were 'buying' sweets and used mental strategies to help them work out the cost. 
In English, the children wrote a description of the castle from the story 'The Princess and the White Bear King', to which they were including subordinate conjunctions as well as fabulous sentence starters. We also had a class debate based on the perspectives of two different characters from the book. 
Kingfishers had a lovely treat on Thursday morning as they had Art with Mr Cornell. They learnt about the Impressionist Artist 'Claude Monet' and went on to produce some of his paintings using oil pastels. It was a lovely morning



WB 15.1.18

In English this week, the children have written a description about the Princess in our story 'The Princess and the White Bear King'. Kingfishers wrote two paragraphs that described the characters appearance and personality. There were some lovely sentences that included subordinate conjunctions, which helped to add extra detail into their writing. 

In maths, the children started to learn about money. The children matched the coins to the correct amount, as well as counting money from a purse and then wrote this down as a number sentence. 

If your child has signed up to the Top 100 Book Challenge, please could I remind you that your child has one week to return the book back into school. 


Miss O'Sullivan


WB 8.1.18


It has been a lovely week in Year 2! It all started with our Great Fire of London History off the Page day. All of Kingfisher's travelled back in time to 1666 in their fabulous costumes! The day started with the children carrying out lots of different activities that included making bookmarks, bread, perfume and candles! The children also had to look out for any flames as well as rats! In the afternoon, the children looked through artefacts to help them piece together information about individuals from the time of The Great Fire of London. It was a very exciting day!
In maths this week, the children grouped 3D shapes into categories. Kingfishers then moved onto symmetry into 2D shapes. 
In English, the children were introduced to their new book called 'The Princess and the Bear King'. The class had to create a crown along with expanded noun phrases. These were then used to write a letter to the King. 
Please take note that our PE day is on a Wednesday and all children need a named kit along with a pair of trainers


WB 1/1/18

Happy New Year! It has been a lovely first week back in Year 2! The children were introduced to our exciting topic of 'The Great Fire of London'. It all started with the children having to piece together clues about the famous city the event took place in 350 years ago. The children successfully worked out that the city was London, to which we then travelled back in time until we reached 1666. The children were given an old newspaper article to pick out key information to help them work out what happened during the time of the fire. The children worked really well as a team and are very enthusiastic for the term ahead. The children are also looking forward to our 'History off the Page' day on Tuesday, where they will be learning further about the Great Fire of London as well as dressing up like the people in those times. Please can you make sure the children have something to wear in order for them to fully enjoy the day. Details of appropriate dress were sent home on Friday to help give you some ideas. 


PE is on a Wednesday this term. The children will need to bring in a named PE kit, which includes clothes that are appropriate for the weather outside (jogging bottoms, long-sleeved top etc.). The children also need to be bringing in a named water bottle into school everyday. 




Miss O'Sullivan 



WB 18/12/17 Kingfisher's have had an exciting end to the term this week! On reward day, they were treated to a magician! Lots of laughter was had! The rest of the day was filled with dancing, a Christmas quiz, Christmas craft making and nail painting.

Kingfisher's have had a fantastic term and they have all worked very hard! I hope they all have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year! I would also like to thank all parents who contributed food to our Christmas party! The children had a lovely time.

Miss O'Sullivan


WB 11/12/17  Kingfisher's wrote a guide to earth, to help explain to our character from 'Beegu', the fantastic things there are to do on earth. The children chose three different areas of focus which were Christmas, swimming and dancing. Kingfisher's wrote a paragraph for each and made sure they used subordinate conjunctions as well as different sentence starters. 
In maths, the children started to look at 3-D shapes. They looked at the properties of these shapes and even had a go at making some using match sticks and midget gems!

WB 4/12/17 This week, the children planned a guide to earth for Beegu. They first went outside to think of and discover different activities that they thought Beegu might like to do. From this, we picked three top activities and created a mind map ready to write the guide next week. In maths, the children were given a multiplication sentence and they had to write multiplication and division facts related to this. 
Kingfisher's had their Christmas performances this week! They performed amazingly well and we are all very proud of them. Thank you to everyone for sorting out costumes, helping to rehearse lines and dance moves! Super job Kingfishers!


WB 27/11/17 Kingfisher's had their dress rehearsal- the audience being the whole of the school! They did fantastically well! In the Ice Zone, the children were looking at things you would expect to find in Antarctica and had to identify these. 


WB 20/11/17

In maths this week, the children were learning about division. The children started by listening to a story and had to pick out the relevant information to create division sentences. The children then used counters to share between different groups. The children then progressed onto looking at division word problems. 
In English, the children worked together to build a free verse poem about 'Beegu', the character from our book. The children created phrases about what had happened to Beegu, Beegu's emotions and what Beegu wanted. From this, Kingfisher's then moved these phrases around to create their free verse poem. The children then used this to act out.


Wb 13/11/17 In English, the week started off with the children writing a character description of their ideal friend for Beegu. The children used adjectives to describe the characters personality and appearance. Kingfisher's then moved onto looking at different types of poetry and had a go at acting these out.

In maths, the children continued their learning with multiplication. The children had a maths trail, in which they had to solve a multiplication word problem and find that answer. The winner was the group that worked though all of the questions to find the winning star. Arrays were drawn on the ground, in chalk, to help work the problem out.



Wb 6/11/17 In maths, the children started to look at multiplication. They were using different vocabulary to help further their understanding such us 'groups of' and repeated addition. The children then moved onto writing multiplication sentences and then drawing arrays to help count in 2's, 5's or 10's to find the answers. 
In English, the children were continuing to focus on our book 'Beegu'. The children created an ideal friend for Beegu out of salt dough. Alongside this, the children were focusing on appropriate adjectives to describe the ideal friend.



WB 30/10/2017

Kingfisher's had a lovely first week back after half term. In maths, the children were adding 1-digit numbers to 2-digit numbers using the column method. It was explained to the children that they had to add the ones first and then add the tens. Kingfisher's then progressed to adding two 2-digit numbers together.
In English, the children were introduced to the book 'Beegu'. At first, the children were just shown an picture of Beegu and they had to ask questions to help pin point what they wanted to find out. Kingfisher's then used role-play to act as if they were Beegu to help them think about what the character may be thinking. 
It is a very exciting time as last week was our first round of rehearsals! Can we please make sure that if your child has a line that they practise as much as possible.

Thank you,

Miss O'Sullivan



WB 16.10.17

In maths, Kingfisher's focused on addition and subtraction facts. The children achieved this through using their knowledge of number bonds to 10, to make 100 ( 9 + 1 = 10, 90 + 10 = 100). We then moved onto discussing the pattern we could see each time 10 is subtracted from a multiple of 10. 

In English, the children have been absolute writing superstars! They  retold the story of 'The Man on the Moon'. During each lesson they wrote the beginning, middle and end. The children included expanded noun phrases, conjunctions and time adverbs. These were a joy to read!


We are also starting to prepare for our Christmas play as we had auditions on Tuesday afternoon! Some children were sent home with their roles for the play on Thursday afternoon. Rehearsals for the play will start after the half term, which will include all of Kingfisher's. WARNING - you may hear many of the songs from our production in weeks to come. Practise, practise!


It has been an absolute fantastic first half term with Kingfisher's. They have settled well into Year 2! I hope they have a well earned rest over half-term as well as lots of fun! I look forward to hearing about all their adventures when we get back. 


See you soon Kingfisher's!


Miss O'Sullivan


WB 09.10.17

In maths, the children were using the symbols 'greater than', 'less than' and 'equal to' to show relationships between numbers. I wonder if Kingfisher's can remember the rule for this? We then moved onto looking at 'fact families' and wrote as many different number sentences for a set of numbers. The children used whole part models and tens frames to help them do this. 

In English, the children focused on using conjunctions in their writing as this helps to provide extra detail into their writing. Kingfisher's then put this into practise, through re-writing the ending of our book 'Man on the Moon'. We focused on not wanting our endings to just be 'they all lived happily ever after'. Kingfisher's thought of different ways to make the reader feel excited and we talked about how cliff hangers can help create this. The children had some fantastic ideas, which we were able to share with the rest of the class.


WB 02.10.17

Last week in maths, the children looked at number sequences of counting in 2's, 5's and 10's from any given number. The children became maths detectives by looking for the special pattern of counting in tens (7, 17, 27...). We discussed that the ones digit stays the same, but the tens digit changes. 
In English, the children created their own aliens based on our text 'Man on the Moon'. The children labelled their aliens with adjectives to describe personality and appearance. These were then used to help write a description about the aliens. The children then progressed onto orally retelling the story


wb 25/09/17
Kingfisher's had a lovely week! In maths, the children were ordering numbers onto a blank number line. They used multiples of 10 to help them. The children used this to help them complete 'more than or less than' statement. 
In English, the children were introduced to their book called 'The Man on the Moon'. Kingfisher's were first presented with a picture of the main character called Bob. They then had to ask him questions to help write a class letter to him. To their surprise, they got a reply due to their fantastic questioning skills. 
Please can you ensure that the children are bringing a change of shoes for PE.


Miss O'Sullivan


WB 18/09/2017

In maths this week, we have been looking at place value. The children have been using the dienes and dice to make 2-digit numbers. The children then carried out an investigation with odd and even numbers. I think Kingfisher's enjoyed this!

In English, the children have been writing space fact booklets this week. They wrote three paragraphs about the moon, the sun and the stars. The children tried to vary their sentence starters, as well as adding in words such as 'because' and 'that' to add extra detail for the reader. I wonder if Kingfishers can remember another way to excite the reader with their writing?

The children have been given spellings to practise. They will be having a spelling quiz on Thursday. Please don't worry if the children are struggling with these, as we will be learning the rules for these spellings in our phonics lessons next week.


Miss O'Sullivan


W/B 11/09/2017

Kingfishers have had a lovely week this week! They have visited an alien crash landing in our playground! They saw parts of the spaceship as well as some alien slime! It was very exciting! In their exciting writing, the children wrote a letter to the alien, asking the alien some questions as well as telling the alien all about themselves. 
On Monday, we had maths day. The children had a carousel of activities, to which they worked their way around in small groups. The Year 6's were here to help too! 
Just a reminder that we have PE on a Tuesday. Please can you make sure that the children have their PE kits. The amount the children have read this week will be counted on Monday!

Thank you,

Miss O'Sullivan


W/B 4/9/2017

Kingfisher's had a fantastic first week in Year 2! The children had the chance to share all the lovely adventures that they got up to over the summer holidays. The children also explored the playground and tried to find different shapes and patterns. As well as this, Kingfisher's were introduced to their topic of Space Explorers! They had the chance to find out about one of the most famous space explorers Neil Armstrong. From this, the children got to practise their moon walks and created posters of Mr Armstrong landing on the moon for our reading corner. Kingfisher's have also practised their artistic skills this week, through creating a space scene with the use of chalk and blending. I wonder if Kingfisher's can remember how astronauts wash their hair in space? 

What a 'space-tacular' week it has been! 


Reading Challenge

Calling all book worms!

In our exciting new reading challenge the children will be rewarded when they read 25, 50 and 75 times. They will receive a certificate during award assembly. The children will also receive a special reward in class if they read every day of this half term. Have fun reading...

Reward Day 17.7.17

Reward Day 17.7.17 1
Reward Day 17.7.17 2
Reward Day 17.7.17 3
Reward Day 17.7.17 4
Reward Day 17.7.17 5
Reward Day 17.7.17 6
Reward Day 17.7.17 7
Reward Day 17.7.17 8
Reward Day 17.7.17 9
Reward Day 17.7.17 10
Reward Day 17.7.17 11
Reward Day 17.7.17 12
Reward Day 17.7.17 13
Reward Day 17.7.17 14
Reward Day 17.7.17 15
Reward Day 17.7.17 16
Reward Day 17.7.17 17
Reward Day 17.7.17 18
Reward Day 17.7.17 19
Reward Day 17.7.17 20
Reward Day 17.7.17 21
Reward Day 17.7.17 22
Reward Day 17.7.17 23
Reward Day 17.7.17 24
Reward Day 17.7.17 25
Reward Day 17.7.17 26
Reward Day 17.7.17 27
Reward Day 17.7.17 28
Reward Day 17.7.17 29
Reward Day 17.7.17 30
Reward Day 17.7.17 31
Reward Day 17.7.17 32
Reward Day 17.7.17 33
Reward Day 17.7.17 34
Reward Day 17.7.17 35
Reward Day 17.7.17 36
Reward Day 17.7.17 37
Reward Day 17.7.17 38
Reward Day 17.7.17 39
Reward Day 17.7.17 40
Reward Day 17.7.17 41
Reward Day 17.7.17 42


Year 2 had an exciting reward day. The children got to take part in a disco, biscuit decorating, bracelet making, nail painting and games. The children also had the special treat of bouncy castles and an inflatable climbing wall. They loved it!

27th June 2017

Key Stage 1 had an amazing trip to Whipsnade Zoo. The children absolutely loved it and saw lots of different animals ranging from butterflies to giraffes and rhinos. 

22.6.17-Kingfisher class had an exciting trip to the museum today. We went on a history walk around the town and discovered how St. Neots came to be as it is and then we looked in the museum. The children especially enjoyed going in the police cells. They did themselves and the school proud and one lady passing by commented on how polite they were. Well done! There will be some more photos to follow of the children on the history walk.

Week Beginning 5.6.17

Welcome back after half term. We have had a very busy first week back. In English, we started a new book called, 'Amazing Grace.' The children thought about the character and what we already know about her and began to think about what we would like to know. In maths we focused on turns and became right angle detectives. Today we were very lucky to have a visit from Dog's Trust who told us about how to look after a dog and whilst we were doing this, the children were solving maths word problems. Finally, we participated in our own vote today, teaching the children about the process.

Science-Food chains

Science-Food chains 1
Science-Food chains 2
Science-Food chains 3
Science-Food chains 4

May 2017

We have had a busy couple of weeks in Kingfisher class. The children have been incredibly busy carrying out their 'secret missions.' I have been incredibly proud of how hard the children have worked and they have all put in their best effort. Well done Kingfishers! Today we were really lucky to have a visit from Sofia's dad to talk to us about his job as a Wildlife Biologist. It was a fascinating talk and great to see pictures of some of the things the children have learnt about in real life. The children asked some excellent questions and really enjoyed it. In science today, we have been looking at food chains and thinking about who eats who.

Week Beginning 24.4.17

Kingfisher class have had a good week. In English, we have continued to look at our new book and the children explored vocabulary to describe animals. This then meant the children wrote some fabulous riddles which we had great fun guessing. In maths, we have been looking at subtraction and reminding ourselves how to do this. Science has seen the introduction of our new topic, living things and their habitats. We started off by looking at different things and thinking about if they are alive, were once alive or have never lived. What a busy week we have had!

Week Beginning 1.5.17

It has been a good week in Kingfisher class. In English, we have been continuing to look at our book and focusing on the under the sea setting. The children recreated the setting with oil pastels and then wrote excellent diary entries as if they had visited there themselves. In maths, the children looked at word problems based on all four calculation methods. Science was exciting this week with the children exploring the school grounds and discovering where all of our mini beasts are living. We have been working really hard this week and have been impressed with the focus of the children. Keep up the good work Kingfishers!

African Paper Plate necklaces

African Paper Plate necklaces 1
African Paper Plate necklaces 2
African Paper Plate necklaces 3
African Paper Plate necklaces 4
African Paper Plate necklaces 5
African Paper Plate necklaces 6
African Paper Plate necklaces 7
African Paper Plate necklaces 8
African Paper Plate necklaces 9
African Paper Plate necklaces 10
African Paper Plate necklaces 11
African Paper Plate necklaces 12
African Paper Plate necklaces 13
African Paper Plate necklaces 14
African Paper Plate necklaces 15
African Paper Plate necklaces 16
African Paper Plate necklaces 17
African Paper Plate necklaces 18
African Paper Plate necklaces 19
African Paper Plate necklaces 20
African Paper Plate necklaces 21
African Paper Plate necklaces 22
African Paper Plate necklaces 23

Week beginning 18.4.17

Welcome back. I hope that you all had a lovely Easter. This week, in Kingfisher class, the children have been introduced to their new ICE Zone topic-Africa. We started off my putting together all if the things that we already know about Africa and then we made a list of questions about what we would like to know. Today the children looked at African patterns and necklaces and had a go at recreating their own. In English we have started looking at our new book, 'One Night Far From Here.' This links closely to our topic and the children used the computers to write information sentences about animals of the African Savannah. The children had a lot of fun doing this. Maths started with a recap of place value and how we can use this to estimate answers. This term for PE we have Alex coming from Cambridge United who has started off with football. He will be incorporating other sports as the term progresses. Wow, what a busy week we have had!

Week beginning 27.3.17

We have had a busy week in maths, English and science. In maths we have been looking at capacity and had a go at measuring how much water different sized containers could hold. In English, we looked at lots of Julia Donaldson stories and thought about in what ways they were similar. In science, the children had to build a bridge out of newspaper so support a car. They had to consider how rigid and strong it needed to be and how they were going to achieve this. The final results were fantastic. I hope everyone is looking forward to Reward Day tomorrow!

Week Beginning 20.3.17

Kingfisher Class have had a busy week. In English, we have looked closely at the language used in the snail and the whale and had a go at writing our own acrostic poems about whales. In maths, we have been learning about time. We have been looking at reading clocks to o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to and then applying this knowledge in problem solving. In science, the children carried out an experiment to test how well a material absorbs water. The children had great fun doing this. In PE, unfortunately due to the weather we couldn't get outside due to the weather but we didn't let this dampen our spirits. Speed stacking proved more tricky than it looked! Finally, I just want to say well done to everyone who has worn something red and donated to Red Nose Day. The classroom looked very bright.

14.3.17 A trip to the woods

14.3.17 A trip to the woods 1
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 2
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 3
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 4
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 5
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 6
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 7
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 8
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 9
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 10
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 11
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 12
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 13
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 14
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 15
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 16
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 17
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 18
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 19
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 20
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 21
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 22
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 23
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 24
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 25
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 26
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 27
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 28
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 29
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 30
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 31
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 32
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 33
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 34
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 35
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 36
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 37
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 38
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 39
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 40
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 41
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 42
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 43
14.3.17 A trip to the woods 44


Kingfisher class had a fantastic afternoon in the woods. We inspected different types of fungi which were very difficult to find. We 'met a tree' which involved the children being blindfolded, led to a tree by a partner, feeling/hugging the tree, being taken away from the tree and then the child who was blind folded had to try and find the tree. It was harder than it looked as Miss Abbott found. Finally, the children built dens for Simba. A good time was had by all!

Week Beginning 20.2.17

Week Beginning 20.2.17 1
Week Beginning 20.2.17 2
Week Beginning 20.2.17 3
Week Beginning 20.2.17 4
Week Beginning 20.2.17 5
Week Beginning 20.2.17 6
Week Beginning 20.2.17 7
Week Beginning 20.2.17 8
Week Beginning 20.2.17 9
Week Beginning 20.2.17 10
Week Beginning 20.2.17 11
Week Beginning 20.2.17 12
Week Beginning 20.2.17 13
Week Beginning 20.2.17 14
Week Beginning 20.2.17 15
Week Beginning 20.2.17 16
Week Beginning 20.2.17 17
Week Beginning 20.2.17 18
Week Beginning 20.2.17 19
Week Beginning 20.2.17 20
Week Beginning 20.2.17 21
Week Beginning 20.2.17 22
Week Beginning 20.2.17 23
Week Beginning 20.2.17 24
Week Beginning 20.2.17 25
Week Beginning 20.2.17 26
Week Beginning 20.2.17 27
Week Beginning 20.2.17 28
Week Beginning 20.2.17 29
Week Beginning 20.2.17 30
Week Beginning 20.2.17 31
Week Beginning 20.2.17 32
Week Beginning 20.2.17 33
Week Beginning 20.2.17 34
Week Beginning 20.2.17 35
Week Beginning 20.2.17 36
Week Beginning 20.2.17 37
Week Beginning 20.2.17 38
Week Beginning 20.2.17 39
Week Beginning 20.2.17 40
Week Beginning 20.2.17 41
Week Beginning 20.2.17 42
Week Beginning 20.2.17 43
Week Beginning 20.2.17 44
Week Beginning 20.2.17 45
Week Beginning 20.2.17 46
Week Beginning 20.2.17 47
Week Beginning 20.2.17 48
Week Beginning 20.2.17 49
Week Beginning 20.2.17 50
Week Beginning 20.2.17 51
Week Beginning 20.2.17 52
Week Beginning 20.2.17 53
Week Beginning 20.2.17 54
Week Beginning 20.2.17 55
Week Beginning 20.2.17 56

Week Beginning 20.2.17

We have had a good first week back. In English we are looking at our new story, The Snail and the Whale, but we have not yet started reading it. Instead, we are focussing on non-fiction texts and researching whales. Next week we are going to create our own non-fiction page about whales. In maths, we have continued exploring shape and we have been problem solving. This has been great fun and the children have really shown their shape knowledge! In science, the children explored different materials and tried to find out what happened if they applied different forces to them, for example, stretching. Also this week we had our first PE lesson with an outside teacher and we looked at finding the most efficient way to run. I am looking forward to see what we cover next lesson. Finally, in phonics we have been focussing on the year 2 common exception words and we took our learning outside on Wednesday, using chalk to practise our spelling all over the courtyard. What a busy week we've had!


Week Beginning 6.2.17

I hope everyone is having a lovely start to their half term. I would just like to thank Kingfishers for all their hard work for the last half term. In the last week of term in English, the children wrote their own stories based on the Princess and the White Bear King. I have started reading these and so far am really impressed with the contents. I look forward to finishing reading these. In maths, we moved to looking at 3D shapes. We considered the properties of the 3D shapes and how we would be able to sort them. In science, the children carried out an investigation to find out which materials were waterproof. The children had a lot of fun doing this.

Week Beginning 30.1.17

Week Beginning 30.1.17 1
Week Beginning 30.1.17 2
Week Beginning 30.1.17 3
Week Beginning 30.1.17 4
Week Beginning 30.1.17 5
Week Beginning 30.1.17 6
Week Beginning 30.1.17 7
Week Beginning 30.1.17 8
Week Beginning 30.1.17 9
Week Beginning 30.1.17 10
Week Beginning 30.1.17 11
Week Beginning 30.1.17 12
Week Beginning 30.1.17 13
Week Beginning 30.1.17 14
Week Beginning 30.1.17 15
Week Beginning 30.1.17 16
Week Beginning 30.1.17 17
Week Beginning 30.1.17 18
Week Beginning 30.1.17 19
Week Beginning 30.1.17 20
Week Beginning 30.1.17 21
Week Beginning 30.1.17 22
Week Beginning 30.1.17 23
Week Beginning 30.1.17 24
Week Beginning 30.1.17 25
Week Beginning 30.1.17 26
Week Beginning 30.1.17 27
Week Beginning 30.1.17 28
Week Beginning 30.1.17 29
Week Beginning 30.1.17 30
Week Beginning 30.1.17 31
Week Beginning 30.1.17 32
Week Beginning 30.1.17 33
Week Beginning 30.1.17 34
Week Beginning 30.1.17 35
Week Beginning 30.1.17 36
Week Beginning 30.1.17 37
Week Beginning 30.1.17 38
Week Beginning 30.1.17 39
Week Beginning 30.1.17 40
Week Beginning 30.1.17 41
Week Beginning 30.1.17 42

Week Beginning 30.1.17


Kingfisher class have had a busy week. In maths, we have explored 2D shapes. We have thought about naming them, describing them, lines of symmetry and creating pictures using the shapes. In English, we started the week off doing pastel pictures of the setting and describing the setting, We then thought about our own version of the Princess and the White Bear King and story boarded our ideas in preparation to write our stories next week. This afternoon was very exciting, We watched the pantomime Dick Whittington and the children thoroughly enjoyed this.

Week Beginning 23.1.17


This week in Kingfisher class we have been very busy. In English, we have continued to look at our text The Princess and the White Bear King. The children took part in a debate and were very confident sharing their ideas in front of the class and on camera! The children were very persuasive and it was difficult to decide which side of the argument won. In maths, the children have been using their knowledge of money and applying it in problem solving. We set up a sweet shop on Thursday and the children had to work out all the different combinations of sweets they could buy with a given amount of money. Finally, we have had Indian Drumming again and this week not only did the children sing but they danced too. The children really enjoyed this as you will see from the pictures.

Week Beginning 16.1.17


This week in Kingfisher class we have continued to look at money. The children have explored addition of money and the classroom has been transformed into a sweet shop (a very expensive one) and a pet shop. In English, we have read some more of The Princess and the White Bear King and the children are thoroughly enjoying this. We have explored writing different types of sentences. Science saw the continuation of looking at different materials and their properties. In PE I was super impressed with the children's throwing and catching skills. They are excited next week to get the netball goals out. Thanks for a great week Kingfishers!

Indian Drumming

Indian Drumming 1
Indian Drumming 2
Indian Drumming 3
Indian Drumming 4
Indian Drumming 5
Indian Drumming 6
Welcome back Kingfisher class and a Happy New Year. We have had an excellent start to the term with Indian Drumming kicking off this week.
In English, the children have come to the end of reading Traction Man. They have really enjoyed this story and have created their own Traction Man adventures. They have come up with some fantastic ideas basing their characters on items in the classroom. In P.E, we had our last lesson with Miss Davids. She set up a circuit training lesson for them, focusing on lots of different skills including throwing and moving around. The children really enjoyed this and thanked Miss Davids for her lessons over the past half term. Lights, Camel, Action was very successful for the children and I was proud of ALL involved. I was especially proud of my Kingfisher class. You all did an amazing job. Well done. All that is left for the last few days of term is the Christmas Party and reward day. I hope the children are looking forward to these and there will be photos to follow. All that is left for me to say is have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing you all back on Wednesday 4th January for the spring term. 
In maths, the children have been exploring different measurements. The children looked at standard units of measurement versus non standard units of measurements. The children had the important task of making Christmas decorations for the classroom on the last day of November. They did a good job and the classroom looks fantastic as a result of this. 

Some from November

Some from November 1
Some from November 2
Some from November 3
Some from November 4
Some from November 5
Some from November 6
Some from November 7
Some from November 8
Some from November 9
Some from November 10
Some from November 11
Some from November 12
In English, the children have been exploring poetry and familiar nursery rhymes. The children did a good job at performing a nursery rhyme, having created their own actions to go alongside it. In maths, the children teamed up with Swift class to become Great Maths Detectives. The children had questions they had to solve and use these to find answers to discover the mystery word. The children were very excited by this and engaged well in the lesson. In the ICE zone, the children have been continuing their topic of Great Great Britain. The children had a go at making scrambled egg on toast and doing other activities related to this. The best part for them was that they got to eat the scrambled egg on toast after they had made it.

October Fun

October Fun 1
October Fun 2
October Fun 3
October Fun 4
October Fun 5
October Fun 6
October Fun 7
October Fun 8
October Fun 9
October Fun 10
October Fun 11
October Fun 12
October Fun 13
October Fun 14
October Fun 15
October Fun 16
October Fun 17
October Fun 18
October Fun 19
October Fun 20
October Fun 21
October Fun 22
October Fun 23
October Fun 24
October Fun 25
October Fun 26
October Fun 27
October Fun 28
October Fun 29
October Fun 30
October Fun 31
October Fun 32
October Fun 33
October Fun 34
October Fun 35
October Fun 36
October Fun 37

Week Commencing 5.9.16


We have had an excellent first week back. The children have participated in lots of exciting activities including: creating art work, some fantastic writing, decorating biscuits and the week ended with a visit from Forest Owl (photos to follow). I hope the children have all had a fantastic week and I am really looking forward to the year ahead with them.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Hunstanton Trip - June 2016


A few photos from Hunstanton - we all had such a good day. The children say the sea was freezing (and they lost their feet), the ice cream marvellous and they enjoyed building sandcastles with moats, arrow slits and defensive walls - some as big as the great wall of China apparently! There are some great Andy Goldsworthy style natural sculptures too. I think there is another camera's worth of photos around too...


Happy 90th Birthday HRH Queen Elizabeth II


Red, white and blue party clothes, jewel encrusted crowns, egg and cress sandwiches, homemade and home-decorated biscuits, lovely singing ... a Key Stage One Party "street" party to be proud of. 
The children worked hard to make their crowns, the ICE Zone TAs produced delicious sandwiches and biscuits and together they had practised and practised their singing. It was a lovely afternoon, despite the Queen not being able to come (yes, the children did write a letter inviting her).



Still image for this video

God Save The Queen

Still image for this video



We were glad to welcome the children back after a well deserved half term break. The children all worked very hard on their "special work" (SATs) before the holidays so we are enjoying things being back to normal again now.


We have started thinking about our new science topic - Habitats and Living Things - and have sorted things into living, was once alive and never lived. We talked abouot the 7 life processes of living things. There were some interesting conversations about whether a tree was alive (does it move?) and, before we added the 'was once alive' category, whether a newspaper was alive (well it is made from a tree, and a tree is alive so therefore the newspaper is alive...)







Kingfishers have been finding out a lot about plants in our Science work. The children wanted to know how seeds and bulbs grow so they set up experiments to find out what seeds need to germinate. Now they want to find out what the plant seedlings need to grow and stay healthy.


It has been lovely to be able to do more learning outside even though we need sunhats and sunscreen one day and coats again the next! Recently the children have enjoyed spending time in the pond area and sorting words into spelling groups in the playground.


Our research on sea creatures is finally complete and the children have written many impressive non-chronological reports about different sea creatures. If you want to know more about sharks, sea turtles, dolphins or other species, ask your children! 


Finally, thank you for everyone for reading at home with your children. It is great to see how many times they have read in their reading records. Some children have already read more than 25 times and are working towards 50. We talked together about how it is sometimes hard to remember to write in the reading records so we came up with a 3 step slogan - "Read, Write, Give it in". If your child hassles you to write in their reading record, this is why! smiley



Kingfishers had a fantastic time during our trip to Tescos yesterday. We went on a tour around the warehouse where the children learned how to unload new stock, and store it to keep it fresh.
The chefs in the bakery showed the children what ingredients and machinery is used to create their delicious crusty loaves. The children then tasted different trypes of breads and had a go at kneading their own dough to take home and bake in the oven. I hope you enjoyed the lovely, fresh bread! I know I did. I was very impressed by the children's behaviour during our trip as they all listened really carefully and remembered to say "Please" and "Thank you"!











Kingfishers had a super week last week. We explored the fantastic story, 'Where The WIld Things Are' and the children created their own 'Wild Things' out of paper bags and collage materials. We also had a D.T. Day in class in preparation for the children making their own fire engines in the Ice Zone this term. We looked at different types of vehicles, their parts and how they move. The children then investigated how wheels can be turned using axles and we had a go at constructing them in different ways.






Kingfishers have been taking advantage of the lovely, mild Winter weather this week by getting out to make some clocks on the playground. They also read different times on analogue clocks such as quarter to/past and half past to put them in order. The children will be taking clock templates home next week so that they can practise making different times over the holidays.
I think the children were dreaming about snow when they created their beautiful pastel pictures showing the journey that the princess took to find the White Bear King in our class story. They then wrote fantastic noun phrases and similes to describe their settings, such as; 'A lonely, tumbledown cottage' and, 'As cold as a snowman's fingers'! We will use these noun phrases to retell the story next week! 










Kingfishers have had a great few weeks of problem solving involving multiplication and division. They used sharing and grouping skills to find out how many ways 18, 24 and 26 can be divided equally and if all numbers divided by 2 give an even answer.

In Literacy, the children are thoroughly enjoying our book, The Princess and the White Bear King. They wrote questions that they'd like to ask the princess on her adventure with the bear. They also created some amazing character descriptions of the princess using noun phrases. 











Kingfishers have been working really hard this week to show what they've learnt so far this term.
I was really impressed that they could identify verbs, adjectives, nouns and some adverbs in sentences and phrases. They have also made a great improvement in their reading skills. We will continue to work on answering comprehension and inference questions to further improve.
In Maths, the children showed great stamina and used their problem solving skills to answer questions in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Next term, we will continue to develop our arithmetic skills in order to answer questions even more quickly. Wow, what a busy class!




Kingfishers have been very keen mathematicians. They have been using their multiplication skills to count 10ps, 5p and 2ps and record number sentences. They have also been solving problems by counting the number of (pairs of) eyes and fingers in pictures.

In English, the children used story bags to plan our own class story set in space. They are getting really good now at using noun phrases and different sentence starters. We look forward to reading the children's 'Space Adventure' story booklets over the next few days!



Kingfishers have had another brilliant week of learning. In Maths, we have been adding and subtracting using dienes, number lines and 100 squares. The children used their problem solving skills to find out that when we subtract 5 from the number the answer is not always odd!
In English, the children really enjoyed creating their own aliens and using a thesaurus to find new adventurous vocabulary to describe them. They then wrote noun phrases and paragraphs using these fantastic words.
In Science, we have measured children with different ages around school to explore if people really do get bigger/taller as they get older. We hope to create bar charts with our results for all to see.


Kingfishers have been doing some wonderful learning over the past two weeks. In Maths we have been measuring to the nearest 1/2 centimetre using rulers. We were surprised to learn that not all people with the longest feet are actually the tallest! We've also been using dienes to partition numbers in different ways, such as 76= 70+6, 60+16, 50+26 etc. The children are really enjoying working with 2-and 3-digit numbers in Year 2.

In English, we were introduced to a new and curious character called Bob (from the story of 'Man On The Moon'). The children looked closely at pictures of Bob and used their investigative skills to try to find out more about him. They asked some really interesting questions and we were delighted to receive a letter from him telling us all about his job on the moon. Over the next few days we will be writing noun phrases to describe the moon.


Creative Week


Kingfishers have had a fantastic start to this Autumn term. We started off the week with our exciting discovery of a rocket crash site in the playground. The children then wrote letters to a new extra-terrestrial friend and wrote some questions they'd like to find out about space. We learned a little about the solar system and made our own papier mache planets. The children were very excited about designing and making a giant rocket which was then used to return our friendly alien back to his planet. This creative week has really helped to inspire the children to ask some interesting questions about the solar system in preparation for their time in the Ice Zone next week. More photos to follow soon. 





Summer Term 2015

Nocturnal Week

Kingfishers have had loads of fun learning interesting facts about owls and other nocturnal animals during our visit from The Raptor Foundation this week. They really amazed me at how calm they were handling the owls and watching them feed. They listened attentively and this has been reflected in the range of great facts the children have written today in their reports about owls.








Our new topic of An African Adventure has proved very interesting so far.The children used their geographical skills to find Africa on a world map. They used atlases and maps to name all seven continents and five oceans of the world. They really enjoyed using Google Earth to find St Neots and the countries that make up the United Kingdom. The children are looking forward to learning about the people, food, animals and landscape of different counties in Africa in their 'Hot Air Balloon' adventure in the Ice Zone this term.


Here are some African animals the children created using 2 Paint on the class laptops in the style of Tinga Tinga art.






Spring Term 2015


Our new topic, Dungeons and Dragons, is going to be very exciting. The children are going to learn all about the various people, clothing, food and weapons used in Medieval Britain. They will immerse themselves in a castle role play area where they will design menus and make food for a banquet. They will create and measure potions and describe a mysterious magician in 'Merlin's cave'. They will count in 2, 5 and 10s along a beanstalk and use their mental arithmetic skills to play medieval games, such as skittles.



Kingfishers have thoroughly enjoyed exploring our class text, 'The Princess and the White Bear King'. Last week the children looked at snowy settings from around the world and re-created a setting from the story using pastels. They then used laptops to type powerful phrases to describe elements of the setting, such as 'tiny, lonely cottage' and 'wisp of smoke'.

We also 'interviewed' the troll queen and used synonyms for words such as 'small' and 'short' to describe our own troll queens.

This week we are creating a story map to retell the story, then the children will retell the story in their own words and publish them in mini-books. We hope you will enjoy reading them during parent's evening.


In Numeracy, we have been counting forward and back in tens and ones using number lines to add and subtract. We then used these skills to investigate if; 'every time you add 5 the answer is odd', and 'every time you subtract 10 the last digit is 0'. The children really enjoyed being number detectives to solve these investigations.

This week we're also going to continue counting in 2s, 5s and 10s forwards and back from different numbers so that we can work towards getting a bronze badge for our multiplications.






In Literacy, we looked at some objects in a magical story telling bag and the children really impressed me with their imaginative and creative descriptions of the objects. We have started to read the fabulous book, 'The Princess and the White Bear King' and the children designed their own golden crowns, 'brighter than the sun itself'. They then wrote letters to the king persuading him to choose their crown for the princess to wear using similes, such as, 'as sparkly as a diamond'.


In Maths, the children threw beanbags into numbered buckets and hoops to solve help them number puzzles. They added 4 numbers together to see who could score the highest score. They also used diennes and numicon to make 2- and 3-digit numbers. Some children even made 4-digit numbers!



This week Kingfishers, along with all the other KS1 children, have made us all really proud with their fantastic Christmas performances. They sang beautifully, danced with enthusiasm and delivered their lines clearly and loudly. Well done KS1!
In Literacy, the children have been exploring glossaries, putting letters and words in alphabetical order and writing definitions for electricity themed words in preparation for writing our own Explanation texts next week.



In Maths, the children have been using 'speedy spider' and a 100-grid to help them add and subtract multiples of 10 from 2-and 3-digit numbers.




Kingfishers have been very busy over the past few weeks doing lots of outdoors learning. In Maths, the children sorted and measured objects in the playground using metre sticks and rulers.

In Literacy (linked to our Science topic; electricity) the children asked questions about electricity that they'd like to find answers to using non-fiction books. They presented their ideas as groups and talked about how we could use the Contents Page and index to help us find answers.







The children  have been inspired by the change in season and the abundance of colour around us at the minute. In Literacy, we have been looking at Autumn leaves to inspire us to write fantastic poems using powerful verbs and effective adjectives. They also made and wrote recipes for super hero smoothies.








In Numeracy, we went outside to make a giant number line where the children placed numbers and numicon shapes up to 100 in order. The children worked really well as a group and shared their ideas about where each number should be positioned on the line. They then used < and > symbols to compare and describe pairs of numbers.





In Literacy, the children brought in shoe boxes which they used to create their own miniature garden scenes for Traction Man puppets. We hope to use these to make up a new version of Traction is Here! The children really took their time to create loads of detail in their mini gardens, including tiny washing lines and evil lawnmowers. The miniature gardens will be put on display in Kingfisher's window at the end of next week when the stories have been written.





Week 1

What a great start to the new academic year. We had a busy creative week writing text messages to the class describing our summer holidays, making superhero masks, Papier-mâché bones and life-size moving puppets. We used our paint mixing skills to paint kingfishers and even created our own superheroes. The children are very excited about reading books with their favourite superheroes in them and are already eager to start our superhero reading challenge!



Reading Challenge

Read with your children 4 or more times a week so that they can receive stamps in their Reading Records and move their superheroes up to the next planet. When the children have reached the sun at the end of the half term they'll receive a certificate to reward their fantastic reading achievement.



We have just started to read the action-packed picture book; 'Traction Man is Here' by Mini Grey. The children are very excited that Traction Man has come to stay with year 2 for a few weeks and have already generated some interesting adjectives to describe this superhero. We're looking forward to using our voices in different ways to become characters and act out the story. 




This week the children estimated and counted pine cones and conkers. They put them into numicon patterns to help count them more quickly, especially tens and ones.

We looked for numbers around the school and completed a maths trail. The children enjoyed using apparatus, such as dienes, numicon and bead strings to make numbers in different ways.

Learning about numbers is fun!



Our PE days are Monday and Friday. Please make sure your child has a full PE kit with a jumper and jogging bottoms for outdoor PE. Earrings must be taken out on these days also. Please also make sure that your child has a named water bottle everyday.

Miss Simpson and Mrs Keber

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