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Ice Zone

How does the ICE zone work?

Every term, Year 1/2 and 3/4 teachers from the DLPT meet and collaboratively plan this intensive curriculum. As a group, every foundation subject is discussed and planned meticulously to link with the children’s topic.  The teachers also take ownership of the unit and introduce the topics to the children at the beginning of every term. Throughout the term, the teachers have a continuously updated overview of how and what the children are learning.

Day to day

Every day, the children in both Years 1/2 and  in Years 3/4 are split into two groups. One group stays with the class teacher and the other goes out into the ICE zone. Here they work with experienced TAs on their foundation subjects.

This half class is then split again, so half of the children go into our outside ICE zone area and half stay inside. Every single subject is spread across both ICE zones so they children receive the best experiences possible.

When there are no children in the ICE zone, our TAs come into class to help us or they work one on one with target children.