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Welcome to Cuckoo class - it is a great place to be!


P.E days are Monday so please make sure children have their P.E kits in school and earrings are removed.

Homework will go home on a Thursday and needs to be handed in the following Tuesday.

Cuckoos have been incredible readers so far so please keep up the hard work and keep reading for 10 mins at home every day. Magazines, recipes, game manuals, signs, cereal boxes and many more are ALL still reading!



Cuckoo class have been working very hard. Last week we had a great week. In English the children have explored the setting of underwater. They labelled the nouns and used adjectives to describe what they could see and feel. They then wrote these up into sentences.They have been writing some fantastic sentences and I have been very impressed!


In Maths, the children have been continuing to explore numbers and how to use a number line. They really enjoyed using the numicon to show numbers that are greater than or less than and drawing the symbols on the table.


In Science, we have continued to explore our senses, focusing on hearing and smelling. The children smelt different pots and had to work out what was in each pot. Some of the smells were more pleasant than others!

 In English, the children have started looking at the story, ‘How to Find Gold.’ We read the first page and thought about the characters Anna and Crocodile. The children came up with some fantastic adjectives to describe their appearance and personality and then they wrote these into sentences. Some children were even able to write a sentence with two adjectives in separated by a comma!

In Maths, the children have been thinking about the sequencing of numbers. The children have looked at different representations and filled in missing numbers.

Our first science lesson took us on a exploration of the human body. We thought about our external body parts, where they are located and what they are used for. This has led us nicely to next weeks lesson where we will start to further explore our 5 senses.

P.E continues to be on Monday afternoon.

Whipsnade trip

Whipsnade trip 1
Whipsnade trip 2
Whipsnade trip 3
Whipsnade trip 4
Whipsnade trip 5
Whipsnade trip 6
Whipsnade trip 7
Whipsnade trip 8
Whipsnade trip 9
Whipsnade trip 10
Whipsnade trip 11
Whipsnade trip 12
Whipsnade trip 13
Whipsnade trip 14
Whipsnade trip 15
Whipsnade trip 16
Whipsnade trip 17
Whipsnade trip 18
Whipsnade trip 19
Whipsnade trip 20
Whipsnade trip 21
Whipsnade trip 22
Whipsnade trip 23
Whipsnade trip 24
Whipsnade trip 25
Whipsnade trip 26
Whipsnade trip 27
Whipsnade trip 28
Whipsnade trip 29
Whipsnade trip 30
Whipsnade trip 31
Whipsnade trip 32
Whipsnade trip 33
Whipsnade trip 34
Whipsnade trip 35
Whipsnade trip 36
Whipsnade trip 37
Whipsnade trip 38
Whipsnade trip 39
Whipsnade trip 40
Whipsnade trip 41
Whipsnade trip 42
Whipsnade trip 43

Year 1 have been working really hard over the past few weeks. In English we have been using 'The Way Back Home.' The children have been using this book to write their own story based on what happens within this text. We have been looking at including similes in our writing as well as thinking carefully about the vocabulary we are using to make sure we are writing effective sentences. The children have all been writing some fantastic sentences and I have been very impressed.


In Maths, we have been learning all about money. The children have been learning about the different coins and how much each is worth. They have then also been making different amount using the different coins.


In Science, the children are learning all about plants. We set up an experiment to see where plants grow best. The children used what they have learnt about what plants need in order to grow to set up their own experiments. They had to think carefully about where they wanted their plants to be in order to test how they grow best - with/without sunlight, with/without water and with/without soil. The children then predicted what they thought would happen. We are looking forward to finding out the results!


In English, the children have finished their book ‘How to find Gold.’ We discussed our favourite parts of the story and wrote them down on strips of paper. We then used these to create poems as a group.

In Maths, the children have been continuing their learning about place value. The children have been looking at ordering and comparing numbers using greater than, less than and equal too. They were applying this new maths vocabulary in solving some problems.

 In Science, we have continued our topic of Seasonal change. The children were looking at how animals adapt in different seasons. They were learning about which animals hibernate.

W/B 15/10/18


First we must apologise for not keeping you up to date - sometimes we just run out of time!
We have been very busy over the last few weeks. We have been making numbers using objects and representing numbers on bead strings. Then we used our whole-part models to show number sentences. We used the Mighty Writer to help us compose sentences that we then attempted to write. We also had an Art Day with Mr Cornell where we learnt about colour mixing and sketching.
This week we have been making numbers outside with Blackbird Class.

What a fantastic start to Year 1. The children in Cuckoo class have been working really hard so far this term. In Maths, we have been looking at different numbers and how they are made up. The children have been using practical resources to support their learning. In English, we have been reading 'Aliens love Underpants,' the children have been writing their own sentences about the story and dramatising different sections. 


Our topic this term is Castles. The children are thoroughly enjoying learning all about the different features of a castle, finding out about artefacts and much more in our ICE zone.

W/B 01.01.18 We have had a fabulous first couple of days back in Cuckoos. Yesterday we discovered by piecing together different landmarks that the mystery city for our new pic is London! We then went back in time all the way to 1666 and The Great Fire Of London. We have researched and found out lots of information about The Great Fire Of London including what happened, when it happened and what happened after the fire. We have also using paint and stencils to create a collage of Loneon during the fire. I am very excited to learn more about this topic and hope the children are too! Just a reminder that it is our History Off The Page day on Monday whereby the children will have a very exciting day learning about The Great Fire Of London. We ask that children come to school dressed as if they are from this time and there is costume advice on the letters receive before half term. Have a lovely weeekend everyone 😊

W/B 25/09/17 We have had another busy week in Cuckoos!
 In English we have focused on describing the different settings and characters in our book and used these amazing adjectives in sentences. This links nicely to our new challenge whereby everyday we are learning a new interesting word which the children have to try and use in their work! If they have mentioned to you about becomming 'Vocabulary Ninjas' this is what they mean. We think it's an exciting and motivating way for children to develop their knowledge and use of vocabulary.
In Maths we have continued learning about Place Value and how a number is made from tens and ones, whether a number has 1 or 2 digits and the value of these digits. We have used resources such as dienes and cubes to support this learning.
In Science we are continuing our Senses topic and focused on sight. This included learning about and labelling an eye and discussing how some people cannot see. We carried out an activity whereby one child was blindfolded and another had to support them walk around the room. We also did some number writing on the playground whilst blindfolded and compared it to our number formation when we can see. The children discussed actually how it was difficult to do tasks without being able to see and how our sight is one of our key senses.

Photos will follow tomorrow but I accidently left my camera at school!

I just want to say a huge thank you for continuing to read daily with your children. Just 10 minutes a day everyday develops their fluency and improves their reading ability overall.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and are looking forward to another fun filled week of learning! 😁

W/B 18/09/17 It has been a fabulous week in Cuckoos this week! We started the week by enjoying a great Maths day which involved taking part in lots of problem solving activities both inside and outside. We also had fun doing a range of art work including painting and collaging. We have even shown of our incredible writing skills by doing our first piece of exciting writing today! I am so impressed with how well the children have settled into Year 1! :) Just a reminder P.E days are changing to Wednesday and Friday so please ensure your child has their P.E kits in school on these days. Also there are head lice in Year 1. Please ensure to check your child's hair and treat accordingly. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

W/B 08/09/17 Well, what a fabulous start to Year 1 Cuckoo Class have had! We have had a very creative week including learning how to make paint using powder paints and how to mix these to create the colours of the rainbow. We read and focused on the story 'The Wizard of Oz' and created a character from the story. We have even done a little bit of writing about our fantastic summers and about ourselves. It has been a busy week and they have all been brilliant. With regards to the children's reading diarys, in Year 1 we ask you to read with your child every night and record this in their diary which will be checked every morning and changed before home time. We have a chart which they work their way up and recieve prizes and certificates once they have reached a certain amount of reads. We are also benchmarking the children over the next week and will ensure they are bringing the correct coloured booked home. Thank you for your ongoing support and I hope you have a lovely weekend.

W/B 12/6/12 It's been a busy week in Cuckoo class! We have continued to look at Africa in English and started to write our own stories! But first we planned the story thinking about the setting, the characters in our story, a problem and a solution. I have to admit I was amazed by some of their imaginative, creative and slightly crazy ideas! In Maths we have recapped division and sharing objects into equal groups. We have even been answering word problems which are a little tricky but of course the children were great at working them out. In Science we have started our new topic - plants. We looked at a range of fruit and vegetables, where they come from and how they are grown. We even got to taste some! We also had a wonderful day with Fantastical Cambridgeshire and loved walking to the community centre to talk about and create maps of loves farm and the world. We then bought this back to the classroom by creating a huge map on the floor! I cannot quite believe this is our last term but I know it's going to be a great one!

Year 1 and 2 has the most wonderful afternoon exploring the outdoors. They created bug traps, dug for worms, made beautiful maps using leaves, plants etc, sketching, oil pastel drawings, butterfly food making and even had the chance to create woodlouse mazes! It was fantastic to see the children get so involved in the activities and work so well independently. Of course a huge thanks to the brilliant Miss Abbott for planning these stimulating and creative activities!

Another fabulous week completed by cuckoo class! This week in Cuckoos we have been learning about place value in Maths. We are now able to use base 10 to make lots of two digit numbers! We can also find how many tens and ones are in a number. One of our mental maths activities involved making a number out of our bodies which helped us understand which ways the number goes round (and of course it was fun!). In English we have continued to learn about the animals in the Savannah and think of lots of awesome adjectives to describe the animals. In Science we made fact files with all of the information we have learnt about the changes from spring to summer and researched lots of new exciting facts. In the mornings we have been writing a sentence to practice our cursive handwriting and I have to say I am extremely pleased with the children’s efforts in doing so!

W/B 02/05/17 Thank you Dr Gilbert for visiting us this morning to tell us all about life as a vet! We loved it when you examined Simba and were really pleased he was a healthy dog. Also we loved learning about the different things you do as a vet and the different animals you see. We know you have to work seriously hard to be a vet so we are going to do the same at school!! From Cuckoo Class

W/B 17/04/17 First of all welcome back Cuckoo Class! It is just lovely to be back! We have been super busy this week. We started the week by discussing our busy and exciting Easter break and then wrote about it. I was very impressed with the neat and wonderful writing. We also learnt a little bit about our new topic - Africa! We even learnt it is a Continent! In maths we recapped fractions with the children drawing shapes and making either halves or quarters...we also knew some shapes we couldn't make into quarters because it wouldn't be the same. We had a lovely guided reading session whereby we played lots of fun reading games, used the easel to write our own stories and even began writing a book review. We had a fun-filled day of exciting writing and art today where we made the different animals of Africa for our new reading corner display. It has been a wonderful week back and I am looking forward to a fun-filled week next week! It would be great to hear more about what the children have done over Easter through a blog! They can also see what I got up too on my blog :)

WB 20/3/17 It has been a wonderful week in Cuckoos this week. In English we have continued learning about poetry and have written some of our own poems. On Friday we went on a sound walk to the kitchen, office and outside, listening and writing down all of the different sounds we heard. In maths we have been learning about multiplication and division! We have kept it very practical by grouping and sharing lots of different objects. In Science we have been sorting animals into groups, looking at the different properties of the animals and comparing the animals. I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and is looking forward to our last week before the Easter break!

WB 13/3/17 Making our maps of the classroom for Fantastical Cambridgeshire

W/B 6/3/17 This week has been a little different as we have been assessing the children's learning in Reading, Maths, Science, Writing, Spelling and Grammar! Phew! I am very proud of all the progress being made and the fabulous attitude Cuckoos show towards their learning - well done. Here are our photos from last week’s learning! We started our Poetry topic and looked at the poem 'Spaghetti Spaghetti'. Prior to this we explored spaghetti and described how it felt, tasted, and looked smelt etc ready to help us write our own poems later in the week. The children chose their favourite food and thought of some awesome adjectives to describe it and wrote their own poem! In Maths we began to look at multiplication. We focused on grouping a range of objects and working out how many groups there are and how many are in each group. We even started to write multiplication number sentences! In Science we continued to look at animals and their habitats. We sorted lots of different animals using a Venn Diagram according to whether animals live on land or water.

W/B 20/2/17 We have had a busy yet exciting week back in Cuckoos with lots of fun outside learning! In English we wrote instructions to make our own Wombat Stew but first we had to go on a hunt outside to find our ingredients. We thought of some great adjectives to describe our ingredients - wiggly worms, crunchy leaves, mouldy and stinky apples! We have had a week full height and length in Maths! We stared measuring ourselves using hand and foot prints and comparing our heights. We moved on to using different resources to measure objects and how we have to think practically in choosing what we measure with. Mrs Rodgers introduced using a ruler to measure too! In Science we went on a Minibeast hunt and found out lots of facts about our Minibeasts! Just a little message to say I am super proud of this class. They show a genuine love of learning and it reflects on how well they are doing in Year 1.So let's keep up the fab work! :)

Thank you Mrs Suali for a fantastic Indian dancing and singing lesson! 23/2/17

W/B 6/02/17 Here are a few snaps from our last week of last half term. We began the week by making Wombat Stew which I have to say was delicious. We then wrote about how the stew tasted using some awesome adjectives. In maths we used different resources to help us with some tricky addition and subtraction! In Science we predicted and tested which objects float and sink. We were very surprised by some of the results! I hope everyone has had a wonderful half term and are looking forward to another fabulous term in Cuckoos!

W/B 30/1/17 This week in Science we went on a mission to find as many different objects around the school and outside and discover what material they are made of and the properties of this material. In English we have written instructions ready to make Wombat Stew on Monday! In Maths we have looked at numbers less than and more than a number, then worked on finding out the missing part when you know the whole number and only one of the parts. It's been a great week in Cuckoos with lots of wonderful achievements . Keep up the fab work!

W/B 23rd Feb Another fabulous week in Cuckoos! In English we have continued to read the story Wombat Stew and found out the ending. We have been ordering the story, acting the story out and even wrote the first half of the story! In Maths we have been focusing on Place Value and making 2 digit numbers using tens and ones. We even made 100! In Science we read the Three Little Pigs. We discussed why the houses blew down and the properties of these houses. We then used a range of materials such as marshmallows, spaghetti etc to build our own houses. I became the Big Bad Wolf and tested to see which houses would stay up. I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend - let’s have another great week.

First, it was fantastic to see the children's enthusiasm for reading is still strong with lots of children reading every day! Keep up the great work! This week in Cuckoos we have focused on predictions in both English and Science. In English we read the story of Wombat Stew. We stopped just before the ending and everybody thought of such imaginative and creative endings for the story! In Science we predicted which materials would be absorbent / waterproof / bendy and flexible / transparent or opaque and carried out a range of experiments to test the materials and reflect on our predictions. In Maths we have continued to learn about Time. We ordered the days of the week and months of the year and sequenced a daily event. We have been learning to read the clock face and make the times for o'clock and half past. We even matched the correct times to our sequencing of events in a day. Looking forward to another week of fun-filled learning! W/B 16/01/17

Cuckoo class had a fantastic week back! We began learning facts about Castles for this terms Ice Zone topic and designed our own castles. We also took a quick trip to Australia and learnt lots of different animals and all of their interesting names. We even tried some Australian food - vegemite sandwiches, pavlova and lamingtons! Just a quick reminder P.E is still on Wednesday so please can we ensure children have P.E kits on this day and earrings are removed. Well done Cuckoo's again for a wonderful first week back!

Lights, Camel, Action was just fabulous! I hope everybody enjoyed it as much as I did and are as proud as I am of all the children in Key Stage 1.

Last week Cuckoo class received an exciting letter from Mrs Bryden! She was writing to us because she needed our help. Year 5 have not been helping the environment, in fact they have made it worse. Fortunately Cuckoos were able to write letters to Year 5 with lots of ideas on ways to help the Environment. Miss King and Mr Clipsham shared the letters with their classes who thoroughly enjoyed reading and sharing Year 1's marvellous writing. Before writing our letters we used the laptops to find different information in how to help the environment and made posters using this information. In maths we have been using the 10's grid to practice our number bonds to 10. We even did some to 20! In Science we looked at the different ways we dress according to the weather and even dressed up two children and sorted the different clothing. Please can I share the urgency for parents to ensure their children's play costumes are in school by Thursday 28th November as we have a play rehearsal. Thank you to all those grownups who have bought them in. Cuckoos are Angels therefore need a white oversized t-shirt, a white dress with white tights or leggings. Also a piece of silver tinsel. Thank you for your ongoing cooperation and support

It has been a busy week in Cuckoos this week! We started the week discussing features of instructions and made some superb bird feeders following instructions. Everyone wanted to know how we made them so it was only fair to end the week writing instructions. We have been counting in 2's and 5's this week using gloves, wellies, feet and even recognising links between pairs and doubling. In science we looked at ways of recording the weather and made our own rain gauges. Please remember children must be coming to school in a coat and they need to have a water bottle. Also please make sure children have wellies as they use these for their outdoor learning in the Ice Zone. I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and is looking forward to another fun filled week.

Another super week in Cuckoo class this week full of fun learning! We have used our ten frames in maths looking at lots of different ways of making a number and even recording this as a number sentence. In English we made posters to show people all the different ways we can help our environment. On Friday we used the microphones to perform a reading of the book! In Science we have continued to look at the seasons and this week the different months in seasons. They even began to ask scientific questions about the seasons.

Calling all grownups of Cuckoo and Blackbird Class - please can you bring in any leftover yogurt pots as the children will need these to make bird feeders, an exciting surprise!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
Cuckoos have had a super first week back and start to the second week. Last week we introduced a new book - 10 Things I Can Do To Help My World. We brainstormed all the different ways we think we can help our world and explored the differences they make. I think a personal favourite was talking about all the different things we can recycle. In Maths we focused on shape and measure, using 2D and 3D shapes to build and make a range of patterns. In Science we are learning about all the different seasons.

On the topic of seasons it is becoming very chilly therefore please can parents make sure children are wrapped up warm in coats and hats.
Also we will still be outside for P.E every Wednesday so please make sure children have tracksuit bottoms, a tracksuit jumper and trainers.

I hope everyone has a lovely week and Cuckoos are ready for a fun filled week of learning!

Miss Usher

We have had another great week in Cuckoos with lots of exciting learning taking place! In English we received some shocking news - the aliens were returning because they were not happy with the underpants stolen so far. Fortunately we designed new underpants and thought of some great ideas when describing their underpants. They even wrote why the will love the underpants! In maths they have continued to show off their amazing counting, counting to 20 and back and finding one more or one less of a number. They even counted up in 2's to 20 using pairs of socks to show this sequence and recorded it in their books! In science we focused on the sense 'touch' and did an activity whereby they had to describe how different objects felt for other children to guess the object.

What a fantastic third week Cuckoo Class have had. Firstly I'm beyond pleased with the amount they are reading and how much they are enjoying reading - their rockets are flying up the planets! In math’s they have been ordering numbers to 20 and showing off their adding skills, adding numbers to 20! In English they have continued to practice their acting, describing different settings in the story 'Aliens Love Underpants' and characters followed by writing some superb sentences! This week we finally find out what happens at the end of the story! In science they focused on sight and carried out a range of activities showing what it would be like if they could not see! We also labeled different parts of the eye. Finally on Friday afternoon we had a lovely afternoon making Christmas cards. I was so impressed with how much time and effort everyone put into them and how wonderful they look! The order form will be coming home next week so you can buy a pack or two of their lovely cards.

Cuckoo class had a great week acting as an alien character from the book Aliens Love Underpants! They described the character, how they might have felt and acted as an alien. Cuckoos also enjoyed our science lesson where we worked in teams to complete a body puzzle followed by labelling one of the children. In maths they have been showing off ordering numbers 1-20 and finding the correct amount of pants for numbers 1-20!

Cuckoo Class have had a brilliant first week. We have enjoyed two science experiments using coca cola and mentos to create a huge explosion! We also used milk, food colouring and fairy liquid to create colour patterns. We had an exciting maths session creating number bond paper chains and have started to explore facts about Wales for our Ice Zone work. Cuckoo Class enjoyed meeting Forest Ian and his owl, collecting lots of different leaves. It was very exciting to make tree clay faces and learn exciting facts about the owl. We finished the week by decorating biscuits and even mixing our own icing!



Well this week in Cuckoo Class we have been writing letters to Mr Bear and finding out how to set out a letter with the address at the top, followed by the greeting and then the signature.
In Maths we have been learning about volume and capacity. We have compared bottles and ordered them according to how much liquid was in them. We also estimated and then counted how many non-standard objects would fill a cup.
In Science we have been finding out about the seasons and have been looking at the weather. We have been measuring the wind speed with an anemometer and have a rain gauge out on the field to measure the amount of rain we have had.

Fantastic work this week in Cuckoo Class. Writing sentences and exploring fractions! Also trying to remember the order of the months of the year!
Today was the busiest day of the week with Children in Need day and a visit from Wood Green as well. Wood Green came to talk to us about looking after our pets and some of us even stroked a mouse.
Chloe was really happy to win the Teddy Bear Competition.

What a busy 4 day week!
We have started looking at 'Peace at Last' by Jill Murphy in English and began by looking at the illustrations and asking questions about what we could see. We have been using the correct punctuation for questions and composing and writing our questions down.
In Maths we have been sorting and sequencing, using shapes and aliens. We made repeating patterns with colour and shape, and also looked at patterns in number involving counting in 2's and 5's. We began sorting aliens into 2 sets and also sorted with an overlap (a Venn Diagram).
In Science we have begun to investigate seasonal change focusing on changes between Autumn and Winter.
The ICE Zone have begun to teach the children about Antarctica. Ask your children what they have found out so far!
Photos to follow on Monday - I left the camera at school!
Cuckoo Class have been busy this week.
In English we have been learning all about adjectives, nouns and verbs. We created some amazing sentences by selecting one of each type of word. 
In Maths we have been selecting numbers using bean bags and white boards, and creating our own number sentences for addition and subtraction. 
In Science we found out about taste. We tasted lemon, coffee, jelly sweets and crisps to decide which tasted bitter, sweet, sour and salty. We then had to decide which taste we liked the best. 
Finally in PE we have been finding out all about Tag Rugby. We are getting really good using the tags so on Friday we had a go at catching and throwing rugby balls. You may see some of us in future World Cup squads!

Cuckoo Class hard at work

Cuckoo Class hard at work 1
Cuckoo Class hard at work 2
Cuckoo Class hard at work 3
Cuckoo Class hard at work 4
Cuckoo Class hard at work 5
Cuckoo Class hard at work 6
Cuckoo Class hard at work 7
Cuckoo Class hard at work 8
Cuckoo Class hard at work 9
Cuckoo Class hard at work 10
Cuckoo Class hard at work 11

Well Cuckoo Class have had a busy week - still finding out about those underpant stealing aliens but this time they are saving the world from a meteorite. The children decided that they weren't saving us just their supply of underpants. 

In Maths we have been ordering numbers and finding out about 1 more and 1 less. We used numicon to represent the numbers as well. We have also been using underpants to create our own addition and subtraction problems.

Welcome back to all the new Cuckoo's. 


We have already been working hard learning about rainbows and colour mixing, and deciding who we would be if we were characters from The Wizard of Oz.


Today the children had their first chance to visit the ICE zones and were really excited to see the Explorers theme. Every child will visit the ICE zone at least once a day, often twice, and will learn about geography, history, RE, art and music, along with the chance to use the outside area.


Please remember our PE days are currently Tuesday for Dance and Friday for Outdoor Games. All earrings must be removed for PE. We are also taking part in the 'One Mile Walk Challenge' everyday. 

What another busy week in Cuckoo Class!
In Maths we have been finding out about 2-d and 3-d shapes. We went on a shape hunt in the playground and then we examined different shapes to help us describe the properties of each one. We rounded off the week by making our own 3-d shape aliens.
In Literacy we continued our work on Lila and The Secret of Rain and thought about how Lila would be feeling after the rain final came. We wrote our own poems entitled 'Thank you for the rain' and some of us came up with some brilliant ideas; using adjectives and personification to describe what happened. In our Exciting Writing we wrote letters from Lila to her Grandpa to thank him for sharing the secret.
In Science we continued to learn about animals following on from what we found out about animal diets last week and discovered that animals are from different family groups. We tried to work out which animals were Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish, Birds and Insects. It's not always as easy as you think.

Our Block Graphs and fraction sorting

Since half term we have had great fun in Cuckoo Class. We have started learning all about Africa in Literacy and in the ICE Zone. In the ICE zone we are currently on safari in Tanzania on the African Savanna.

In Literacy we are reading 'Lila and the Secret of Rain' which is about a little girl who lives in Kenya. Lila wishes it would rain because it has been so hot and dry. Ask your children to tell you what happens.

In Maths we have used the outside area to create Block Graphswith our favourite colours. We have also been learning all about fractions. We made 'pizza' and shared the pepperoni slices equally into halves and quarters; some of us even tried thirds. Then we tried working out fractions of food to feed wild animals; some of us tried to work out eighths and what three quarters would be.

We have had another busy week in Cuckoo Class.

In Maths we have been exploring place value and ordering numbers. We made 2-digit numbers and identified the tens and units in each one; some of us even made 3-digit numbers and identified the hundreds.
In Science we have begun to look at flight and to investigate what can and what can't fly. We also thought about why things can fly.
In Literacy we are looking at non-fiction texts, focusing on '10 Things I can do to help my world'. The children have been thinking about different ways to look after the planet and how they can save water and energy. If they come home and ask you to turn off the lights and taps you will know why!

Ordering numbers in Maths

Ordering numbers in Maths 1
Ordering numbers in Maths 2
Ordering numbers in Maths 3
Ordering numbers in Maths 4
Ordering numbers in Maths 5
Ordering numbers in Maths 6
Ordering numbers in Maths 7
Ordering numbers in Maths 8

What a busy half term we have had in cuckoo class!
In Literacy we have read the story of the 3 litle pigs and looked at different versions, including The Three Horrid Little Pigs. We wrote our own versions of the stories and letters to the wolf from the pigs and then his replies.
In Maths we have been learning about Money, Weight and also begun to look at Time. Please encourage your child to look at the clocks at home, especiallywhen it is o'clock and half past, to reinforce what they already know.
In Science we have been working on everyday materials, learning about man made and natural, suitability for building houses and finally some floating and sinking. Floating and sinking is great to try out in the bath.
Hope you all have a lovely half term.

Welcome back to all  of cuckoo class - I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break. Thank you for all the lovely Christmas presents I received, I felt very lucky.

We had an excellent week last week learning all about our new topic, Castles. It has already captured the imagination of some children.

We are all looking forward to having some fun with the topic starting on Tuesday with our History off the Page castles day on Tuesday. I look forward to seeing all your fantastic mediaeval costumes.

P.E. This term will be on Monday and Wednesday.

Cuckoo (Y1) Week ending 12th December:

It has been a busy week for Cuckoo class. We have taken part in the KS1 nativity of The Grumpy Sheep. All the children worked really hard at their star dance and looked really beautiful, remembering when to stand and what to do.

In Literacy we have looked at Aliens Love Panta Claus and children have generated story maps to help retell the story, making possible changes for our upcoming writing week. As Christmas is getting closer, we all made elf hats for our Christmas Lunch, which was a great event and all the children loved the meal.

Next week is the final week of term. We would like you to check the cloakroom for any missing clothes, and to ensure that our cloakrooms and classes are clear of personal items (e.g. coats, hats, scarves, PE kits) to ensure that nothing gets lost or misplaced for the new year.

Auntie's Wood (21st November)

Still image for this video
This video captures some of the excitment going to the woods.

Auntie's Wood (21st November)

Welcome to Cuckoo Class - Year 1 at Round House School.


In Cuckoo Class last week we had a very eventful time.
We had a surprise visit from Pudsey Bear on Thursday and we spent some time finding out about why we have Remembrance Day on Friday. All the children made poppies and contributed to a Year 1 wreath.
In Maths we have begun to look at data handling and began by sorting objects into sets.
In Literacy we are learning about stories from other countries and began by acting out the story of Handa's Surprise. Ask your children t...o show you some of our story actions.
Our Science topic is now Seasonal Change. We are learning about the seasons and how the weather changes in each season. We began by walking round the school grounds and trying to find out what season it is at the moment.
Cuckoo PE is now on a Monday and a Friday so please remember your kits.
Our teacher is Mrs Gregorious.

Our teacher is Mrs McDonnell. Every week, we will write something about our class to share with you what we have been learning about in school.




11th July

Children enjoyed our music lesson this week and were able to create their own tunes to accompany a scene.

In literacy we continued our work on our poetry unit and children were able to write some great alliterations.

In numeracy we continued investigating 3-D shapes and are moving on to data handling.

Children have also been practicing for our sports day and are really looking forward to taking part in it on Friday.


4th July

This week in numeracy the children have been naming 3-D shapes and investigating their properties. We determined how many edges, faces and vertices each shape had and children used these to describe the shapes.

In literacy we started our ‘Poetry on a Theme’ unit of work. Our focus is on the seaside and the children created beautiful sandcastle pictures which they then covered with amazing adjectives and fabulous similes. We also looked at Acrostic poems and the children wrote their own poems for ‘Shells’, ‘Driftwood’, ‘Sea’ and ‘Beach’.   Below is an example of some of their great ideas.


Dead wood, long and stripy

Ruff and heavy, bumpy and pointy

I love walking on it

Full of holes

Touch it, pick it

Wavy and curvy

Over the waves it floats

On the stones it lays

Drifting away on the vast sea it goes


Children also had a special Tennis session which they enjoyed very much. We had some great servers and children were encouraged to try and keep the volley going. 


27th June

Children in Cuckoo class have been busy this week planning and writing their recounts. They sequenced the events, used ordinal words and came up with some fantastic adjectives to describe their experiences.

In numeracy children continued to apply their mathematical knowledge to solve additions of single digit numbers to 2-digit numbers.

In science we continued to investigate sound and the different ways we use it. Children decided what sounds give us pleasure such as music; information such as news read on the radio; or warning such as a fire alarm.


20th June

This week in numeracy children applied their mathematical knowledge to problem-solve. They used additions, subtractions, doubling, having and data handling to produce accurate answers to some tricky questions.

In literacy we continued our work on our recounts. Children read different recounts and identified key features such as the use of past tense and ordinal words. They also practiced the use of past tense by changing sentences from present to past tense. 

In science we listened to more sounds and children had to guess the scenario for an audio clip. They then used their vocals and other sounds created with their hands and feet to produce sounds for the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We had stamping feet, clapping hands, whooshing and cricking sounds, scrapping sounds and lots more.


13th June

In numeracy children have been working on finding the difference, doubling and halving numbers to 10 and subtracting 1-digit number from a 2-digit numbers. 


In literacy we have now begun working on our recounts of our trip to Hunstanton. Children sequenced photos from our trip and acted out the various activities. We thought of some great adjectives to describe what we did and used ordinal words.


In science we have begun our new unit of Sound and Hearing. Children went on a sound hunt around the school and were able to find many sounds such as tweeting birds and ringing phones. We also explored different musical instruments and children were able to make their own tunes.


6th June

This week in numeracy we focused on doubling and halving numbers and finding the difference by counting on. In Literacy we started looking at the seaside in preparation for our trip on Friday. We read the story of Billy’s Bucket and children were able to use their fantastic imagination to produce some great ideas of what was in their buckets. We also researched facts about the seaside using books and the internet. These were used to produce leaflets. Our science focus this half term is on Sound and Hearing. This week children were introduced to the topic and they were able to identify many sounds in their environment as we went on a sound hunt.


23rd May

This week in literacy children wrote their non-fiction information page on their chosen sea animal and compiled it into a non-fiction book adding contents, Index and Glossary pages. In numeracy we have been finding number facts to numbers to 10 and also investigation inverse operations.  In science we carried on with our investigation on what plants need to grow.  In addition searched our school grounds for different types of plants and tried to identify them.


16th May

This week in literacy the children have chosen a specific sea creature that they want to find information about. They have written questions about their habitats, appearance and diet; making sure they use the correct punctuation. They then looked in non-fiction books and on the internet to find the answers to their questions and collated these on a mind map. In numeracy this week we have been looking at adding and subtracting 10 and ordering two digit numbers from the smallest to the largest. In science the children reviewed the progress of our experiment from last week and also planted some cress and mustard seeds.


9th May

This week in literacy we continued our work on Information Text. We discussed features of non-fiction books and the difference between fiction and non-fiction. Children were able to locate headings, sub-headings and captions and we discussed how the layout supports us as readers. Children were also able to located contents, glossary and index pages and we discussed their purpose.

In numeracy our focus is on understanding numbers and calculating. This week we looked at subtraction and how we can use number lines to count back to find the answers. We also ordered numbers and investigated patterns.

In science we are conducting an experiment to determine what plants need to grow. Children planted sunflower seeds in different conditions to find out whether plants need air, light, water and soil to grow or could they still grow without one of these. Children also predicted what the results will be. In the next few weeks we will monitor our plant and record our results.


1st May

This week in literacy we started our new unit of work ‘Information Texts’. We have begun to look at the Galapagos Islands and some of the wonderful animals that live there.  We read the story ‘We’re sailing to the Galapagos’ which introduces the various animals and children were able to list those and order them using ordinal words such as first, next and after.

In numeracy our focus is on data handling. Children identified odd and even numbers and were able to sort those into Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams.

Our science focus is growing plant. Children looked at various types of plants this week. They drew them and labelled their parts. We also began to discuss the purpose various parts of the plant have such as for example, the roots which secure the plant in the ground and transfer water from the soil.


4th April

This week in literacy we planned and wrote our own traditional tales. First children plotted the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ along a story journey template as they drew key event of the story. They then made changes to characters and added sentence openers and adjectives to help them with their story writing. Children used these wonderful plans to write their own fantastic versions of the story. Well done Cuckoos!

In numeracy we looked at doubles to 10 and how we can record these as additions. Some children were also able to look at the inverse operation and found halves.


28th March


We had a lovely morning on Tuesday walking to St Mary’s Church in town. Father Paul talked to us about the history and features of the church. He also gave us the opportunity to look around and sketch different parts of the church, Including the stained glass windows, Poppy heads, font etc.
In Literacy the children have written a wanted poster for ‘Jack’ in ‘Jack and the beanstalk’. Thinking about different adjectives, connectives and punctuation they can use to make it more interesting.


21st March

This week in literacy we continued with our focus on traditional tales. We read the story of Jack and The Beanstalk and children had opportunities to retell the story with actions.  We further investigated key features such as common sentence openers, characters that are good and ones that are bad and children had to decide who their favourite character was and give reasons.

In numeracy children were exploring different coins and their value. They were then asked to use the coins to pay for variously priced items encouraging them to find different ways of making the same amounts.


14th March

What a busy week we had! In literacy children planned and wrote their recount. We also began our new unit of work ‘Traditional Tales’. In the next few weeks we will be reading a range of traditional tales and investigating key features.

In numeracy we focused on describing simple patterns and relationships involving numbers or shapes. Children were able to create patterns using shapes, beads and dominoes and were able to discuss these.

In science we continued to investigate forces and children were able to explore pushes and pulls using hoops, balls, skipping ropes and the trim-trail. They recorded their findings identifying the forces used and used arrows to show the direction of the forces.


7th March


This week we continued our work on A Diary of a Wombat. Children were able to describe the naughty things the Wombat does to get carrots and generated lots of great adjectives. We talk about the way the text was organised into days of the week and also how each day was further sectioned into morning, afternoon, evening and night; giving us a chronological recount of the events that took place.  

In numeracy we have been busy describing shape properties such as straight or curved sides and number of corners. Some children were also able to sort shapes to given criteria as well as think of their own criteria to sort them out.

In science our term focus is on forces and this week we began looking at pushes and pulls.


28th February


Welcome back Cuckoos. I hope you had a great half term break.

This week we began our new unit of work ‘Recounts and diaries’. We read the story ‘Diary of a Wombat’ and children were able to describe the Wombat and began to discuss the structure of the book. Some children were also able to take on the role of the Wombat as they wrote a ‘Wombat dream’.  

In Numeracy the focus is on partitioning numbers into tens and units. We are using numicon and dines to give children a clear idea of place value.

We also had a chance to visit the Book Fair. Children were very excited to see all the books.


14th February

Yet again a fantastic week in Cuckoo class! This week we had amazing mathematicians in our class as children were busy solving various problems ranging from simple addition and subtraction sentences to word problems. They also had lots of opportunities for independent writing and we had some fantastic beginnings to some promising stories.


10th February 


A big thank you to all the parents who were able to come and visit our Ice Zone. The children do love it and learn so much as they engross themselves in the different activities.


7th February



Another fantastic week Cuckoos! This week in literacy the children have written their own stories, based on ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’. They planned their stories into beginning middle and generated some great vocabulary to support their story writing. They were then able to use some fantastic sentence openers, exciting adjectives and extended their sentences using connectives.  We now have some brilliant stories which include elephants, lions crocodiles and many other animals coming to tea. In numeracy we have been looking at our number bonds to 10 and some children found some number bonds to 20. In science we looked at materials and their suitability to make different objects in relation to their properties.


Well done to all the children climbing up our book worm! It’s great to see so many of you are reading at home at list four times a week. Keep it up.  no



31th January



In numeracy this week we have continued to look at subtraction, we have used number lines to help us subtract two digit numbers. Some children were able to subtract two digit numbers from two digit numbers and solve word problems. In literacy we have looked at different adjectives we could use to describe the tiger in our story ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’. Then we looked at how to plan our own story based on it. We also thought about the different connectives we could use, and what could happen in the beginning, middle and end of our stories. In science we continued exploring the properties of materials and looked at their suitability for different purposes.


24th January


This week in numeracy we explored number fact to 10. For example, children had to find all addition that total 8 and some were able to find all subtraction fact too. We also ordered numbers bfrom smallest to largest and worked on our understanding of subtraction as taking away.

In literacy children wrote their own poems based on the Gingerman story. We had some fantastic rhymes as well use of language patterns. We also began a new unit of work and are reading the story of The Tiger Who Came To Tea.

In science we are continuing to investigate the properties of materials and are beginning to reason why different materials would be used for different purposes.


17th January


This week the children have continued to look at poems and rhymes, identifying the different patterns and rhyming words in each poem. We have also looked at ‘The Gingerbread Man’ story; the children have acted out the story changing the characters. Instead of cows and horses we have scary sharks and sly alligators.

In numeracy we have been looking at money, learning all of the different coins and how to add them together, the children used numicon to help support them with this. We also looked at solving money problems, for example ‘I had 20p, I bought a pen for 5p, how much change did I get?’ the children really enjoyed linking it to real life situations and we even had a shop in our classroom.

In Science we have started our topic on ‘Materials’ the children had the opportunity to explore various materials and continues to identify some of their properties such as hard, soft, transparent or flexible.



10th January


Welcome back Cuckoos. We hope you had a fantastic break.

This week children had the opportunity to read different poems and perform some of them. We explored pattern and rhyme and identified some features of poems.

Our numeracy focus was division. Children used practical activities to find halves of shapes and numbers. We also began to look at quarters and how we can find a quarter of a shape.

This half term our science focus is Materials. Children had the opportunity to explore various materials and started to identify some of their properties such as hard, soft, transparent or flexible.



20th December


This week children completed their poetry unit writing their own Christmas themed poems. We had some fantastic adjectives and wonderful poems using their senses to describe the things they liked.

We also had our reward day. Children had a fantastic day full of creative activities and a surprise visit from a magician. We continued our celebrations with a fun Christmas party and other Christmas activities.

A big thank you to all the children in Cuckoo class for all their hard work this term. I hope you all have an amazing Christmas break.


13th December


This week children carried on with our Senses Poetry Unit. We continued generating adjectives and also learnt what similes were and how they can be used. Children were able to write some fantastic similes such as ‘My Christmas tree is as sparkly as a diamond.’ and ‘My snowman is as white as the moon’. In numeracy we focused on finding doubles in various ways using numicon shapes, dice and domino.

We also had two fantastic performances of our Christmas play Born in a Barn. Well done children, you were amazing! sad


6th December


This week in literacy we began our poetry unit of work. Children explored their senses as they looked at the decorated Christmas tree and Christmas lights; touched tinsel; smelt the Christmas pudding; listened to Christmas songs and tasted some mince pies . They then generated a fantastic bank of adjectives to describe the items in relation to each of the senses. Some examples include ‘sweet smelling Christmas pudding’, ‘delicious mince pie’ and ‘bright, sparkly lights’.

We also explored the poem ‘That’s What I Like’ by Janice Johnston. Children were able to identify which sense each verse focused on and recognised some of the rhymes. They then practiced and performed one of their chosen verses.

Children have also been rehearsing their songs and dances for the upcoming Christmas play.


29th Nobember


This week children created story journeys and wrote their own stories based on ‘Handa’s Surprise’. They were able to use the repeating pattern language as well as some fantastic adjectives in their writing. In numeracy we reviewed our learning so far. Children had to apply their knowledge of numbers and number facts, calculating, shape and measure and data handling to solve practical problems. Great work Cuckoos! Keep it up.

We have been practicing our songs and dances for the Christmas play. We have great singers and dancers in our class. Well done Cuckoos!


22nd November


This week our literacy focus was to identify the repeating language patterns in our Handa’s Surprise story. Children told the story with actions and acted it out using masks. They then had to identify which phrases repeated throughout the story and wrote some of those out. In maths we focused on positional language. Children had to describe their position using correct vocabulary such as next to, above, on top and between. We also learned how to read an analogue clock to the hour and half past. Our science focus is Light and Dark. This week children demonstrated their understanding by drawing picture of a street at night. They had to consider how the light would shine out of the windows, street lights or cars.

15th November

This week children had to choose which of the fruits we tasted last week they would put in their basket. They used our fantastic collection of adjectives to produce some fantastic sentences. In maths we focused on measuring length and using balance to compare weight. Children were able to find objects that were longer and shorter than a metre and were able to sort objects from lightest to heaviest.

8th November

This week children were able to practically sort different items to a given set of criteria and also were able to suggest their own criteria for sorting and grouping. We also created some 3-D block graphs and children were able to answer many questions. In Literacy we started a new unit of work with a focus on the Handa's Surprise story. Children enjoyed a fantastic fruit tasting session and were able to describe the fruit using some fantastic words.

25th October


This week Cuckoo class wrote lots of instructions in our literacy sessions. Children made jam sandwiches and ate them! They then wrote instructions for making these using ordinal words and bossy words. In numeracy we looked and 2-D and 3-D shapes and their features. Children were able to name shapes, sort them to different criteria and go on a shape search around the class.

We also had a fantastic time at Longsands Sports Multiskills Festival. Wow what a week.

Have a fantastic half term break. 


18th October

Children in Cuckoo class have been working very hard and have managed to produce some great work. They wrote instruction to how to make a Diwali lamp and used lots of bossy words. We also had some fabulous math work! Children worked on number bonds to ten and found out what was ten more or ten less than a given number using 100 squares and bead strings. In addition we looked at patterns and children were able to create some beautiful ones. In science we were thinking about healthy eating and children were able to think of many examples of food that was healthy for us. Fantastic work Cuckoos!

11th October

Wow! What a fantastic week we had in Cuckoo class. In science children were able to match animal adult photos to baby photos and name them. We also looked at the different stages of growth and children compared what we could do at each stage. In numeracy we have been busy estimating, using our skills to problem-solve and also looking at pairs of numbers that total 10. Our literacy sessions have been focused on instructions. Children followed instructions playing Simon says and had to give instructions to their friends to draw animals. Children were able to build a great bank of ‘bossy’ words.  The following session children had to use our ‘bossy’ words to give instructions to their friends so they could make a snow man using playdough. We had some fantastic instructions.        


4th October

What another fantastic week in Cuckoo class. We have been learning how to solve addition and subtraction problems in numeracy, using counters, Numicon, bead strings and number lines. In literacy the children have been writing sentences; and what a fabulous job they have done. We are using finger space spiders and Kung Foo punctuation to help us remember our capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. I’m sure the children will teach you!
In the shared area this week the children have become detectives, trying to solve the mystery of the missing biscuits! It turns out that a polar bear has been coming to the ice cave at night!!

27th September


This week in Literacy we looked at ‘Where’s My Teddy?’ story. Children retold parts of the story in their own words, sequenced the story and wrote some fantastic sentences. Our Maths focus was on recognising numerals as well as counting reliably and ordering numbers. In Science children created great collages of a Victorian boy and girl and labelled outer body parts. We also had great fun learning how to sing ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ to the tune of ‘London Bridge’.

Children also enjoyed going to the new shared area this week. They engaged in various activities such as using the Victorian house learning about the lives of people in Victorian time; building with large wooden blocks and junk modelling. They also had many opportunities to go outside and explore a range of outdoor activities. Some children found mini-beasts and discussed their habitat.

20th September


This week we continued with our theme of The Blue Balloon story.  Children had the opportunity to re-enact the story with action and play with their own balloons. They then created their own books to tell their very own balloon adventure. The children were very excited when we ended our week with some balloon modelling.


13th September


This week children had the opportunity to explore The Blue Balloon story. We told the story with actions, made puppets and painted some magnificent balloons using different brush techniques. We also had a fantastic Street Dance session where children learnt different dance moves and compiled those to create a dance sequence. We had an amazing end to our week with our Victorian day. Children became servants in the big house. They explored different rooms in the downstairs and upstairs parts of the house and were able to take on some of the roles servants would have taken in the olden days.

6th September


This week we have been settling back into school life and finding out where things are in our new classroom. We have spent a lot of time thinking about our holidays and sharing our exciting Summer news with our talking partners. Everyone seems to have been really busy and made the most of the days off!

We have talked as a class about what the school rules are and what we need to help us learn.

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