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Welcome to our Reading Club Page


At Round House Primary Academy we want to develop every child's passion for reading. We encourage our children to read different types of books to develop their reading skills, expand their knowledge and become inspired.


To encourage everyone to read more for pleasure and engage with the huge range of high quality books now available to children, we have created this page where you can find out about the reading clubs that are happening across the school. 


Reading Gladiator Club

Year 4 Reading Gladiator club is up and running. The children are really enjoying our first book 'The Tale of Angelino Brown' by David Almond.
They have been exploring some of the characters in the book and are enjoying the humour of the book. We have had some great discussions about what has happened so far.

Book 2 - Wed Wabbit

We have started our new book for this month- Wed Wabbit. We have talked about the characters and the events so far and discussed our thoughts on what we have read.  We've then looked at the colours of the Wimbley Woos and have written words to describe their characteristics.


January - The Lost Magic

The book for this month is a poetry anthology by Brian Moses.

We looked at the different headings and decided which section we would like to read some poems from.

We have read and performed some of the poems from the book and we are already gathering a collection of our favourite ones.