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Personal, social, health, education (PSHE) and Spirtual, moral, social and cultural education (SMSC)

At The Round House Primary Academy we regard PSHE and SMSC as an important component of the whole curriculum. We believe that the promotion of health and well being is central to the life of the school and its relationships with the surrounding community.

PSHE is concerned with the total well-being of the individual. This includes: -

• Mental, emotional and physical well being of the individual


• The responsibility of the individual towards others and the environment


• A holistic model of personal and social development that encourages the development of healthy choices.


Within PSHE we recognise: -

  • Health Education

This involves engaging the children in activities that promote their physical well-being.

  • Citizenship

This involves encouraging the children to take a responsible role in society. It includes developing the children’s awareness of their personal safety and the process by which they can seek help and information as well as learning the behaviour expected of them as responsible citizens.

  • Drugs Education

This involves educating the children in the safe handling of medicinal drugs as well as the consequences of misusing substances such as alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs.

  • Sex Education

 This involves the information by which the child is enabled to become aware of himself/herself as a person and understand the process of development and reproduction.

  • Promoting British Values

Through assemblies and in specific PSHE lessons, we promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs (DfE Nov 2014)



PSHE is therefore closely linked with other policies in the school such as:

• Equal opportunities policy

• Religious Education policy

• P.E Policy • Drugs policy

• Special Educational Needs policy

• Behaviour and Discipline policy

• Inclusion Policy

• Bullying