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A huge congratulations to our award winners from the Rotary Writing Competition this year- Natasha, Stephanie and Charlie. Natasha not only won the St Neots competition (which Stephanie won last year, making Round House back-to-back winners of the shield), but won the regional competition too with her 'Diary of a Plastic Water Bottle'. The excitement does not stop there though: Natasha ended up coming 3rd out of the whole of the UK and Republic of Ireland combined. What an incredible achievement! Well done!

Stormbreaker Scene- Plan

Planning Friday's information text

Herod Sayle's Biography

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The Oak National Academy have started a virtual library. Every week a popular children's author or illustrator will provide you with free books, exclusive videos and their top three recommended reads.

This author this week is Jacqueline Wilson.

You can access the library through the link below.

Virtual School Library | Oak Academy (thenational.academy)


The Super Soapy Squad have made their own cities. Look out for the Parisian street with all of the shops and hotels in French!

Here are some snaps of The Super Soapy Squad taking part in the events for the virtual sports day.

Year 6 have started the Year 6 2020 mural in the style of Mondrian.

The Super Soapy Squad had a brilliant morning toasting marshmallows over a campfire and making 'lockdown hairdos' outside. A special thanks to Miss Abbott!

Today, The Super Soapy Squad have been sewing their own flags. Here are some action shots as well as the finished products!

The Super Soapy Squad have finished their theme parks. They have designed and costed them, advertised them (included calculating the cost and financial benefits of different advertising platforms), worked out running costs, made brochures and calculated month-by-month profit margins before evaluating what went well and how they would improve their business plan in the future.

The Super Soapy Squad have still been working hard in the hot weather, carrying out mathematical investigations but we have been making the most of being able to do this outside and enjoy the weather (and the shade).

The Super Soapy Squad have now finished The Boy at the Back of Class and have written book reviews of it (many of the children have ranked it in their top 2 books that they have read in school!). The children wrote reviews not only about the plot and what they thought of the book but also discussed the impact of the book on them and their perceptions of what is going on in the world, thinking deeply about important issues in society and what different parts of the book, and how it was written, stood for and are relevant to the world around us. We have now started the short follow on book, The Day We Met The Queen, which was one of the £1 books from World Book Day (well worth the money according to the children).

The Super Soapy Squad have been learning about the human heart and the circulatory system, identifying the key parts of the heart and sequencing the journey of a red blood cell through the different blood vessels in our bodies.

As a part of the work that we (The Super Soapy Squad) having been doing in response to our book, The Boy at the Back of Class, we have written scene rewrites and letters to the Queen in the role of one of the characters.

Some of the girls from the Super Soapy Squad choreographed their own socially distanced dance for the rest of the group. They then went on to teach the rest of us another (socially distanced) dance that we will be aiming to put together to music next week (it is fair to say that it was not as easy as I was hoping and passersby seemed to enjoy me trying to perform a pirouettes a little too much). A great effort by our teachers for the afternoon though and well done to the rest of us for learning the moves as quickly as we did!

The Super Soapy Squad have been writing brochures for their them parks alongside working out the daily running costs so that they can budget for the opening of their parks. We have also been continuing with our key text, The Boy at the Back of Class, and investigating some different mathematical problems.

The Super Soapy Squad have been designing and writing brochures to advertise their theme parks. As well as this, we have been discussing the similarities and differences between Ancient Greek and Modern British democracies. We have also continued our journey through the book, 'The Boy at the Back of Class'.

Year 6- Class 3, renamed ‘Super Soapy Squad’ after a heavily debated vote, have been up to a range of different socially distanced learning activities since the beginning of last week. We have been designing our own theme parks, looking at the costs and use of areas of land. Alongside this, we have started reading ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’ by Onjali Q. Rauf and have written a diary in the role of the narrating character as well as a newspaper about a fight that took place (some of these articles can be seen in the photos). We have also started learning about Ancient Greece, beginning with the geography of Greece and its surrounding islands.

Check out our school curriculum page to find lots of different links for a range of sites and resources linked to each subject area that you can have a look at.


A midweek pick-me-up. All of David Attenborough's programmes, such as Blue Planet, are great educational tools and very interesting too! You could even try and do your own voice-over for a documentary or write one!


If you are looking for some others books to read, have a look on this website. There are a huge range of books to read in a range of languages. There are also stories you can listen along to and you can download and print copies of the stories too.



The government have collaborated with several experts to create a daily learning programme for ages Reception to Year 10. These are updated every school day and you can select specific subjects or use the weekly schedule that they have outlined for each year group.


Hello parents! We hope you have had a restful (although bizarre in the circumstances) Easter Break.

BBC Bitesize are running daily 'school days' online and on iPlayer- these have been made for all year groups from Reception all the way up to Year 10.

This is a really useful resource that will not require any adult help and can be accessed through iPlayer on some televisions.


Year 6 Reading Gladiator Group- The Iliad



For those of you who have finished The Iliad, how did you find it? I really enjoyed reading it as the story is encapsulating and loved the illustrations although I did find the retelling a bit abrupt and not fantastically written at times (these are just my opinions).

As with ‘Rebound’, we can’t have a discussion around it like we usually would so here are a few ideas of what you could do/discuss/note down/write about if you wanted to:

  • The gods are responsible for many of the twists and turns in the story and the fates of different characters. Pick a section the book to investigate and find examples of times when the gods interfered. Choose one moment to explore further what would have happened if the gods had not intervened.
  • Could you an illustration to accompany one of the scenes in the style of Neil Packer.
  • Who was the greatest of the heroes? Can ou find evidence to back up your point of view?
  • There are many ‘quarrels’ throughout the narrative. Pick one and decide whose side you would be on- think about why.
  • The chapter, Patroclus Meets His Fate, begins with a simile: ‘Urged on by shouts from Patroclus, the Myrmidons charged along the shore, like wasps pouring out of a nest’. On one half of a piece of paper, draw a picture of the simile (in this case, wasps pouring out of a nest) and, on the other, draw the action that is taking place (the Myrmidons charging along the shore). Think about what impact the simile has on the reader and how effective it is at conveying the author’s point. Try to find further examples of similes as youread on. Another example is found on page 93: ‘The Trojans advanced, with a roar like a great sea breaker’. Think about the effectiveness of this comparison. This is not the first time the sea has been used. On page 25, it reads: ‘The Greek chariots surged forward, like a great wave of the sea, and the two armies clashed head on’.
  • Have you heard the phrase ‘Achilles heel’ before. If so, what was the context? Revisit page 146 where Achilles is mortally wounded to see if the context helps you understand the meaning. Achilles’ mother took her son by the heel and dipped him in the river Styx to make him invulnerable. The water washed every part, except for the heel which was covered by his mother’s hand. Use a dictionary to find definitions such as: someone’s Achilles heel is the weakest point in their character or nature, where it is easiest for other people to attack or criticize them. (Collins Online Dictionary). Could you write sentences using this phrase? e.g. Though he was a good person, his short temper was his Achilles heel. Here are some other sayings that originate from The Iliad: a judgement of Paris (any difficult decision) and Trojan horse (a person or thing that joins and deceives a group or organization in order to attack it from the inside).


If you enjoyed this book, here are some others that you may like too:

  • The Odyssey by Geraldine McCaughrean and Neil Packer. Continue to follow the journey of Odysseus on his epic voyage home.
  • Ancient Warriors by Iris Volant and Joe Lillington. A fascinating book which traces the history of warriors from the Stone Age to the Crusades.
  • The Great Elephant Chase by Gillian Cross, Winner of the Whitbread Award and Smarties Prize. This is a wonderfully engaging adventure involving a girl, her elephant, an orphan boy and the man who wants to take the elephant from them crossing 2000 miles of 19th century America.

Year 6 Reading Gladiator Group- Rebound

I hope you all enjoyed Rebound- it was definitely my favourite so far!

As we can’t have a discussion around it like we usually would, here are a few ideas of what you could do/discuss/note down/write about if you wanted to:

  • Select 8 poems from the novel to summarise Charlie’s journey and represent in a storyboard.
  • You could write in the role of CJ at a stage in the narrative of your choice- think about your worries about Charlie and what you think he is going through/wish you could do to help.
  • Listen to some of the jazz music that Charlie’s grandad always listens to- how does it make you feel?
  • Alexander (the author) describes basketball as a metaphor for the ‘real story’. Discuss how he achieves this. What elements of basketball are reflected in Charlie’s journey?
  • Look up some of Kwame Alexander’s performance poetry.



If you enjoyed this book, here are some others that you may like too:

  • The Crossover also by Kwame Alexander. Josh and Jordan’s story.
  • Love That Dog by Sharon Creech. Jack learns he has a lot to say through poetry.
  • In the Key of Code by Aimee Lucido. Emmy feels out of place until she discovers coding, music and poetry.

Did anybody else see the International Space Station last week? I did- here is the view from my garden. For more information about the ISS, go to https://spotthestation.nasa.gov/ - this will also show you whereabouts it is in real time too. Mr Anns

Remember, there are ways we can travel everywhere and anywhere even when we are stuck inside...

(Tenuous) Easter Algebra

The children in my Reading Gladiator groups have enjoyed some of the poetry books we have read - more than they thought they would! The Poetryline website has videos of poets performing their poems and is worth a look if you want to listen to something other than a story.

If you want to listen to something that will make you smile and laugh, I would recommend looking at A.F Harrold or Allan Ahlberg.


Today, we are going to do some reasoning with grammar:



Pick one of the groups and tell me which is the odd one out. Remember, there could be more than one answer- just make sure that you explain why!

  1. there, to, main, which, who
  2. which, when, that, who
  3. said, screamed, shouted, told, stamped
  4. liked, talked, walked, shouted
  5. table, happiness, car, Sarah
  6. milk, talk, run, happy
  7.  The boy ate the sandwich. The girl played football. The car was driven.



In number 2, I think that 'when' is the odd one out because it is a subordinating conjunction and all of the others are relative pronouns.

Here is a tricky one- comment on my blog with your answers! Mr Anns

26/3/20- Today's teaser- submit your answers on my blog page. Mr Anns

The sad face is 7 and the happy face is 6 (factors of 42 that add up to 13 and 6 and 7).

25/3/20- today's algebra (solution will be put up later)- calculate the sad face but make sure that you have a happy face!

24/3/20- Algebra solution:



10 + 10 + 10 = 30   (30 divided by 3 = 10)

10 + 4 + 4 = 18    (18 - 10 = 8, 8 divided by 2 = 4)

4 - 2 = 2 

1 + 10 + 3 = 14     (1 half coconut, not 2 so 2 divided by 2 = 1 and 3 bananas, not 4)

Therefore, ?? is 14.



If you are looking for some Maths to do this week, this website will be showing daily videos for Y1-6. The children use resources from this website in school for Maths lessons so they will be good.

Click on the link below to access.



24/3/20- Today's algebra problem from Mr Anns. The answer will be posted later.



The word of the day today is:



verb- to colour slightly.

noun- a trace of colour.


Can you use it in a sentence or a paragraph? What about finding some synonyms or antonyms?



Here is a really excellent site for Maths that is offering all of its resources for free, including tutorial videos:




If you are looking for a site linking to a particular subject, please let one of us know and we will recommend one/several to you.



Mr Anns




For anyone wanting to access any of the online content on Espresso, here are the school's login details (any child in the school can use them):

Espresso website: www.discoveryeducation.co.uk 

Username: student43028

Password: school1

The site is well worth an explore as there are videos and activities for every curriculum area and more!