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Art and Design

We love to be creative at The Round House as you can see by our beautiful displays around school.

We all have sketchbooks to explore different ideas and become confident at having a go before we produce our final pieces. We develop a range of art and design techniques using different tools within drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles and 3d design.

We enjoy finding out about great artists, architects and designers throughout history and in other cultures, that often inspire us to come up with  ideas for our own work. Who knows? Maybe one day in the future someone will be researching the artwork of someone who went to The Round House!

Part of our process is to plan, and then review, saying what we think about our creation, and if there is anything we would do differently next time.

We are extremely lucky to have an artist visit us regularly for a range of topics during the year. Check out what Jack Cornell has been doing with us on his tumblr site through the About Us, People We Work With section on this website. Don't forget to look out for our art exhibitions in the school hall.

Some of our most talented artists produce work for the St Neots Summer Art festival, where themed work from schools across St Neots is exhibited in local shops and businesses, and we also exhibit in the local library if you fancy a visit.